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5 Online Pharmacy Misconceptions: Debunking Myths About Prescriptions Online

When it comes to your health, we understand that it can be scary to try something new. But ordering your prescriptions online is a convenient, private, and fast alternative to buying medicine on the high street. And while they may not have been around ten years ago, online pharmacies are now a trusted medical service that thousands enjoy.

While our customers know that ordering online is no different from buying drugs from their local chemist, there are still plenty of rumours and myths surrounding this new era of healthcare.

In this short blog, we debunk some of the common myths surrounding online pharmacies and give you the truth about buying drugs online.

“It’s illegal to buy from online pharmacies”

Wrong! Ordering your prescriptions online isn’t just legal: it’s safe, discreet, and highly convenient.

The online pharmaceutical industry is regulated by a number of organisations, including the MHRA, the GPhC and the CQC, to ensure you get the highest standard of service at all times, no matter what your health complaint.

“Online pharmacy drugs are low quality”

Wrong. Just because our prices are low, doesn’t mean the quality of our medicines is any less than those you can buy from a high street pharmacy.

We are a registered and regulated UK pharmacy and abide by all the same rules as your local high street pharmacy. We source all our medications from the same wholesalers as your local chemist. All of the medicines that we supply have a UK product license meaning they have been manufactured to the highest standard and have an audit trail from production to dispensing.

We also offer generic medicines, as opposed to branded ones, as cheaper alternatives for patients who wish to buy them.

“Online pharmacies aren’t safe”

Wrong! At The Independent Pharmacy, we have a team of medical professionals on-hand to oversee prescriptions and provide safe medical advice. Our company was founded by two experienced pharmacists, so we know what we’re talking about. We are regulated and regularly inspected, by a number of different professional bodies in the UK, including the CQC and GPhC, to ensure we meet the highest standards. We've even put together a guide to help you ensure the online pharmacy that you are using is genuine.

For certain drugs (ones that require a prescription from a doctor) patients will need to take part in a medical questionnaire. We ask you standardised medical questions to ensure that the treatment we supply will be both safe and effective for you to take.

At The Independent Pharmacy we practice medicine responsibly, and we will always insist our patients see a doctor in person if we see the need for it.

“The delivery takes forever”

Wrong. Delivery times depend on the delivery option you’ve opted for, and buying drugs online can be extremely quick if you need it to be.

Orders placed Monday - Friday before 3 pm will be sent out on the same day, and some medicines could arrive to you before 1pm the following day.

While standard post normally takes about 48 hours, those needing their orders quickly are advised to pick up our Special or Express Delivery on checkout.

“Online pharmacies are dishonest”

Wrong. At The Independent Pharmacy we know the importance of trust and honesty when it comes to your health and well-being. That is why we will always give you all the available information on the drugs we stock, including any alternatives you may want to consider.

For each product, medicine, and condition, we provide thorough and concise information to ensure you know the full story and can make an informed decision on what’s best for you. Your orders are always reviewed by an experienced doctor or pharmacist (or sometimes both!) to make sure anything we supply to you will be both safe and effective. If we don’t believe your order fulfils these two criteria - we will give you a full refund and all the advice you need on where to get the right treatment.

Whether you’re suffering from hair loss, migraines, or erectile dysfunction, buying your medicine online is a convenient and discreet alternative to visiting your local chemist. With a team of medical professionals on hand, our service is safe and simple to use.

So, next time you’re in need of a prescription but haven’t got time to go to a pharmacy, why not give us a try and see for yourself?

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