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High-protein, low-fat recipe ideas

Meals can get boring if you eat the same thing all the time, so why not experiment with different ideas?

We’ve selected some for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks, that are simple to make, great for if you’re on the go, or want an easy family meal.

Hope you enjoy them.


These healthy breakfast egg muffin cups from Ambitious Kitchen have 12.7g of protein and 8.4g of fat per serving (2 muffins) – they’re quick to make and great for using up leftover veg, plus you can freeze them!

Need a quick breakfast for on-the-go? Then these overnight oats are perfect. Prepare them the night before and leave them to work their magic in the fridge. Add whatever fruit or flavour fat-free yoghurt you want for a bit of variety.


Here’s a really simple egg salad recipe, that you can eat in a lettuce cup, on toast, or in a wrap.

Instant noodle jars – a quick and easy option for lunch, and you can get as creative as you like with the vegetables and spices. Either eat them straight from the jar or serve them in a bowl with some added cooked chicken or diced tofu. Here’s one from WeightWatchers to get you started.


This chicken casserole from Heart UK provides a tasty, comforting family-friendly meal.

Or perhaps a vegan mushroom stew with coconut from HurryTheFoodUp served on a bed of extra spinach and brown rice.


These simple 2-ingredient banana oatmeal cookies each contain 43kcal and 1g of fat, a healthy choice that will last for days in the fridge.

Combat your crisp cravings with these protein-packed crispy salt and vinegar chickpeas.

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