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Daktarin Cream Reviews

Andy Boysan
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Reviewed on 6 Jun 2023

Fungal infections are very common and can occur all over the body — common types include thrush, ringworm, athlete’s foot, and fungal nail infections. In most cases, changes in your skin as well as irritation make it easy to spot a fungal infection; however, without the right treatment, they can quickly spread.

Daktarin Cream is an effective treatment for a number of fungal infections. The active ingredient miconazole nitrate targets fungal cells and makes holes in their membranes, causing them to die, preventing further spread of the infection and healing the affected areas.

If you’re suffering from a fungal infection, then you’ll likely require a treatment like Daktarin Cream that targets the area effectively. However, what do real users of this cream think of Daktarin? Does it soothe itching? Does it effectively clear fungal infections?

Let's find out what our Daktarin Cream customers think.

Daktarin (Miconazole) 2% Cream
Daktarin (Miconazole) 2% Cream
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What did our Daktarin Cream reviews tell us?

Reviews indicate that Daktarin Cream is generally very effective at improving skin problems and infections. In fact, based on the 58 current product reviews, Daktarin Cream is rated 4.66 out of 5 stars on The Independent Pharmacy website. Users have commented on the cream’s ability to treat persistent infections.

For further details, check out the reviews on our Daktarin Cream product page. Here you’ll find the full list of reviews, with honest information about how the treatment worked for some of our patients. If you’re looking for a more concise summary of our reviewers’ thoughts, however, we’ve compiled a list of the key takeaways below.

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Daktarin Cream Reviews

At the time of writing, the large majority of Daktarin Cream reviewers have given the treatment either a 4-star or 5-star rating. But what contributed to so many glowing reviews? Here are the main things people liked about the treatment:

  • Users were particularly impressed with the improvement of ringworm infections, with customers saying the cream “cleared up a persistent infection by ringworm” and was effective against “aggressive ringworm”.
  • Many users found that Daktarin Cream worked quickly. One described the treatment as a “very strong and quick acting cream” while another said it “cleared the problem in no time”.
  • Users found that the cream also helped to calm symptoms. One patient found Daktarin Cream to be “very soothing and calms irritation” and another describes it as “very good cream” which “helps soothe my itchy rash”.
  • Some users found Daktarin Cream to be an effective alternative to other antifungal medications, with one in particular describing it as “a good alternative to Canesten when fungal rashes keep returning”.
  • Several users expressed their satisfaction with the service provided by The Independent Pharmacy. Comments ranged from “good and fast service” to “reliable, trustworthy pharmacy”.

Is Daktarin Cream easy to use?

Many customers were pleased with the straightforward application process, with one saying Daktarin Cream was “easy to use” and “not greasy”. For skin infections, Daktarin cream should be applied to the affected skin or nail in the morning and at night until at least 10 days after all signs of infection have gone away. This will prevent the infection from coming back.

Will Daktarain Cream treat all fungal infections?

Daktarin Cream can be used to treat many different fungal infections, including ringworm, athlete’s foot, and fungal nail infections. You should refer to the main product page for a more detailed overview of what the treatment can be used for.

Reviewers shared their experience of using the cream for different kinds of infections. One customer described the treatment as “very good for fungal infection of the feet” and said their “itching eased after a couple of days”, while another said “it helped with the rash I had under my arm.”

Buy Daktarin Cream from The Independent Pharmacy

Many reviewers have been impressed not just by the effectiveness of this fungal treatment, but with their overall experience ordering from The Independent Pharmacy. One reviewer said they “would definitely use this service again”, while another left these comments: “Amazing advice, the right medication given, quick service, highly recommended”.

Get your fungal infection under control by purchasing Daktarin Cream today. Order Daktarin Cream from The Independent Pharmacy with next day delivery and receive your treatment quickly and conveniently.

For more information about managing common fungal infections, read our guide on Fungal Nail Infections or check out our Athlete’s Foot page.

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