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Testosterone replacement therapies are for men who have low testosterone levels and also clinical symptoms of the deficiency. It is not for use by men who have normal levels of testosterone, as to do so could cause side-effects rather than produce any benefits.

Explain the Process for Tostran Low Testosterone Treatment Online

If you are unable to provide three months of testosterone test results, or this is your first time with Tostran Gel, you need to follow this process:

1.Choose “Tostran Gel Starter Kit”. The difference between the starter kit and the normal pack is that the starter kit contains two testosterone test kits, as these are needed to check your blood testosterone levels before, and during, treatment. The process to obtain this medication online is to complete a questionnaire then advance to the checkout process.

2.Once a UK doctor has reviewed your consultation, the next step will be for you to undergo some blood tests, so as to check your testosterone levels and assess whether testosterone replacement therapy is the right treatment for you.

3.After approval, you will receive an easy to perform testosterone test, which will need to be completed before treatment can start. This will then be sent by freepost to a laboratory in London. The results are sent directly to us, within 4 hours of them receiving the tests.

4.Once your results have been assessed by a UK GP, you will receive the outcome result of the tests. If his therapy is not for you, your refund will be the purchase price less £35 for the price of the home testosterone kit.

5.If approved, the second kit, which includes the Tostran gel and the second home testosterone test kit, will be sent to you. This test should be completed three weeks after you receive the testosterone treatment and results are taken to ensure that, for health and safety reasons, the medication is taking effect.

These first two tests will be performed in the first month, with the next test being taken after six months and then at yearly intervals after that.

Included in The Tostran Starter Pack are:

  • Two home testosterone test kits. Conducted with ease in the comfort of your own home, one test is to be completed before treatment commences and the other, if the test is approved, is to be completed after three weeks of treatment. Each blood test costs £35 and it is your decision both as to whether to take the second test and whether to continue with the treatment.
  • Delivered without cost of postage, the pack contains both a doctor’s consultation and a box of 30 Tostran gels.
  • Containing testosterone, a male hormone, you apply the clear tostran gel to your skin on your shoulders and/or upper arms), from where testosterone is absorbed into your blood stream, to help raise your testosterone to normal levels.

Testosterone replacement therapies can accompany medicines used for erectile dysfunction if necessary e.g.viagra, levitra or cialis.

In a condition known as hypogonadism, men do not produce sufficient levels of natural testosterone to produce sperm, or to maintain the male characteristics of body hair and a deep voice. Tostran gel helps increase levels of testosterone and helps maintain both a normal sex drive and sexual function, as well as maintain muscle strength and size.

Tostran gel comes in a 60g canister and the piston emits doses of a half a gram of gel, which contains 10mg of testosterone. Before using it for the first time, press the piston about 8 times, to get it ready for use and discard any gel which escapes during this priming of the piston.

The gel should be applied on clean and dry skin, alternating daily between sharing the dose between the inner thighs, or applying it to the abdomen and never to the genitals. Apply the gel gently and do not wash that area of skin for at least 6 hours, as doing so would reduce the amount of gel available for absorption into the skin.

The normal recommended daily dose it 6 depressions of the canister pump, which will deliver 3g of gel (60mg of testosterone). While a doctor may sometimes recommend a higher daily dose which will relate to your general health, it should never exceed 8 depressions, which would amount to 4g of gel (80mg of testosterone).

Once applied, smooth the gel very gently into your skin and wait until it is fully absorbed, before washing your hands and then dressing. This application takes only a few minutes.

Testim gel and Testogel are two other products which contain the same active ingredient.

Apply Tostran Gel only to healthy, normal skin. Never apply Tostran Gel to your genitals (penis and testes) or to skin that is broken or damaged and avoid contact with open sores, wounds or irritations. 

Apply Tostran Gel at the same time each day (preferably every morning). Apply the contents of one (1) of gel (or as directed by the GP) on the shoulders and/or upper arms, every morning as instructed by your doctor. 

If you take a bath or shower in the morning, use Tostran Gel after your bath or shower. Make sure that your shoulders and/or upper arms are clean and completely dry before putting on the gel. 

Apply Tostran Gel only to your shoulders and/or upper arms as a thin layer. In this way your body will absorb the right amount of testosterone. Use a circular motion to rub the gel in to your skin for several seconds. Do this until no gel is left on the skin area. 

Thoroughly wash your hands with soap and water immediately after application. This will also reduce the chance that the medicine will spread from your hands to other people. Let Tostran Gel dry for a few minutes before you dress. This prevents your clothing from wiping the gel off your skin and ensures that your body will absorb the correct amount of testosterone. 

If you wash the application site within 6 hours after applying Tostran Gel you may lower the amount of testosterone that is absorbed by your body. Therefore, wait at least 6 hours after applying the gel before showering or swimming to ensure that the greatest amount of Tostran Gel is absorbed into your body.

Do not use Testim if you suffer or suspect you suffer from prostate cancer, breast cancer or are allergic to any of the ingredients.

Keep out of the reach and sight of children. 

Take care and inform your doctor if: you have difficulties passing water, liver, kidney or heart disease, have high calcium levels, high blood pressure, suffer from migraines, suffer from heart or lung disease.

The active substance is testosterone. One gram of gel contains 20 mg of testosterone.

The other ingredients are propylene glycol; ethanol, anhydrous; isopropyl alcohol; oleic acid; carbomer 1382; trolamine; butylhydroxytoluene (E321), water, purified and hydrochloric acid (for pH adjustment).

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can hypogonadism be treated?

    Hypogonadism can also indicate other health issues which affect testosterone levels and so the treatment has three main aims:

    • Treat any underlying conditions
    • Restore testosterone levels, via Testosterone Replacement Therapy
    • Improve hypogonadism symptoms, such as low libido, erectile dysfunction and other symptoms.

    Low testosterone is also found in 60% of obese men.

  • Can the gel be transferred to other people during sexual activity, or any other bodily contact?

    Skin contact can cause the gel to be transferred to someone else and they could experience side-effects, even if contact was in an isolated area of skin but over a long period of time. Take care in the cases of children or pregnant women, by washing your hands fairly rigorously and covering the skin where the gel has been applied. In the case of sexual activity, always shower first. All of this information will be given in the product leaflet which comes with the medication.

  • After I place an order for a starter pack, what happens next?

    After the doctor has checked that the medication is right for you, you will receive the test kit in the post. The pack contains everything you need to take a blood sample, which you will post to the laboratory in the pre-paid envelope provided.

  • How long do I wait for the results?

    They are processed on the day of receipt and results are sent to you electronically.

  • What is a PSA test?

    While one test is for testosterone levels, a test may be needed of your prostate (PSA), if this has not been examined in the past. The test kit received may be to check both testosterone and prostate and these can both be done from one blood sample.

    PSA (prostate specific antigen) is a protein which is produced by both normal and cancer cells in the prostate and the PSA test measures the quantity of this protein in your blood. The amount of this protein increases with age and this can cause the prostate to increase in size, so the test is simply to check the health of the prostate and is not necessarily looking for cancer. This test can be done at any surgery and the result can be discussed with the practice nurse.

  • Is a PSA test accurate?

    The PSA test is a guide and the result, together with information you provide via a consultation, helps decide whether testosterone treatment is the right way ahead for you.

  • What information will the PSA test provide me with?

    If there is a raised PSA level, this could indicate:

    • Prostatitis
    • An enlarged prostate
    • Prostate cancer.

    These are not the only health conditions which can be identified from a PSA test and so there are times when you may be referred to a hospital specialist for further information. This information is important in deciding whether testosterone therapy can be given as, if the person does have prostate cancer, it is important to keep testosterone levels as low as possible and not to increase the levels via this therapy.

  • I am worried that a raised PSA level means that I have prostate cancer

    A raised PSA level does not mean that you have prostate cancer, as prostate cancer can also be found in men who have low PSA counts. The likelihood of having prostate cancer rises if:

    • Your father or your brother has had it
    • Your are over 50 years of age
    • You are black.

    Deciding if you should see a specialist is not based solely on your PSA level but on the above points and also if you have been for a prostate biopsy in the past. A digital rectal examination (DRE) can also be done, to assess if your prostate feels normal.

  • What things affect a PSA level?

    Whilst it is normal to have a small amount of prostate specific antigen (PSA) in your blood, this level does increase with age, with prostate problems (prostatitis or an enlarged prostate) and also with:

    • Medicines - some medicines can affect your PSA level, so let your doctor or nurse know if you are taking any prescription or over the counter medicines. Some medicines for an enlarged prostate can reduce your true level of PSA and therefore give false readings. These medicines include 5-alpha-reductase inhibitors (e.g. dutasteride (Avodart) and finasteride (Proscar)).
    • Ejaculation - advice may be given to avoid any form of sexual activity which culminates in ejaculation for the 48 hours which precede a PSA test.
    • Prostate stimulation and anal sex - stimulation of the prostate and also anal sex can cause your PSA level to rise, so it is best to be clear of such stimulation for at least seven days before your PSA test.
    • A urine infection - if you have a urine infection, this will need to be treated and cleared first, as this can give a false reading to a PSA test. The period in between clearing the urine infection and having a PSA test should be about six weeks.
    • Digital rectal examination (DRE) - if you have had a digital rectal examination, your doctor will advise that you wait a week before having a PSA test, as the DRE can also raise PSA levels.
    • Vigorous exercise - avoid any rigorous exercise for about 48 hours before a PSA test, as this can also affect your PSA level.
    • Prostate biopsy - a prostate biopsy within six weeks of a PSA test could also raise your PSA level.
    • Other tests or surgery - any tests or surgery on your prostate or your bladder, or if you have had needed a catheter, could also affect a PSA level reading, so you will be asked to wait six weeks before a PSA test is done.
  • The PSA test - advantages and disadvantages

    Taking a PSA test comes with both advantages and disadvantages:

    Advantages -

    • Men who are more at risk of prostate cancer (e.g. their father or a brother has experienced this condition), will be able to have any changes in their PSA level detected
    • Prostate cancer can be identified, even before any symptoms present themselves. If picked up early enough, treatment may be able to prevent its spread.

    Disadvantages -

    • A PSA test doesn’t always pick up prostate cancer
    • Following a PSA test up with a biopsy may cause some side-effects e.g. an infection in urine, semen and blood, as well as cause pain
    • A slow-developing prostate cancer may be identified but such cancers may not shorten your lifespan and so identification simply brings about stress and worry
    • Treatments for prostate cancer can also cause erection problems.
  • What is the procedure when the PSA test shows that I don’t have low testosterone?

    Then we would recommend you see your own doctor for further tests. Our doctors will advise on the next steps when your results come back.

  • Why can’t I just have the medication?

    Only by knowing your testosterone level can we decide if this treatment is right for you. You then have to wait three weeks for the medication to be fully absorbed into your system, so that a future test can tell if your levels have indeed increased.

  • How do other testosterone treatments differ?

    Different treatments are applied to different areas of the body:

    • Coming in pump dispenser form, tostran is applied to the shoulders and abdomen.
    • Coming in tube format, Testim and Testogel are applied to the upper arm and the shoulders.
  • How long do I have to wait for a result?

    While there should be an improvement with your PSA level within 3 weeks, the level reached depends on your starting level, which would have been identified with the PSA test.

  • What should I do, if I am uncertain about this treatment?

    We are available to answer any queries, at no obligation to yourself.

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