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Orlistat 120mg Capsules

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Buy Orlistat Online in the UK

Orlistat, a cheaper, generic brand of Xenical, is used to treat obesity.

Orlistat 120mg tablets help your body to lose weight by preventing up to one-third of dietary fat from being absorbed by the body. By using Orlistat, you could stand to lose up to 5% of your body weight in the first 3 months of treatment.

It's important to pair the treatment with a low-fat, low-calorie diet and an active lifestyle, embracing a holistic approach to your health and well-being.

See how Orlistat 120mg capsules helped our clients on their weight loss journey and read their customer reviews.

  • Prescription-only pill for weight loss
  • Take 3 times daily with a meal
  • Generic version of Xenical
  • Suitable for age:18 Years +
  • Maximum per order:3
  • Consultation required?Yes
    This treatment requires an online consultation for review by our medical team. The decision to supply the specific treatment and quantity requested will be based on whether our medical team are satisfied that it will be safe, appropriate, and effective.
  • Generic Treatment?Yes
    This is a generic medicine and manufacturer of the treatment supplied may vary from the treatment image above, depending on availability. Please contact us once you've placed your order if you require a specific brand and we will do our best to accommodate your request.

Orlistat 120mg Capsules Summary

Type of medicineLipase inhibitor
Works byPrevents the absorption of dietary fat into the body.
Active ingredientOrlistat
Effective within1 - 3 months
Pack size84 Capsules
ManufacturerTeva, Crescent, Accord, Alissa Healthcare
Use with alcoholIn moderation

Orlistat Medical Information

  • How does Orlistat work?

    Orlistat 120mg tablets help you lose weight by preventing nearly a third of the fat you eat from being digested. Any undigested fat is passed through your stools instead of absorbed into your body.

    We recommend combining Orlistat with a balanced, low-fat diet and regular exercise for the most effective results.

    Read the Patient Information Leaflet for more information.

    Does Orlistat work?

    Does Orlistat really work for weight loss?

    Yes, Orlistat has been shown to help people lose weight when used correctly. The research found that people taking Orlistat lost more weight compared to people who took a placebo. With healthier lifestyle choices, it showed modest improvements in blood sugar levels, lipid profile and blood pressure.

    Orlistat is most effective as part of a comprehensive wellness plan, including a balanced diet and regular exercise. Think of it as a supportive tool on your path to a healthier lifestyle, not a standalone solution.

    How does Orlistat help with weight loss?

    When combined with a low-calorie diet and exercise, Orlistat can help you achieve your weight loss goal more easily.

    In clinical trials, almost twice as many obese patients who received Orlistat achieved an average weight loss of 10% or more of their body weight in 6 months compared to those relying on dietary changes alone. In addition, some of the patients who stop taking Orlistat may regain the weight they had lost.

    Orlistat alternatives

    Orlistat is the most affordable weight loss treatment. However, some people prefer the branded version called Xenical. Both medications contain 120mg of Orlistat, but Xenical is more expensive.

    There are also fat dissolving and weight loss injections.

    Weight loss injections like Saxenda and Wegovy help you achieve your goal by suppressing your appetite. You can read more about how Saxenda works, how much it costs, how to use the Saxenda injection or how Saxenda compares to Orlistat, in our guides.

    Another weight loss medication growing in popularity is Mounjaro. With this injection pen, you might lose around 15-20% of your body weight.

    We know that navigating weight loss treatments can be confusing. So, we put together guides that will help you understand what Mounjaro is, what side effects you might experience or how to use the KwikPen. We even compare Mounjaro to other options like Wegovy and explain the line between Mounjaro vs Ozempic.

    And if you need more answers, you can always get in touch with our team.

  • How to take Orlistat

    Orlistat 120mg capsules may be taken up to 3 times daily, 7 days a week. You may choose to take Orlistat with your meal or up to one hour after you've eaten. Swallow the whole capsule with a glass of water.

    For a meal containing between 1g and 15g of fat, you may take an Orlistat capsule with your food or up to 1 hour after eating.

    In between your meals, you should avoid foods that contain fat, such as chocolate, biscuits, or even savoury snacks.

    Do not take Orlistat weight loss supplements if:

    • You eat a fat-free meal (there will be no fat for Orlistat to work on)
    • You skip a meal
    • You eat a high-fat meal, as this will increase the potential gastrointestinal side effects

    Read our Orlistat Diet Plan for more information on what you should and shouldn't eat when using this treatment.

    Losing weight with Orlistat

    By reducing the amount of fat your body absorbs, Orlistat helps you to prevent weight gain. However, it doesn't directly cause weight loss.

    To reach your weight loss goals, you need to eat a balanced diet and exercise regularly. With mindful lifestyle choices, Orlistat can help you move your BMI (Body Mass Index) into a healthier range.

    You could get an Orlistat prescription once you've tried your best with diet and exercise alone. But even then, remember that you can get the prescription only if you have:

    • BMI of 30 or more
    • BMI of 28 or more, along with other medical conditions related to your weight (e.g. high blood pressure)
  • Orlistat Ingredients

    Each capsule contains the active ingredient: Orlistat 120 mg.

    Orlistat capsules contain the inactive ingredient: microcrystalline cellulose, sodium starch glycolate, sodium lauryl sulfate, povidone, and talc. Each capsule shell contains gelatin, titanium dioxide, and FD&C Blue No.

  • Side effects of Orlistat

    As with any other medication, you might experience some adverse effects. The milder side effects can get better over time. But if you experience persistent or serious side effects, contact your healthcare provider immediately.

    Contact a member of our team if you're concerned about any of the potential side effects that could affect you when taking Orlistat 120mg capsules.

    If you do experience side effects from Orlistat 120mg capsules, they may include:

    • Abdominal pains
    • Bloating or wind
    • Urgent need to open the bowels
    • Liquid, fatty or oily stools

    Other less common side effects when taking Orlistat may include:

    • Rectal pain/discomfort
    • Soft stools
    • Incontinence (stools)
    • Tooth/gum disorder
    • Irregularity of menstrual cycle
    • Tiredness

    For the full list of potential side effects, read the Patient Information Leaflet.

  • Warnings

    You shouldn't take Orlistat if:

    • You are under 18
    • Have a BMI lower than 28
    • You are pregnant or breastfeeding

    To gain the maximum benefit from Orlistat 120mg tablets, you should follow the nutrition program recommended to you by your doctor. As with any weight-control program, overconsumption of fat and calories may reduce any weight loss effect.

    • We understand that changes in bowel habits can be unsettling. Please know that these are generally harmless and are a result of how Orlistat works to eliminate undigested fat. The possibility of this happening may increase if Orlistat is taken with a diet high in fat. In addition, your daily intake of fat should be distributed evenly over three main meals because if Xenical is taken with a meal very high in fat, the possibility of gastrointestinal effects may increase.
    • The use of an additional contraceptive method is recommended to prevent possible failure of oral contraception that could occur in case of severe diarrhoea.
    • The use of Orlistat may be associated with renal stones in patients suffering from chronic kidney disease. Inform your doctor whether you suffer from problems with your kidney.

    Orlistat and Other Medicines

    Orlistat may modify the activity of certain drugs. If you are taking any of the following, you should see your doctor before taking Orlistat:

    • Anticoagulant drugs (e.g. warfarin). Your doctor may need to monitor your blood coagulation.
    • Ciclosporin. Your doctor may need to monitor your ciclosporin blood levels more frequently than usual.
    • Iodine salts and/or levothyroxine. Cases of hypothyroidism and/or reduced control of hypothyroidism may occur.
    • Amiodarone. You may ask your doctor for advice.
    • Medicines to treat HIV.
    • Antidiabetic drug (Acarbose).

    Orlistat may unbalance an anticonvulsant treatment by decreasing the absorption of antiepileptic drugs, thus leading to convulsions. Please contact your doctor if you think that the frequency and/or severity of the convulsions have changed when taking Orlistat together with antiepileptic drugs.


Orlistat 120mg Capsules reviews

Orlistat 120mg Capsules FAQs

  • Orlistat binds to the dietary fat you consume and prevents it from being absorbed, which in turn helps you to lose extra weight than if you were dieting and exercising alone. If you do not diet when taking Orlistat and eat high fat, high calorie meals, the likeliness is that you will not lose weight, and it also increases the chance of unpleasant side effects occurring. Orlistat should be viewed as a 'booster' to your weight loss efforts, helping you to lose up to 50% extra weight than you would if you were on a regime of just diet and exercise.

    Read our Orlistat diet plan for more information.

  • Orlistat is not an appetite suppressant, it helps to reduce the absorption of the fat you consume, thereby helping you to lose weight. Appetite suppressants are not normally medically advised for use, and many appetite suppressants are not regulated in their manufacture or sale, meaning they may not be safe to take.

  • Body Mass Index (commonly referred to as BMI) is a measure of your body weight compared to your height to give an estimate of whether you are a healthy weight for your height. Normally, for adults, a BMI of between 18.5 and 24.9 is considered healthy. Anything below 18.5 is considered underweight, whereas a BMI of 25 and above is considered overweight. If your BMI is over 30, it is classed as obese, and you are suitable for treatment with Orlistat capsules. It is important to note that BMI gives a fairly accurate result for most people; some who are very short, very tall or those who carry a lot of muscle may find their score is less accurate. You can find out more about BMI and calculate your own on the NHS website.

  • If you take the Orlistat capsules as prescribed and make healthy lifestyle changes, you could typically expect a reduction of around 5% of your body weight in 12 weeks since starting the treatment.

    When you're ready for the next order, you should tell us about your current weight so we can make sure you're on the right track to achieve your 5% goal.

    Keeping us up-to-date allows us to ensure that the weight loss medication is suitable for your situation. It also gives you an opportunity to bring up any questions about your weight loss journey so far.

  • We understand that every weight loss journey is unique, and while Orlistat has been successful for many, individual results may vary. You're not alone in this journey, and we're here to support you every step of the way. Losing weight primarily involves adopting a healthy lifestyle where more calories are burned than are consumed, Orlistat can help to increase the weight loss you would see with diet and exercise but is unlikely to help if no other measures are also taken.

  • Yes, you should only take Orlistat with meals that contain fat, if you are having a very low or no-fat meal, there is no need to take Orlistat as there is no fat for it to stop being absorbed. Some people find that they only need to take one Orlistat capsule daily with their evening meal if they are on a very low calorie diet.

  • We do not advise using other weight loss treatments or tablets with Orlistat. The interactions can cause some unpleasant side effects. You should follow a strict diet and exercise regime while taking Orlistat capsules to get the most out of them. Consider taking a multivitamin supplement at bedtime to ensure you are still getting all the essential vitamins and minerals required by your body.

  • All three treatments (Orlistat capsules, Xenical and Alli) contain Orlistat as the active ingredient. However, the difference lies in their strength and the way you can get them. Alli contains 60mg of Orlistat and you can buy it over the counter. Orlistat and Xenical are stronger with 120mg of Orlistat, and you can get them only on prescription.

  • Orlistat 120mg is a prescription-only weight loss aid. For that reason, to ensure the safety of our patients and the legal operating of our pharmacy, we only supply a maximum of 3 months treatment at one time. Orlistat treatment is normally judged for effectiveness after 1-3 months on the amount of weight you have managed to lose. This means that if you do not find Orlistat as effective as you would like, you are not stuck with an excess of medication. If you are happy with the results, you can log in and re-order another supply, provided you are still losing weight, and your BMI is above the treatment threshold.

  • You should take Orlistat capsules with a fat-containing meal or up to one hour afterwards. If your meal contains no fat or is a small snack, there is no need to take an Orlistat capsule.

  • Unfortunately, Orlistat is only available in capsule form, as the generic treatment Orlistat 120mg capsules or the brand Xenical 120mg capsules.

  • No, Orlistat capsules must be swallowed whole, with water, for them to be effective.

  • Yes, we understand that sometimes you want to get your treatment as soon as possible. If ordered before 4pm Monday to Friday, Orlistat capsules are available for next day delivery.

  • Orlistat can be effective for many, but you need to check if it's a safe weight loss aid for you. Before starting your Orlistat journey, make sure to:

    • Talk to your GP about any other medications you're taking
    • Check if you're not allergic to any Orlistat ingredients
    • Tell your healthcare provider about any other health conditions
    • Consult your doctor if you're pregnant or breastfeeding
  • Yes, as long as you are buying from a website that is a legally operating and regulated pharmacy, it is perfectly safe to buy Orlistat online. The Independent Pharmacy is an NHS Online Pharmacy based in Bristol and has all the necessary regulation & insurance to be able to safely provide convenient access to genuine prescription treatments through our Online Pharmacy & Online Doctor. We use reputable pharmaceutical wholesalers, the same as the large high street chemists, to ensure that any medication we supply is of the highest quality and can be traced from manufacture to supply.

  • When used as directed, Orlistat is considered safe and side effects are generally mild. However, it may interfere with the absorption of some vitamins and medications. You should consult your doctor before use, especially if they have other medical conditions.

  • The Independent Pharmacy can supply Orlistat online - it's simple! Just select 'Start Consultation' above, you will need to fill in a simple health questionnaire so our GPs & Pharmacists can ensure it is safe for us to supply your Orlistat to you. It all takes around 3 minutes, and your treatment can be delivered to your door.

  • Is Orlistat available over the counter? Orlistat 120mg capsules require a prescription. Lower-strength Orlistat 60mg capsules are available over the counter under the brand name Alli.

    If you need Orlistat 120mg capsules, fill in your self-assessment so we can confirm if it's the right option for you.

  • Alli capsules contain Orlistat 60mg and are classified as a Pharmacy Medicine (P) and can, therefore, be bought in your local chemist, although they do require a short consultation with the pharmacist to ensure they are suitable for use. Orlistat capsules contain 120mg of Orlistat, and due to this, they are classified as prescription only and need to be prescribed by a healthcare professional.

  • You can have Orlistat prescribed by your regular GP on the NHS if you fall within the criteria mentioned above (BMI over 30) and you have tried to lose weight unsuccessfully with diet and exercise alone. Some people do not want to see their GP to discuss their weight issues and prefer to manage it themselves by ordering Orlistat online from The Independent Pharmacy. Your GP can also offer other valuable weight loss help and advice, see NHS Choices Weight Loss page for more information. If your BMI is over 40, you may also be entitled to NHS Tier 3/4 Weight Loss services, which can include nutritional help & advice, discounted gym memberships, referral for bariatric surgery, weight loss support groups and psychological help & support. All services are locally commissioned and funded, so you should speak to your GP about what services are available in your area.

    Weight loss support and advice are available for free at and

  • Orlistat doesn't interact with alcohol, so it is no more dangerous to drink alcohol while taking either of these weight loss tablets. However, it's important to bear in mind that alcohol is highly calorific and may affect your weight loss efforts if you drink it regularly or to excess. Feeling tipsy can also hinder your willpower and lead to snacking.

  • Taking Orlistat pills can lead to irregular menstrual periods for some women – others find they are perfectly fine. It's not recommended to take Orlistat during pregnancy, however, or after birth while breastfeeding.

    Another occasional side effect of Orlistat is diarrhoea, which, if severe, can reduce the effectiveness of any contraceptive pills you may be taking. If this happens, take extra precautions when having intercourse.

  • Orlistat may help block some fat absorption without exercise. However, combining Orlistat with diet changes and exercise provides much better weight loss results. Exercise helps burn more calories.

  • Orlistat shouldn't be harmful when used as directed. The most common side effects are gastrointestinal-related, such as oily stools, diarrhoea, abdominal pain, and flatulence. Misuse can lead to nutrient deficiencies over time.

  • Around 15,000 people in Britain undergo liposuction every year. However, some find that even after liposuction, there is not much change to visceral fat. Taking Orlistat after liposuction can help to reduce visceral fat and improve blood lipids profile, according to some studies.

  • Orlistat is available to prescribe on the NHS. However, there is a strict set of guidelines that patients must meet to be prescribed Orlistat on the NHS. People often find it easier to buy Orlistat online than wait to see their NHS GP to see if they meet the criteria.

  • Do you want to know how long does Orlistat take to work? Orlistat starts to work immediately. It is taken with a meal containing less than 15g of fat and helps to block some of that fat from being absorbed. And if you stick to a healthy diet and add regular exercise to your routine, you could see improvement in your weight loss efforts.

  • Orlistat works by preventing the absorption of dietary fats. Then, your bowel movements release the undigested fat from your body. But keep in mind that you still need to watch your calorie intake. Orlistat 120mg capsules don't stop your body from absorbing calories from sugar and other non-fat foods.

  • Yes, Orlistat is a weight loss aid trusted by many people. When combined with diet and exercise, some people can lose 10% or more of their body weight over the course of 6 months. It works by blocking the absorption of dietary fats.

  • Orlistat capsules contain the ingredient Orlistat 120mg per capsule. Orlistat is a dietary fat binder (it binds to the fat in the food you consume, that helps to bind around one third of the fat you consume and prevent it from being absorbed.

  • In adults and children 18 years and over, the dose of Orlistat is 1 capsule up to three daily, with or up to one hour after fat-containing meals. You should not take more than three Orlistat capsules in a 24-hour period. You do not need to take an Orlistat capsule if you have a meal containing no fat, it will have no effect. Do not take more than one Orlistat 120mg capsule at a time, it will not help you lose any extra weight however it does risk causing liver damage which can have severe consequences.

  • Orlistat capsules (as well as the branded version, Xenical, and the over-the-counter brand Alli) are the only licensed prescription treatment to aid healthy weight loss. This means they have gone through strict medical trials to ensure that they are both safe and effective to be prescribed by a medical professional for their intended purpose. This leaves you safe in the knowledge that the Orlistat product you buy has undergone strict regulation in their manufacture, storage, prescribing and dispensing to ensure you receive a product that is both safe and effective, where you can be 100% certain of the ingredients.

    There are many weight loss aids, supplements, herbal remedies and other preparations that are available that claim to help you lose weight. Often these are not licenced as medical products but as foods or supplements meaning they do not undergo strict regulation or examination before being released onto the market or during manufacture. This can lead to you not knowing exactly what are in the weight loss products you buy, which could be potentially dangerous.

    Common culprits include:

    • Duromine short-term diet pills
    • Ephedrine lipolytic stimulant
    • Phentermine stimulant diet pills
    • Zantrex rapid weight loss supplement

    Redustat is another fat blocker variation that contains Orlistat as its active ingredient.

  • There are many advantages to buying Orlistat capsules online, some include:

    • It's quick & easy - there is no need to spend time at the doctor or pharmacy.
    • Fast delivery - We offer same day dispatch before 4pm and fast delivery to your address of choice with Royal Mail.
    • Great prices - we are able to offer very competitive prices and we guarantee to beat any other Online Doctor service.
    • Tons of information - we provide all the information you could need on Orlistat and other weight loss treatments, in easy to digest formats, at a time to suit you.
  • Orlistat is available from The Independent Pharmacy at the following price:

    • 84 capsules (1 box) - £34.99
    • 168 capsules (2 boxes) - £64.98
    • 256 capsules (3 boxes) - £89.97

    Orlistat prices include a free private prescription and qualify for free standard tracked delivery.

    All new customers can get 15% off with the discount code NEW15 and we also offer a repeat customer discount! This means that you can buy Orlistat cheaper than Boots, Lloyds, Superdrug and other high street chains.

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