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Erectile Dysfunction (ED)

Sildenafil Reviews From Actual Sufferers of Erectile Dysfunction

by Scott McDougall (MPharm)

Sildenafil is regularly recommended as a safe and inexpensive alternative to Viagra for treating erectile dysfunction. Its effectiveness and popularity are reflected in the many satisfied patients who have written positive Sildenafil reviews.

However, to get a better idea for how the drug might work for you and what you’re likely to experience, it’s always useful to read some reviews from people who’ve used Sildenafil before. You can get some reassurance that you’ll have a good experience, and expand your understanding of what to expect.

On this page, we’ll give you our main takeaways from the many Sildenafil reviews we’ve received from our customers, provide a dynamically-updated feed of the latest Trustpilot reviews, and point you to some other resources that might be handy.


What Sildenafil reviews tell us

We’ve taken the following points from our customers’ experiences of using Sildenafil:


  • It is effective for most men.
  • You are unlikely to experience notable side effects.
  • It’s much cheaper than Viagra.
  • It can take effect in as little as 30 minutes.


  • It doesn't last as long as Tadalafil.
  • It may not be as effective as Vardenafil for men with diabetes.

Now, Sildenafil can have side effects on occasion (you can read more about them on our Sildenafil side effects page), but testimonials clearly show just how rare they are. Most people who use this treatment have no adverse reactions whatsoever.


The latest Sildenafil reviews from our customers

Below, you’ll find our most recent Sildenafil reviews pulled directly from Trustpilot:



Other resources to check out

  • To learn more about how Sildenafil works, and generally get a primer on everything you need to know, head to our main page about what Sildenafil is.
  • For a clear idea of how long Sildenafil can be effective, and how you should use it, stop by our page on how long Sildenafil lasts.

To book your free consultation and get the ball rolling on receiving a prescription for Sildenafil, visit our Sildenafil product page.

Authored By:

A photo of  Scott McDougall

Scott McDougall


Published on: 15-04-2019

Last modified on: 15-04-2019

Reviewed By:

A photo of  Andy Boysan

Andy Boysan


Reviewed on: 15-04-2019

Next review date: 15-04-2021

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