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Same-Day Medical Certificates and Letters Online with ZoomDoc

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Convenient Online Medical Certificates & Letters

At The Independent Pharmacy, we partner with ZoomDoc to offer a reliable and efficient platform that delivers medical certificates and letters, swiftly and conveniently, often within the same day. Whether you need a sick note, fit-to-fly certificate, recovery certificate, or referral letter, ZoomDoc has you covered.

How it Works

ZoomDoc's platform is designed to streamline the process of obtaining medical documentation. Once you have submitted your request, ZoomDoc's team of experienced healthcare professionals will review your information and generate the necessary medical letter or certificate.

Types of Medical Letters and Certificates

You can get a diverse array of medical letters and certificates tailored to meet a variety of needs including:

Same Day Sick Notes - £39.00

Sick Notes
A sick note from ZoomDoc serves as a formal confirmation of your inability to attend work or engage in specific activities due to illness or injury. These medical certificates, recognised and accepted by employers and educational institutions, provide the necessary validation for your absence.

Sickness Note (Self-certification) - Free

Sickness Note (Self-certification)
The sickness note service is an instant self-certification medical certificate to confirm you have been unwell during the first 7 days of an illness.

Fit to Fly (Travel & Holiday) Certificates - £39.00

Fit to Fly (Travel & Holiday) Certificates
Especially pertinent in today's travel landscape, fit to fly certificates verify your health status and affirm your fitness to undertake the planned travel safely.

Fit to Work Certificates - £39.00

Recovery Certificates
This certificate includes all necessary details to ensure you can confidently return to work, travel, or meet other requirements with peace of mind.

Access specialised care with Referral Letters - £39.00

Referral Letters
A ZoomDoc referral letter is a professional document that facilitates your access to specialised medical care. Whether you need to see a specialist, undergo further diagnostic tests, or seek a second opinion, their referral letters ensure a smooth and efficient transition within the healthcare system.

How to get started

Getting medical documentation with ZoomDoc is simple.

  1. Submit Your Request: Select the type of letter you require from our available options, upload a brief video, provide any necessary documents, and fill out a questionnaire.
  2. Quick Processing: ZoomDoc promptly handles your request, guaranteeing same-day delivery (from 9 am to 9 pm).
  3. Receive Your Document: After verification, your medical letter is delivered electronically for instant use.

Understanding the Process

The process of requesting medical letters and certificates through ZoomDoc is both efficient and reliable. When selecting the type of document you require, such as a sick note, fit to fly certificate, medical report, or referral letter, it is essential to answer the questions accurately and provide all relevant information. By doing so, you enable the medical professionals at ZoomDoc to create a comprehensive and accurate document tailored to your specific needs.

Furthermore, it is crucial to understand that the accuracy of the information provided directly impacts the quality and validity of the medical document you receive. Inaccurate or incomplete information may lead to delays in processing your request or even result in an incorrect document being issued. Therefore, taking the time to double-check all details before submission is highly recommended to ensure a seamless experience and timely delivery of your medical letter or certificate.

Tips for a Smooth Experience

To ensure a smooth and seamless experience when using ZoomDoc for your medical letters and certificates, consider the following tips:

  • Have all necessary information and details readily available before starting the request process.
  • Double-check your answers and ensure that all information is accurate.
  • If you have any specific requirements or additional information that you believe is relevant, mention it in the appropriate section.
  • Reach out to our patient support team if you have any questions or encounter any issues during the process. They are available to assist you.

Additionally, when submitting your request on ZoomDoc, it's essential to provide as much context as possible to help the medical professionals understand your situation better. Including details such as your medical history, current symptoms, and any previous treatments can significantly aid in the accuracy and efficiency of the service.

Medical Certs & Letters

Frequently Asked Questions

What documents do I need?

You may need to upload a photo ID, medical records, and for some certificates, a short video explaining your condition. Details will be provided during the application process.

How quickly will I receive my certificate?

Most certificates are processed and delivered digitally on the same day, provided all required information is submitted by 9pm GMT.

Can I get a refund?

Refunds are available if we are unable to provide the certificate. Once a certificate is issued, we cannot offer a refund.

How do I verify the certificate?

Our certificates come with QR codes for verification. This ensures the authenticity of the document, which can be verified online by scanning the code.

Why Choose Us?

  • Trusted Doctors: All our certificates are signed by GMC-registered doctors.
  • Quick Turnaround: Same-day service available for most certificates.
  • Easy Process: Apply online without the need for in-person appointments.
  • Secure & Reliable: Digital certificates with QR code verification for authenticity.
Medical Certs & Letters

Customer Reviews

"Excellent service! I received my fit-to-fly certificate within hours. The process was straightforward and efficient." - Sarah H.

"The sickness certificate I needed for work was delivered promptly. Highly recommend this service." - John D.

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