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A Guide To The Best HRT Patches

Andy Boysan
Andy BoysanBPharmDirector & Superintendent Pharmacist

Reviewed on 26 Jan 2023

There are over 30 recognised symptoms of the menopause. These range from night sweats and hot flushes to migraines, weight fluctuation, and panic attacks, and their intensity can vary from person to person. Many women may choose to treat their menopausal symptoms with an array of over-the-counter medicines — anything from paracetamol and ibuprofen to sleeping aids. For some, this may be sufficient, but if menopause has you struggling to live your life as you once used to, it may be time to try HRT Patches.

HRT treats the root cause of your menopausal symptoms and comes in many different forms, from pills and gels to pessary rings and surgical implants. However, one of the most popular ways to relieve menopausal symptoms is through the use of an HRT patch. Want to know more? You might be wondering what the best HRT patches are, how they’re used, or if you can buy HRT patches online. If that’s the case, read on.

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What are HRT patches?

One of the most common ways to receive HRT is through the use of adhesive skin patches. HRT patches are applied directly to the skin and need only be replaced every few days. As with other types of HRT, these patches work to replace your body’s supply of oestrogen through the use of estradiol — a synthetic form of the hormone. In the case of combined HRT, your patch will also contain a synthetic version of progesterone, added to protect the lining of your womb.

Benefits of using HRT patches

HRT patches offer many advantages over other methods of HRT. Skin patches:

  • Are available in oestrogen-only and combined formulations
  • Avoid many of the side effects caused by other HRT methods (such as indigestion)
  • Only need to be replaced every few days
  • Are perfect for those who find it difficult to swallow tablets
  • Don’t require surgery
  • Don't increase your risk of blood clots (unlike HRT tablets)

What are the different types of HRT patches?

If you’re considering HRT, you may be wondering which patch is right for you. The patch you choose will mainly depend on whether you require an oestrogen-only treatment, or one containing both oestrogen and progesterone.

Oestrogen-only HRT patches are suitable If you’ve undergone a hysterectomy (surgery to remove the womb). However, if you still have a womb, you’ll need a combined form of HRT with added progesterone. Progesterone helps to counteract the oestrogen’s effects, which if taken on its own can cause the lining of the uterus to grow excessively, significantly increasing the risk of complications such as endometrial cancer.

At The Independent Pharmacy, we stock some of the best HRT patches available, in both oestrogen-only and combined forms.

Combined HRT patches

Verified customer reviews:

“This is a great product: easy to use and it works. No hot sweats or sleepless nights.” Teresa

“Product works brilliantly.”Suzanne

Verified customer reviews:

“Excellent for long-term support during and beyond the menopause “ June

“Evorel are brilliant, no side effects with me.” Kim

Verified customer reviews:

“Stop menopausal symptoms effectively”Elizabeth

“Given me a better quality of life”— Carol

Oestrogen-only HRT patches

Verified customer reviews

“It is convenient to just wear the patch for 7 days rather than remember to use the spray.”— Anna

“These patches are great for me.”— Lucy

Verified customer reviews

“Very small and discreet patch, sticks well and stays nicely even when I use the sauna and steam room.”— Elena

“These are tiny and stick really well.”— Fiona

Verified customer reviews

“Improves my menopause symptoms”Vera

“They’ve eliminated my sweats and bouts of anxiety. I feel much more like my old self.”— Rebekah

All of the patches mentioned above are available after a short online consultation with our medical team. Once they’ve approved your order, you can receive your patches as soon as the next working day.

How do you use HRT patches?

You should always follow the instructions provided with your specific type of HRT patches. Some may need to be changed more frequently than others, so it’s important to read your patient information leaflet carefully.

To use your HRT patch:

  • Tear open the patch’s protective packaging.
  • Bend and peel off half of the protective backing — avoid touching the sticky side.
  • Find a hairless area of skin below the waist. Most women prefer to wear the patch on the thigh or bottom.
  • Stick the open half of the patch onto the area, remove the remaining backing and press down firmly.
  • Press the patch with the palm of your hand to ensure it’s firmly stuck.

To remove your patch:

  • Gently peel an edge of the patch away from your skin.
  • Fold the pad in half so that it sticks to itself.
  • Throw it into the bin, safely out of the reach of children and pets.
  • Never flush used pads down the toilet.

What if my HRT patch falls off?

If your HRT patch comes off, apply a new patch but stick to your original 'patch change' day. When applying a new patch after a bath or shower, wait until your skin has cooled. If you need additional patches, speak with your doctor.

What if I forget to change my HRT patch?

If you’ve forgotten to replace your patch, change it as soon as you remember and then stick to your original ‘patch change’ days. Leaving a patch on for too long may cause some bleeding or spotting.

Can I buy HRT patches online?

HRT patches are available to purchase online. However, if you decide to buy your HRT medication online, it’s crucial that you only purchase them from a UK-registered online pharmacy. When ordering any form of medication online, the only way you can be truly confident that it’s safe and genuine is by purchasing it from a trusted supplier like The Independent Pharmacy.

What are the side effects of HRT patches?

As with any medication, HRT patches may have some side effects. These will vary depending on the exact type of patch you’re using. This is why it’s important that you check your patient information leaflet carefully.

Some of the most common side effects include:

  • Breast tenderness
  • Bloating
  • Changes in mood
  • Headaches
  • Acne
  • Back pain
  • Localised irritation around the application site

More rarely, combined HRT patches may cause an increased risk of:

  • Stroke
  • Breast cancer
  • Heart disease
  • Ovarian cancer
  • Endometrial hyperplasia or cancer
  • Memory loss (if over the age of 65)

If you experience any of the following symptoms while using HRT patches, stop using them and seek immediate medical attention:

  • Jaundice
  • Painful periods
  • Breast changes
  • Difficulty breathing
  • Sudden chest pain
  • Migraine headaches
  • Painful swelling and redness of the legs
  • Unexpected vaginal bleeding or spotting
  • Chest pain that spreads to your arm or neck

HRT patches are a simple, convenient way of relieving your menopausal symptoms. For more information to help you choose the best HRT patch, head to our menopause treatments page.

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