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CPPQ 2016 Report

Owner of Pharmacy: ABSM Healthcare Ltd (Company Reg: 08515600).

Address of Pharmacy: The Independent Pharmacy, Unit 3 Heston House, 7-9 Emery Road, Brislington, Bristol, BS4 5PF.

Date Patient Survey Completed: 10/03/2016.

Top areas of performance

'How satisfied were you with the time it took to provide your prescription?' - 100% of respondents happy with service

'Having stock in' - 100% of respondents happy with service

'Being polite & taking time to listen' - 100% of respondents happy with service

'Service received from Pharmacist' - 1000% of respondents happy with service

'Providing an efficient service' - 100% of respondents happy with service

Areas in greatest need for improvement

'Have you ever been given advice on stopping smoking' - No (60%)

'Have you ever been given advice on physical exercise' - No (90%)

Action taken - Advice now included in with prescription that explains patient's can contact the pharmacist for advice on these areas (action taken immediately).

Pharmacy response to respondent's additional comments


Age range of respondents

16 - 19: 0%

20 - 24: 10%

25 - 34: 0%

35 - 44: 30%

45 - 54: 0%

55 - 64: 0%

65+ : 60%

Profile of respondents

This is the pharmacy that the respondent chooses to visit if posisble: 30%

This is one of several pharmacies that the respondent uses: 0%

This pharmacy was just convenient on the day for the respondent: 70%. 

The Independent Pharmacy is an online pharmacy and online doctor service is owned and operated by ABSM Healthcare Ltd (Company Reg. 08515600) and Red Label Medical Ltd (Company Reg. 08676338). All information that appears on this website is intended for information purposes only and should be used to supplement, not replace, your relationship with your local healthcare professionals. You should consult your doctor if you think you may have a health problem or before you start taking a new medicine. Please ensure you always read the information leaflets supplied with any medicinal products.For more information see our policies and terms and conditions at the bottom of every page. © 2014 ABSM Healthcare Ltd. All rights reserved.
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