Chlamydia Test Kit

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Chlamydia Test Kit

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About Chlamydia Test Kit

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Chlamydia Test Kit information

  • What is Chlamydia?

    Chlamydia is a sexually transmitted infection (STI) that can cause men and women to experience abnormal discharge from their genitals, itching or pain on urination but it is commonly symptomless.

    Chlamydia is a very common STI and is one of the most commonly experienced STI in young people. There has been a significant increase in the number of cases in the UK over the last 10 years. As it is sometimes symptomless and very easily transmitted by unprotected sex, it is a good idea to get regularly tested. If Chlamydia is not treated it can have long term complications such as infertility. However, the disease is easily treated with a course of antibiotics.

    Is a Chlamydia home test kit right for me?

    If you are having unprotected sex or think it is possible that you have contracted Chlamydia, a test to be taken at home can be sent to you. It is recommended that anyone that is sexually active and that does not have a regular partner should get tested for STI's at least every 6 months regardless of how many sexual partners you may have had.

    If you are worried that you have contracted Chlamydia during recent unprotected sex, you should take a test but only after waiting for 14 days, as the infection might not show for up to two weeks after transmission.

    How does a Chlamydia test kit work?

    Our Chlamydia test is a simple urine test for both men and women. You will be sent a urine sample bottle and an envelope to send the sample to a laboratory. The envelope is prepaid – there is no additional cost to send it and its discreet packaging.

    As soon as the test result is available, we will notify you electronically. The test result can be negative – meaning you do not have Chlamydia, or positive – meaning that you do have Chlamydia.

    If you engage in unprotected sex before receiving the result, or within a two week period before taking the test, you need to take the test again.

    This test will only detect genital Chlamydia. If you are concerned that you have anal Chlamydia, you should consult with a doctor. This test cannot check for other sexually transmitted infections.

Chlamydia Test Kit reviews

Chlamydia Test Kit FAQs

  • The test kit includes two plastic tubes, accompanying paperwork, and a prepaid envelope.

  • Our test kit involves a urine sample for both men and women.

  • The kit comes with a full list of instructions.

    A fresh urine sample is required. This will fill the smaller of the two plastic tubes. The total amount required is quite small. Place the smaller plastic tube, containing the sample, into the larger plastic container. This will protect the sample during transit.

    All accompanying paperwork should be fully filled in and included with your sample. Using the addressed prepaid envelope, post the sample and paperwork.

  • The results usually take approximately three working days.
    It usually takes about two days for the samples to reach the laboratory. Samples are analysed on the day of receipt. The results are then sent to us electronically, which we will then forward to you.
  • If you forget to include the supporting documentation, please let us know as soon as possible. This way we can liaise with the laboratory to ensure you get your results.
  • If your results are positive, we can provide you with the appropriate treatment. There are two options available, the most popular being a one-off dose of Azithromycin tablets.

  • Yes, however, you should only test after six weeks, otherwise, it can show a false positive result.

  • Yes, the laboratory we use is based in central London and has been operating for many years. Located near Harley street, it offers a wide variety of testing.

  • Absolutely. We will never divulge any information without your written consent.

  • Yes. All of our orders are sent using plain packaging with nothing on the outside to indicate what you have ordered.

  • No. We will only inform your doctor if you specifically ask us to.

  • If you would like to have it added to your medical records, it may help your doctor in the future, should they need to consider prescribing for you.

  • No. The chlamydia test kit will only test for chlamydia and will not identify any other sexually transmitted infections.

  • On completion of the Chlamydia test request, we will send the kit to you via 1st class mail. The kit should arrive within a few days. The kit arrives in discreet packaging – an unmarked white plastic bag.

  • The kit contains all that is needed for you to collect a urine sample and send it to the laboratory. This may differ from what is shown, as we will only include what is needed to collect the specific sample that is required.

  • The basic test kits require a urine sample, and come with full instructions on how to collect this.

  • After taking the sample, make sure you complete the attached form. Place both sample and form in the box. The postage is prepaid, so all you need to do then is put the envelope into a postbox.

  • The test results are received by email.

  • Both men and women can use this test. Men need to provide a urine sample, whilst women might need to provide a urine sample or a vaginal swab.

  • You can take a Chlamydia test at any time, but it is unlikely that an infection will show if it was contracted in the two weeks before taking the test. As such, if you take a test within two weeks of having unprotected sex it is recommended that you retake the test later.

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