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Perinal Spray

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Perinal Haemorrhoids Spray

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Perinal Spray Information

  • What is Perinal Spray & how does it treat piles?

    Perinal cutaneous spray is a comprehensive haemorrhoid treatment that deals with the actual swelling while providing relief from pain and itching by numbing the area. These two actions therefore improve your comfort level and aid recovery. Perinal is specifically formulated in a spray, making it easy to apply to the anus to stop discomfort.

    Perinal Cutaneous Spray is a treatment to spray on and around your bottom (anus) to relieve painful and itchy symptoms caused, for example, by haemorrhoids (piles).

    It is intended to alleviate the external symptoms of piles and contains hydrocortisone and lidocaine hydropchloride. Hydrocortisone is a natural type of cortisone, known as a corticosteroid, which stops the swelling of blood vessels in the back passage. Swelling of the blood vessels occur because of irritation as a result of pressure. Using a corticosteroid prevents this irritation from causing inflammation, but it can take time to work, which is why the addition of lidocaine in this formula is so beneficial.

    Lidocaine hydrochloride is a local anaesthetic, so when applied to a particular area, it temporarily affects the nerves, inhibiting them from relaying impulses to the brain that tell it that the area is experiencing pain and discomfort.

    The spray operates when held in any direction. The container is ozone-friendly. It is not an aerosol and does not contain any potentially irritant propellants.

    Perinal alternatives

    Perinal spray

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    • Anusol HC Ointment & Suppositories
    • Germoloids Cream & Ointment
    • Preparation H


    Perinal Spray Patient Information Leaflet:

  • Perinal Spray warnings

    Always ensure that you read the Patient Information Leaflet in full before starting treatment with Perinal Spray.

    Perinal Spray should not be used:

    • If you are sensitive to lidocaine or any of the other ingredients.
    • On broken skin owing to the possibly increased risk of systemic side effects.
    • On infected skin including bacterial, viral, tuberculous or fungal lesions of the skin.
    • Internally (inside the anus), or anywhere other than the anal area.

    Perinal Spray is intended for use for limited periods and so should not be used continuously for longer than 7 days without medical advice.

    Seek medical advice if you experience persistent pain or bleeding from the anus, especially where associated with a change in bowel habit, if the stomach is distended or if you are losing weight.

    Speak to you doctor if your vision becomes blurred or you have any other visual disturbances whilst using Perinal.

    Perinal Spray should not be ingested or applied into the mouth, inside the nose or in the eyes.

    Perinal cutaneous Spray should be used with caution in patients taking Class III antiarrhythmic drugs (such as amiodarone), or other local anaesthetics at the same time.

    Medicines that reduce the clearance of lidocaine (eg cimetidine or beta-blockers) may increase the risk of overdose, although the risk is considered very low for Perinal Cutaneous Spray owing to the low doses applied.

    Medical supervision is required if Perinal used in conjunction with other medicines containing steroids, owing to possible additive effects.

    Perinal spray in pregnancy

    There is not enough data on the use of Perinal spray in pregnancy, therefore it should not be used unless under the direct medical supervision of your doctor.

  • Perinal Spray directions

    Perinal spray should only be used for external haemorrhoids and should therefore not be applied on the inside of the rectum.

    You should use one spray up to three times a day, depending on the severity of your piles. If you need to use this treatment for longer than seven days, you should speak to your doctor.

    Perinal spray is not normally recommended for children under 14 years unless on medical advice.

    How to use Perinal Spray

    • Prime the pump before use by pressing down on the top of the pump once or twice.
    • Parting your buttocks, if necessary, spray once over the affected area (the spray will operate in any orientation, even upside down).
    • Repeat up to three times a day if you need to.
    • Replace the cap after use.
    • Always wash your hands after use.
  • Perinal Spray ingredients

    The active ingredients contained in Perinal Spray are:

    • Hydrocortisone 0.2% w/w
    • Lidocaine hydrochloride monohydrate 1.0% w/w

    The inactive ingredients are:

    • Macrogol cetostearyl ether (cetomacrogol)
    • Citric acid monohydrate
    • Sodium citrate
    • Propyl gallate
    • Phenoxyethanol
    • Purified water
  • Perinal side effects

    Side effects experienced with this treatment are usually very mild because it's only administered topically.

    The most common effects are:

    • a temporary tingling or irritation of the area where it has been applied.

    These side effects shouldn't be a cause for concern, but if any of them persist or you experience anything severe, you should seek immediate medical help.

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