Tadalafil Tablets (10mg & 20mg)

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Tadalafil Tablets (10mg & 20mg)

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You can buy Tadalafil online today from The Independent Pharmacy — the safe online pharmacy you can trust — and receive it the very next day in plain discreet packaging.

Tadalafil is a generic version of the popular ED treatment Cialis and is prescription-only treatment in the UK. By filling in a short online consultation, our team of qualified healthcare professionals can ensure it will be safe and effective for you, before giving our in-house pharmacy a prescription to send your treatment directly to your door.

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Tadalafil - Important Information

  • Meet generic Cialis

    Tadalafil tablets are a cheaper generic form of the branded erectile dysfunction medicine Cialis. They are just as effective at treating erectile dysfunction (ED) and you can buy them online much more cheaply than the popular branded Cialis.

    Tadalafil (Generic Cialis) is now available for sale in the UK as a cheaper form of ED medication because of the expiration of the Cialis patent.

    How does Tadalafil work?

    Tadalafil tablets tackle ED by increasing the flow of blood to your penis, helping you to both achieve, and maintain, a healthy erection (this is how most ED tablets work).

    They begin to take effect after 30-60 minutes and once one tablet has been taken, it is then effective for up to 36 hours - much longer than the 4 - 6 hours normally associated with Sildenafil.

    It's important to remember that Tadalafil tablets do not work without sexual stimulation — they will not produce an erection without you being sexually stimulated or ‘turned on’. This is because the drug Tadalafil enhances the chemical messages responsible for producing an erection; it does not, and cannot, fully replace or replicate these messages. Tadalafil does not give you a 36-hour erection - it simply allows you to achieve an erection with stimulation within this time period.

    For more about how the drug works, visit our what is Tadalafil and how does it work page.

    What causes ED?

    There are many causes of ED and it affects men of all age and health levels. However, ED has been reported to be a symptom of early stage diabetes, high blood pressure, and poor circulation, while it is also more common in men who are smokers and/or overweight.

    ED can also be caused by stress, smoking, alcohol and fat consumption, and cycling for over 3 hours a day.

    Failing to treat ED can lead to stress, anxiety, depression, and difficulties in your close relationship(s).

    You can find out more here on our: What causes ED? page.

    What other ED treatments are there?

    In addition to generic Cialis/Tadalafil tablets, there are a further ED seven medications that you can purchase online from The Independent Pharmacy. These are:

    Tadalafil is very similar to sildenafil (Viagra) and other ED treatments in effectiveness, however, it lasts much longer, making it a better option for weekend use. No combination of Viagra/Sildenafil, Cialis, Levitra, Spedra or other ED treatment should be used at the same time – you should leave a break of up to 24 hours (36 hours for Cialis/generic Cialis Tadalafil).

    There are also a series of non-prescription alternatives available for treating ED. These include:

    • Changes to your diet (such as reducing your alcohol and fat consumption)
    • Counselling
    • Lowering your stress levels
    • Stopping Smoking
    • Vacuum Devices (Penis Pumps).

    Find more ED treatments here.


  • Tadalafil Warnings

    You must take the following warnings into consideration when you are taking Tadalafil:

    • You should not take more than 1 Tadalafil tablet per day
    • Tadalafil tablets can cause dizziness, which could affect your ability to drive or operate machinery safely. You must not drive or operate machinery until you are aware of the effect the medication will have on you.
    • If taken in conjunction with alcohol, Tadalafil tablets could cause a drop in your blood pressure. Consuming alcohol while taking Tadalafil tablets may also impair your sexual performance.
    • If taken in conjunction with alcohol, Tadalafil tablets could increase the level of the medication within your bloodstream. This would in turn increase the risk of you experiencing the associated side effects,
    • If while taking Tadalafil tablets you have an erection which lasts for over 4 hours, then you must consult a doctor immediately. If you delay receiving treatment for a prolonged erection (priapism) for over six hours, this could cause damage to the erectile tissue in the penis and irreversible ED.
    • If when taking Tadalafil tablets you experience a partial decrease or loss of vision in one or both eyes, you must cease taking the medication and consult your doctor immediately.

    You should take Tadalafil tablets with caution in the following cases:

    • If you have decreased kidney function
    • If you have decreased liver function
    • If you have a disease involving the heart and blood vessels (cardiovascular disease)
    • If you have a physical abnormality of the penis, such as severe curvature, scarring or Peyronie's disease
    • If you have a condition such as sickle cell disease, bone marrow cancer (multiple myeloma) or leukaemia, in which there is an increased risk of prolonged erections
    • If you are taking medicines for high blood pressure. These medications include:
      • Alpha-blockers
      • 5-alpha Reductase Inhibitors
      • Ketoconazole Tablets
      • Protease Inhibitors
      • Phenobarbital
      • Phenytoin
      • Carbamazepine
      • Rifampicin
      • Erythromycin
      • Clarithromycin
      • Itraconazole

    Tadalafil tablets should NOT taken by the following persons, or if the below circumstances are true for you:

    • Women
    • Children and adolescents under 18 years of age
    • Conditions where sexual activity is not advisable, for example severe heart disorders
    • You have an angina which is not well controlled by medical treatment (an unstable angina)
    • You have an angina that occurs during sex
    • You have had a heart attack in the last three months
    • You have had a stroke in the last six months
    • You have had mild to severe heart failure in the last six months
    • You have an abnormal heartbeat (arrhythmias) not controlled by treatment
    • You have uncontrolled high blood pressure (hypertension).
    • You have low blood pressure (hypotension)
    • You are taking any form of nitrate medications, e.g. glyceryl trinitrate (see end of fact sheet for more examples)
    • If you have ever experienced an eye condition called non-arteritic anterior ischemic optic neuropathy (NAION). This condition causes a sudden, partial decrease or loss of vision in one or both eyes due to damage to the optic nerve. It can be temporary or permanent. Talk to your doctor if you have ever experienced this
    • You have hereditary problems of galactose intolerance, the Lapp lactase deficiency or glucose-galactose malabsorption (Tadalafil tablets contain lactose)
    • You have severely decreased kidney function or kidney failure.
  • How to take Tadalafil

    Take ONE Tadalafil tablet per day – no more than one. You should not repeat the dose, or take another ED treatment, within a 36-hour period.

    Tadalafil tablets are designed on an ‘as required' basis, which means that you should only take them when you believe that you require help in achieving and maintaining an erection.

    Tadalafil tablets can be taken either with or without food but should be taken orally, with water, and swallowed whole when you take them.

    Tadalafil tablets are available in 10mg & 20mg strength, for more information on which is right for you, read our Tadalafil dosage information page.

  • Tadalafil Ingredients

    Tadalafil tablets contain 10mg or 20mg (depending on the strength) of Tadalafil as the active ingredient.

    The inactive ingredients contained in Tadalafil tablets are:

    • Lactose Monohydrate
    • Croscarmellose Sodium
    • Hydroxypropylcellulose
    • Microcrystalline Cellulose
    • Sodium Lauryl Sulfate
    • Magnesium Stearate
  • Tadalafil side effects

    Please be aware that medication affects people who are taking it in different ways – people who take Tadalafil tablets will not necessarily experience any of the known side effects listed below.

    Over many years, Cialis and Tadalafil have been used by millions of men and shown to be generally safe and effective for most men. Below are some of the known and associated side effects that you may experience when taking Tadalafil tablets:

    • Back pain
    • Flushing
    • Headache
    • Heartburn (reflux)
    • Indigestion (dyspepsia)
    • Nasal congestion
    • Pain in the muscles (myalgia)

    Uncommon frequency: Affects between 1 and 10 people out of every 1000.

    Click here for more information on Tadalafil side effects.

Tadalafil Tablets (10mg & 20mg) Price Comparison

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Tadalafil 10mg Tablets (Generic Cialis)

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4 x 4 tablets
5 x 4 tablets
6 x 4 tablets
7 x 4 tablets
8 x 4 tablets
10 x 4 tablets
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Tadalafil 20mg Tablets (Generic Cialis)

1 x 4 tablets
2 x 4 tablets
3 x 4 tablets
4 x 4 tablets
5 x 4 tablets
6 x 4 tablets
7 x 4 tablets
8 x 4 tablets
10 x 4 tablets
12 x 4 tablets
Tadalafil Tablets (10mg & 20mg) reviews

Tadalafil Tablets (10mg & 20mg) FAQs

  • A GP needs to assess the suitability of this ED treatment before it can be prescribed for you.

    They will check your medical history and other medications that you’re on. Tadalafil is a widely prescribed treatment, but it can be unsuitable for some men. Your doctor will tell you more.

    If you buy Tadalafil online from The Independent Pharmacy, we take care of the prescription for you, our doctors will send it straight to our pharmacy to send out to you the same day.

  • Among the available ED medication, Tadalafil is known as ‘the weekend pill’. This is because once you have taken a dosage, the drug remains active for 36 hours.

    Most of the other major ED tablet medication on the market (such as Viagra) remain active for four to six hours. Topical agents and urethral suppositories begin working within minutes, but they remain effective for between one and two hours.

    Another advantage of Tadalafil is that it gives you the option to be spontaneous – Tadalafil takes 30-60 minutes to take effect once administered, and no prior dosage is required.

  • Tadalafil will be effective for up to 36 hours. However, this doesn’t mean that you will have an erection for the duration of this time, as sexual stimulation is required in order for you to achieve an erection while taking Tadalafil.

  • Tadalafil has a similar rate of success to Sildenafil (this drug is sold under the brand name Viagra, among others, and is perhaps the most established drug on the market for ED).

  • Both Tadalafil and Viagra are effective treatments for ED. However, as outlined above, the effects of Tadalafil last longer than Viagra.

  • There are two strengths of Tadalafil tablets available: 10mg and 20mg.

    We recommend that men trying Tadalafil tablets for the first time start with 10mg and can then move to the higher dose if necessary.

  • It is recommended that you begin by taking a lower strength tablet and build up as needed.

    One type of tablet may work better than another and you should always consult your doctor before you begin your course of medication.

  • You should only take Tadalafil if you are experiencing ED and should not take it for the purpose of sexual enhancement.

  • You are able to, but this depends on the type of medications you are taking.

    Your doctor will review your medical history when prescribing Tadalafil, which will include any past or current medications you are using.

    Your doctor will check for any interactions between Tadalafil and your medications and advise you accordingly on whether your past or current medication restricts you from taking Tadalafil.

  • Grapefruit juice should be avoided if you are taking Tadalafil.

    Grapefruit juice can affect how your system metabolises medicine, and this means that drinking it while taking Tadalafil may increase your sensitivity to side effects of taking the medication.

  • If you do not see an improvement in your ability to achieve and maintain an erection while taking Tadalafil, then you should speak with your doctor.

    Your doctor may then change the dosage of Tadalafil you are taking, or refer you to a different form of ED medication.

  • Yes, but you will have to undertake a short medical consultation with an online doctor first, as Tadalafil is only available on prescription in the UK. Always buy from a reputable, registered pharmacy.

  • 20 mg is the maximum dosage of Tadalafil, and this should never be exceeded. Rather than taking two 10 mg tablets, it’s recommended that you switch over to higher dosage 20mg ones. Taking more Tadalafil will not help you get a better erection, but it could cause dangerous side effects.

  • Tadalafil takes about thirty minutes to have an effect, and then it stays active in the body for up to 36 hours. Remember that Tadalafil only works to produce an erection when you are sufficiently sexually stimulated — it cannot produce an erection on its own.

  • As with all prescription medications, it’s important that you check with the doctor before starting your course of treatment to ensure that it’s the right one for you. There are some people who should not take ED medication. Tadalafil is just as safe and effective as the branded Cialis, which is a hugely popular ED treatment.

  • Yes, but it’s only safe in small quantities. Overdoing it with alcohol while on Tadalafil could lead to an increase in side effects and also makes ED worse.

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