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Minocin MR Capsules 100mg

Minocin MR Capsules 100mg

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Age: 18 Years + Pregnancy: Not suitable Breastfeeding: Not suitable

Minocin MR capsules contain the antibiotic minocycline, for the treatment of mild to moderate acne. They help to kill the excess bacteria on the skin that contribute to the development of acne. Minocin is available from the Online Doctor following a free online consultation that normally takes less than 3 minutes!

Pharmacist Tip

If you suffer with dry skin in the same areas as your acne use a fragrance-free, water-based emollient so that you don't make your acne worse by clogging pores.

Minocin 100mg MR capsules are available to buy from The Independent Pharmacy Online Doctor service, following a free consultation, to help to treat acne. To find out more about acne and see all the available treatments, see our Online Doctor Acne page.

Minocin MR capsules are used to treat symptoms of acne vulgaris. The active ingredient, minocycline belongs to the group of medicines known as tetracycline antibiotics. Minocycline is effective at treating infections caused by bacteria. The brand Minocin MR are manufactured by Meda Pharmaceuticals and are specifically designed to treat acne.  Each capsule contains 100mg of minocycline in a modified-release formulation. The modified-release formulation means that they only need to be taken once daily.

Minocin MR caspules kill the bacteria that infect the skin and lead to acne. These bacteria are known as propionbacterium. In acne, there is usually excess sebum and dead skin cells present on the skin. These feed bacteria living on the skin causing them to flourish. The waste products produced by the bacteria can block pores and irritate the skin leading to acne. By killing these bacteria, Minocin MR capsules help to reduce the build up of bacterial byproducts and clear up acne. You should also wash your face with a mild cleanser to help keep it clear of excess sebum and keratin skin cells.

Minocin MR capsules are suitable for treating mild to moderate acne where there is an active infection and visible inflammation. The duration of treatment will depend on how quickly your condition improves. For acne, Minocin MR capsules will normally be taken for at least eight weeks. 

Minocin MR capsules are also available as the generic treatment Minocycline 100mg MR capsules at a significant saving.

  • You should take one Minocin MR capsule daily, at the same time each day. 

  • Minocin MR capsules should always be taken with a full glass of water.
  • Minocin MR should be taken on an empty stomach, this is usually one hour before food or two hours after food.
  • Minocin MR capsules should not be taken at the same time as indigestion remedies. A gap of 2 -3 hours should be left between taking each treatment.
  • For treating acne, you will normally need to take Minocin MR capsules for at least 8 weeks. Treatment should be assessed after 3 months to determine whether it has been effective. If your treatment has been effective, you can continue to take Minocin MR if necessary. If there has been no improvement in your acne, you should stop taking Minocin MR and consider a different acne treatment. Minocin can be taken continuously for up to SIX months.

Minocin MR capsules contain the active ingredient minocycline 100mg (in a modified release formulation).

It also contains: titanium dioxide (E171), iron oxide yellow (E172), iron oxide red (E172), gelatin, microcrystalline cellulose, croscarmellose sodium, hypromellose phthalate 50, hypromellose (E464) and light liquid paraffin. 

The most common side effects that occur when taking Minocin MR capsules are:

  • Stomach upsets, diarrhoea, sickness, loss of appetite or sore mouth. If you take a contraceptive pill and get diarrhoea or sickness or bleed when you don’t expect to, your “pill” may not work. You should use a different or additional means of birth control (e.g. a condom or diaphragm/cap) to ensure you are protected. Read the leaflet that came with your “pill”;
  • Headache, dizziness, hearing problems such as ringing in the ears, light-headedness, or unsteadiness. Make sure you know how you react to this medicine before you drive, use machines or do anything else that could be dangerous if you are dizzy or not alert;

  • Skin problems such as rashes most commonly due to increased sensitivity of the skin to sunlight, itching, redness, scaling or blistering. You should avoid direct exposure to sunlight or artificial light. If you experience skin discomfort then stop taking your tablets and seek advice from your doctor;

  • Cough;

  • Loss of hair.


Not everyone who takes Minocin MR capsules will experience side effects. They are most common at the start of treatment as your body gets used to your new medicine. If any of your side effects are severe you should stop taking Minocin and see your doctor. Please see the manufacturers information leaflet for a comprenhensive list of side effects.

You should not take Minocin MR 100mg capsules if you:

  • have had an allergic reaction to tetracycline antibiotics.
  • are pregnant, breastfedding or trying for a baby.
  • have kidney or liver disease.
  • have lupus or myasthenia gravis.
  • you take any of the following medicines; anticoagulants (e.g. warfarin), penicillin antibiotics, isotretinoin or other retinoids, quinapril, ergotamine, methylsergide, diruetics. 
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