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Designed to empower women through the natural transitions of life, Femoston's HRT treatment is a beacon of support for those seeking a balanced and harmonious hormonal profile.

Femoston Conti and Femoston 1/10 mg and 2/10 mg are forms of hormone replacement therapy (HRT) designed for postmenopausal women. Femoston provides relief from the undesirable symptoms of menopause for women who incorporate it into their treatment.

Say goodbye to the challenges of menopause and embrace a new era of well-being with Femoston's carefully formulated solutions.

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Advice for Femoston

Benefits of Femoston HRT: What You Need to Know

Femoston HRT is a medication that combines two hormones: estradiol and dydrogesterone. Estradiol is a form of oestrogen that helps to alleviate menopausal symptoms, while dydrogesterone provides progestogen effects to protect the uterus lining.

What is Femoston HRT?

Femoston HRT is a prescription-only medication used to relieve menopausal symptoms in women who have undergone a hysterectomy or still have their uterus. It is specifically designed to provide the necessary hormones that the body begins to produce in reduced amounts during menopause.

It is important for women considering HRT to consult with their healthcare provider to determine if Femoston HRT is the right choice for them. Factors such as medical history, current health status, and individual symptoms will all play a role in this decision-making process.

How Does Femoston HRT Work?

Femoston HRT works by replacing the hormones that the body starts producing less of during menopause. By replenishing oestrogen levels, it helps to alleviate common menopausal symptoms such as hot flashes, night sweats, and vaginal dryness. Dydrogesterone, the progestogen component, reduces the risk of endometrial hyperplasia, a potential side effect of oestrogen therapy.

It is essential for women using Femoston HRT to follow their healthcare provider's instructions carefully and attend regular check-ups to monitor their response to the treatment. Open communication with healthcare providers can help ensure that the medication is providing the desired benefits while minimising any potential risks.

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More Benefits of Femoston HRT

Reducing Risk of Osteoporosis

Oestrogen plays a crucial role in maintaining bone density. As women age and oestrogen levels decrease, the risk of developing osteoporosis increases. However, with Femoston HRT, the replacement of oestrogen helps to mitigate this risk, ensuring women have healthier and stronger bones as they age.

Strong bones are essential for overall well-being and mobility, especially as women grow older. By incorporating Femoston HRT into their healthcare routine, women can proactively protect themselves against the debilitating effects of osteoporosis and maintain an active lifestyle for years to come.

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