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  • Can people with diabetes treat a Fungal Nail Infection?

    If you suffer with diabetes it is recommended that you consult your GP before treating a fungal nail infection. This is to ensure that there are no complications with your infection and that your symptoms are not caused by uncontrolled blood sugar. This will confirm that any treatment prescribed or purchased will be safe and effective for you.

  • Can I still apply nail polish to an Infected Nail?

    It is advised that you do not apply nail polish to an infected nail. It will likely make any treatment you are using less effective and increase the likeliness of you spreading the infection to other nails as well.

  • Am I more likely to get a Fungal Nail Infection if I have athlete’s foot?

    Yes, it is thought that up to 90% of the fungus that causes the infection in athlete’s foot also cause fungal nail infections. Athlete’s foot is generally much easier to treat than a fungal nail infection so ensure you treat any case of athlete’s foot quickly to stop it spreading to a nail.

  • When should I go to the doctor if I suspect I have a Fungal Nail Infection?

    You should see your GP if you have a fungal nail infection that affects more than two nails, or if you are diabetic or pregnant. Children should also see their GP if a fungal nail infection is suspected.

  • Can I treat a fingernail or are the available treatments just for toenails?

    No, most available treatments are suitable for use on fingernails and toenails. As fingernails are smaller they usually clear up quicker than toenails with treatment.

  • Will my Fungal Nail Infection get better on it’s own if I chose not to treat it?

    It is unlikely your nail will get better if it is left without treatment. The infection will likely get worse with the nail becoming thicker and more brittle. The earlier you start treatment, the quicker and easier it will be to get your nail back to full health.

Authored By:

A photo of Dr Donald Grant

Dr Donald Grant

MB ChB DRCOG MRCGP Dip.orth.med

Published on: 29-05-2019

Last modified on: 29-05-2019

Reviewed By:

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Andy Boysan


Reviewed on: 29-05-2019

Next review date: 29-05-2021

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