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EarCalm Spray

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Earcalm Spray for Ear Infections

An easy to use, effective treatment for minor ear infections, or external otitis, Earcalm Spray contains the antibacterial agent acetic acid that helps stop the bacteria and fungus that cause ear infections from growing and spreading.

Earcalm is a non-pressurised, effective spray that is suitable for use for both adults and children 12 years and over. It can be bought online from The Independent Pharmacy without the need for a prescription and delivered as quickly as the next working day.

  • Suitable for age:12 years +
  • Maximum per order:3

Earcalm Information

  • Earcalm Spray is used for the treatment of minor infections of the outer ear (external otitis). Earcalm Spray contains acetic acid, an antibacterial agent that works by stopping the growth of bacteria and fungus that cause the infection and reducing swelling and pain.

    An easy to use and non-pressurised spray that does not contain CFCs, Earcalm Spray will help you find effective relief from the discomfort and pain of ear infections. It can be used by adults and children aged 12 and older.

    Earcalm Patient Information Leaflet: https://www.medicines.org.uk/emc/files/pil.9013.pdf

  • Earcalm warnings

    Reading the following warnings carefully will help to ensure Earcalm Spray is appropriate for you.

    • This spray is for use in the ear only.
    • Avoid swallowing.
    • Avoid contact with the eyes.
    • This product is not recommended for young children and infants.
    • Consult your doctor if symptoms persist.
    • Keep out of reach and out of sight of children.

    Please read all packaging and the Product Information Leaflet before taking any new medicine and inform your doctor of medicines you are taking or intend to take.

  • Earcalm Spray directions

    Adults, including the elderly and children 12 years and over:

    Ensure you shake well before use.

    • Gently position the tip of the nozzle into your ear. To deliver the measured dose, press the pump just once.
    • Spray only one measured dosage of Earcalm Spray into each ear.
    • You can also use one measured dosage for each ear at least 3 times every day after showering, swimming, or bathing either in the morning or evening.
    • You should continue using Earcalm spray for two days after your symptoms have cleared, for a maximum of seven days.

    If you have not used this product for more than one week, keep pressing the pump a number of times, until you get a fine spray.

    Do not exceed the stated dose.

  • Earcalm Spray ingredients

    The active ingredients contained in Earcalm Spray is/are:

    Acetic Acid (Glacial).

    The medicine also contains the following inactive ingredients to make up the complete product:

    Macrogol Stearyl Ether, Stearyl Alcohol, Methyl Parahydroxybenzoate (E218), Propyl Parahydroxybenzoate (E216), Purified Water.

  • Earcalm side effects

    Not everyone will experience side effects when they use Earcalm Spray, however if you do they can include:

    Irritation of the ear canal.

    If you are concerned about these effects, or if the product affects you in any other way, stop using it and talk to your doctor or pharmacist.

EarCalm Spray reviews

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