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Description for Warticon Cream & Solution

Warticon Cream & Solution contains the natural antiviral, podophyllotoxin, which helps to fight HPV and get rid of external genital warts in as little as 4 weeks. Warticon is available from The Independent Pharmacy by completing a simple health questionnaire. Take action to treat genital warts quickly & discreetly today.

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Warticon Cream & Solution is available to buy from The Independent Pharmacy, following a free consultation, to treat external genital warts.

Warticon contains the active ingredient Podophyllotoxin, which is a plant extract used to treat and remove warts. Genital warts are caused by the human papilloma virus (HPV), and presents as small lumps that develop on the genitals and around the anus. Podophyllotoxin is a natural anti-viral treatment that attacks and destroys the human papilloma virus that causes genital warts. This will cause the wart cells to eventually die, which allows new healthy tissue to grow in its place. Warticon is applied to the genital warts for three consecutive days in weekly treatment cycles.

Warticon is manufactured by Stiefel and is classified as a prescription only medicine (POM).

One pack of Warticon Cream contains a 5g tube of cream whilst Warticon Solution contains a 3mL bottle of solution. Each pack usually sufficient for one month’s worth of treatment – this is normally enough for most people. Warticon Cream should be stored in a cool, dry place, away from direct heat and light.

Warticon Solution may be easier for males to apply than the cream due to the nature and position of the genitals. Women are normally advised to use Warticon Cream to treat genital warts. 

One pack of Warticon contains a 3mL bottle of solution, which is usually enough for one month’s worth of treatment.

Warticon is applied in treatment cycles. It is used TWICE daily, roughly 12 hours apart, for THREE consectuive days. You then have a four day break. This is one 7-day treatment cycle. Treatment cycles can be repeated for four consecutive weeks.

How to apply Warticon Cream

  1. Wash the affected areas with soap and water. Dry the area gently with a clean towel.
  2. Using a fingertip, apply Warticon Cream to cover each wart. Use only enough cream to cover each wart.
  3. Rub the cream into the wart. Be careful not to get the cream onto healthy skin. If this happens, wash the cream off with soap and water.
  4. Wash your hands thoroughly.

How to apply Warticon Solution

  1. Wash the affected areas with soap and water. Dry the area gently with a clean towel.
  2. Use a new applicator each time you apply Warticon Solution.
  3. Dip the ‘Loop’ end of the applicator into the Warticon Solution. If you have a large wart (no larger than a postage stamp) or lots of warts in a small area, dip the ‘Spatula’ end of the applicator into the solution.
  4. Apply the solution to a wart until it is just covered and allow to dry. Be careful not to get the Warticon onto healthy skin. If this happens, wash the solution off with soap and water.
  5. Repeat steps 3 and 4 for each wart. Allow all the skin treated with Warticon Solution to dry before letting other skin touch the affected area.
  6. Wash your hands thoroughly after using Warticon Solution.
  7. Make sure you screw the lid back on tightly.

Read the patient information leaflet supplied with Warticon for further information and diagrams.

Warticon can cause local side effects at the area of application. These will not occur in everyone, however they can include:

  • Wearing away of the top layers of skin.
  • Irritation including redness, itching, and a burning sensation.

If you experience any of the following side effects whilst using Warticon you should discontinue use and speak to your doctor: 

  • Severe burning
  • Stinging
  • Pain
  • Bleeding
  • Itching
  • Swelling

It is important that you read the patient information leaflet that comes with Warticon for a full list of side effects and other relevant information.

Warticon Cream is not suitable for you if:

  • You are allergic to podophyllotoxin or any of the other ingredients.
  • The skin around or covering the wart is damaged, broken or bleeding.
  • Your warts cover an area of 4cm - around the size of a postage stamp.
  • You are pregnant or breastfeeding.

Whilst using Warticon Cream:

  • Only apply to affected areas - do not use on healthy skin.
  • Do not get Warticon cream in your eyes or mouth.
  • Do not apply to the inside of the vagina, penis or rectum - Warticon is only for use on external skin.
  • Do not cover the treated areas with plasters or dressings.

Warticon Cream contains podophyllotoxin 0.15% as the active ingredient. This means there is 0.15mg of podophllotoxin per gram of cream.

It also contains: purified water, methyl parahydroxybenzoate (E218), propylparahydroxybenzoate (E216), sorbic acid, phosphoric acid, stearyl alcohol, cetyl alcohol, isopropyl myristate, liquid paraffin, trigylcerides – medium chain, butyl hydroxyanisole (E320), macrogol – 7 stearyl ether, macrogol – 10 stearyl ether.
Warticon Wart Treatment Solution contain podophyllotoxin 0.5% in an alcoholic base.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What does Warticon Cream & Solution contain?

    Warticon Cream contains podophyllotoxin 0.15%, whereas the solution contains podophyllotoxin 0.5%. Podophyllotoxin is a natural antiviral that attacks and destroys the Human Papilloma Virus (HPV) that causes genital warts.

  • How do I use Warticon (Podophyllotoxin)?

    Warticon is applied in weekly treatment cycles. It is applied to all external genital warts twice daily, roughly 12 hours apart, for three consecutive days. You then have a four day break from treatment; this is one treatment cycle. Most cases take around 4 treatment cycles to clear.

  • I have started using Warticon and the treated area is irritated, is this normal?

    Irritation of the treated area can occur when you use Warticon for the first time. This is not usually serious and normally subsides. If symptoms of itching, redness, burning or irritation become severe, you should discontinue treatment and see your GP.

  • Why can I only buy two packs of Warticon online at one time?

    Warticon is an prescription-only gential warts treatment. For that reason, to ensure the safety of our patients and the legal operating of our pharmacy, we only supply a maximum of two packs treatment at one time. Warticon treatment is normally used for around 4 treatment cycles. Two packs of Warticon should be sufficient to treat most outbreaks of genital warts. If you require further treatment please contact us to allow one of our medical team to offer you the appropriate help and advice for your situation.

  • Is it safe to buy Warticon online?

    Yes, as long as you are buying from a website that is a legally operating and regulated pharmacy it is perfectly safe to buy Warticon online. The Independent Pharmacy is an NHS Online Pharmacy based in Bristol and has all the necessary regulation to be able to safely provide convenient access to genuine prescription acne treatments through our Online Pharmacy & Online Doctor.

  • How long does it take for Warticon (podophyllotoxin) to work?

    One course of treatment with Warticon cream or solution normally consists of four weekly treatment cycles. Four cycles of treatment (four weeks) are usually enough to treat most cases of genital warts. If your warts have not disappeared after four cycles of treatment, you should see your GP for further treatment options.

  • How does Warticon work?

    Warticon contains podophyllotoxin, which is a natural antiviral found in plants. It helps to fight the HPV that causes genital warts to appear. It is important to note that although podophyllotoxin can help to clear external genital warts, it does not cure your HPV infection. You can still be a carrier of HPV even if you do not have genital warts.

  • What is the difference between Warticon Cream & Warticon Solution?

    Warticon cream and solution differ in the strength of podophllotoxin, the cream in 0.15% whereas the solution is 0.5%. Although they are of different strength, they should produce the same effect when used, the solution is not more effective than the cream. Warticon cream can be more convenient to apply than the solution, especially for women.

    Both the Warticon cream & solution are applied in weekly treatment cycles where it is applied twice daily for three days followed by a four days break. 

  • Is it safe to use Warticon for long periods of time?

    Warticon is used in treatment cycles for four weeks at a time. If your genital warts still persist after four weeks of treatment, you should see your GP for treatment as it is unlikely that continued use will be effective.

  • Can I use other wart treatments with Warticon?

    You should only use one treatment for genital warts at a time. The only treatments licensed for genital warts are Warticon and Aldara. Do not use wart treatments intended for other parts of your body on genital warts, they may cause burning or leave scars after use.

  • How severe should my genital warts be to use Warticon?

    You can use Warticon on a single wart or on a group of warts, the earlier you start treatment, the less likely the warts are to spread.

  • Does Warticon affect the contraceptive pill or condoms?

    Warticon does not weaken latex condoms or affect the contraceptive pill. You should refrain from sex during treatment with Warticon to allow the treated area to heal and reduce the chance of transmission to your sexual partner.

  • Can I have sex whilst using Warticon?

    Due to the chance of you transmitting HPV to your partner whilst you have genital warts, it is recommended that you do not have sex whilst you are treating yourself with Warticon. Condoms are only around 70% effective at preventing the spread of the virus and you cn also infect someone from the skin around your genitals. Remember that even once your genital warts have gone, you may still be positive for HPV and able to infect others.

  • Does drinking alcohol affect Warticon?

    No, drinking alcohol will not affect Warticon. However, your immune system plays an important role in fighting the HPV infection and excessive alcohol consumption can lower your immune system meaning your are less likely to get rid of your genital warts, even with treatment.

  • What if Warticon doesn't work?

    If Warticon doesn't work, you can try other treatments such as Aldara, which contains Imiquimod and helps to stimulate your immune system to fight the HPV infection. Alternatively your GP or local sexual health clinic can offer treatments such as cryotherapy (freezing) or excision (cutting the warts off) if necessary.

  • If I stop using Warticon (podophyllotoxin) will my genital warts return?

    Some people may have only one episode of genital warts in their life whereas others will have multiple episodes. It is thought that people who do not treat their warts and let them disappear on their own are more likely to have repeat episodes whereas those who treat their warts are less likely to have repeat episodes. It is also thought that treatment with Aldara cream makes recurrence of genital warts less likely than treatment with Warticon. Unfortunately there is no way to tell whether your warts will recur or not.

  • Warticon cleared up my warts but they have now come back, can I use it again?

    Yes, if Warticon helped to clear your genital warts before then you can use it again to treat a further outbreak.

  • Is Warticon only effective for warts on the genitals?

    Yes, Warticon should only be used to treat external genital warts. It is only licensed to treat warts on the outside of the genitals and should not be used on warts around or inside the anus or inside the vagina or penis. For treatment of anal warts, Aldara cream is licensed and should be used. If you are suffering with internal genital warts you should see your GP or sexual health clinic for treatment. 

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