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NHS Services

The Independent Pharmacy provides all the Essential Pharmacy services that are required as part of the NHS pharmacy contract. This is the same as your local high street pharmacy and includes:

Dispensing prescriptions & repeat prescriptions

We can dispense both electronic (EPS2) and paper NHS prescriptions, as well as private and veterinary prescriptions.

Disposal of unwanted medicines

These can be medicines you no longer need or those that have expired.

Public health campaigns

We pass on information to you as part of the NHS public health campaigns to ensure you get important information.

Signposting of other services

If we are unable to provide you with the care, treatment, or advice that you need, we will give you the help and information you need to access the right service.

Advice for self-care

We will give you advice on healthy living and other information that you need to manage and prevent medical conditions as well as maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

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