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Naproxen Stock & Price Update: December 2018

by Scott McDougall

Many pharmacies are now out of stock of Naproxen for the foreseeable future.

Towards the end of 2018, the wholesale supply of Naproxen has steadily decreased. This has also driven the wholesale costs up. Until now, we have managed to keep a continuous supply and absorbed the cost of price increases to protect our patients.

Unfortunately, the most recent availability issues in December mean that we now have to increase our prices in order to maintain a continuous supply to our patients. This means one box of 56 tablets will now cost £35.95 due to wholesale medicine costs going up over 500% since October. We are working hard to ensure a continued supply that allows us to reduce our prices back to normal.

As you may have seen, there are many issues with medicine supply in the UK at the moment. Many pharmacies have increased their prices recently and this seems to be for the foreseeable future.


Useful things to know

You can still use discount codes

We give all our repeat customers a 10% discount code for their next purchase. If you don’t normally use one, make sure you use the code TIP10 at the checkout to reduce the price to £32.36 per box. 

Everyone's feeling the strain

All online pharmacies have increased their prices or are out of stock. We have tried to keep our prices low for as long as possible.

When costs come down, we'll drop our prices

We'll drop our prices immediately when wholesale costs fall to the levels in September 2018 or before. We are actively trying to source Naproxen to protect our patients from price increases.

We don’t plan to increase our prices again soon

We don’t like increasing our prices. This is our first ever increase for Naproxen and we’ve frozen our price in the past 18 months. 

It is still available on the NHS

Our private prices have had to increase, however, if you have an NHS prescription for Naproxen you can protect yourself from the increase in wholesale costs. To discuss our NHS prescription service, please contact us.

There are alternative options

Vimovo is a modified-release tablet that contains naproxen 500mg and esomeprazole 20mg. The esomeprazole is added to help protect the stomach from irritation caused by prolonged use of naproxen. Vimovo is taken twice daily and costs £29.95 for a pack of 60 tablets.

We hope we've explained this well. Please let us know if there's anything we could do better next time. 

All the best, 

The Independent Pharmacy team

Authored By:

A photo of  Scott McDougall

Scott McDougall


Published on: 27-12-2018

Last modified on: 27-12-2018

Reviewed By:

A photo of Dr Donald Grant

Dr Donald Grant

MB ChB DRCOG MRCGP Dip.orth.med

Reviewed on: 27-12-2018

Next review date: 27-12-2020

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