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Anusol Cream Reviews - What Real Users Think

Andy Boysan
Andy BoysanBPharmDirector & Superintendent Pharmacist

Reviewed on 6 Jun 2023

Haemorrhoids (or piles, as the condition is commonly known) are an extremely common health problem, affecting around 80% of people at some point in their lives. Haemorrhoids occur when the veins in the anus or rectum become swollen, and are typically caused by increased pressure inside the lower rectum. This means there’s an increased risk if you’re already suffering from constipation or you tend to strain during bowel movements.

Anusol Plus HC
Anusol Plus HC
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Anyone can develop haemorrhoids, but they’re more common in patients over the age of 50, pregnant women, and those who are overweight or obese. Left untreated, the itching, pain, and bleeding caused by the condition may even progress to more serious health problems, such as anal fissures, fistulas, and rectal prolapse. Thankfully though, there are a range of treatments available to treat the condition before it advances, and Anusol Plus HC Ointment is one of the most popular options among our patients.

Anusol Plus HC is a powerful, prescription-only medication that contains a combination of active ingredients, including zinc oxide, bismuth oxide, and balsam peru. These ingredients work together to reduce pain and itching and promote healing. Anusol also contains hydrocortisone acetate — a corticosteroid that helps to reduce swelling. The treatment is available in two forms — a topical ointment, and a suppository. Both types contain the same active ingredients and work in the same way.

If you’re suffering from haemorrhoids and are weighing up your treatment options, Anusol Ointment could offer the relief you need. Don’t just take our word for it though; we've gathered a collection of verified reviews from our patients so you can see what real users have to say. To keep things clear, we’ve also highlighted some key points and takeaways from their reviews and provided some helpful links. For more information, check out the review section on the main Anusol page.

Our Anusol reviews summary: how it rates overall

Overall, Anusol Plus HC users report an overwhelmingly positive experience, with patients praising its effectiveness, affordability, and ease of use.

You can read individual Anusol Plus HC reviews from our customers in the section up above, but if you’d prefer a quick overview of what real users think, we’ve created a round-up of key takeaways and points from their feedback:

  • Users described the relief offered by Anusol Plus HC as “very good”, “superb”, and “brilliant”.
  • Several users commented on Anusol’s effectiveness at relieving haemorrhoid pain, with one reviewer saying that it “helps to alleviate the pain of piles” and another confirming that the product “relieves pain and itching”.
  • Many patients reported that they received their haemorrhoid medication very quickly, mentioning The Independent Pharmacy’s “excellent service” and “great delivery”.
  • Some reviews mention the affordability of Anusol HC, with one patient commenting “Cheap, easy to use, and does the job. What more can you ask for?”
  • One patient also mentions the convenience of ordering Anusol Plus HC online: “I can not always get to the local pharmacy, so to be able to order what I need from The Independent Pharmacy is great.”

From the overwhelmingly positive reviews left by our customers here, we can summarise that these patients are extremely satisfied with this product and that Anusol Plus HC is an excellent option for the treatment of haemorrhoids.

How quickly does Anusol work?

The time it takes for Anusol Plus HC to work can vary depending on the severity of your haemorrhoids and your individual response to the medication. In general, most people will start to notice an improvement in their symptoms within a few days of starting treatment, and one reviewer commented that it “relieved symptoms fast”.

Used as directed, you should notice a reduction in haemorrhoid size and a decrease in pain within a week.

Does Anusol get rid of haemorrhoids?

Anusol is used to treat haemorrhoids, specifically the itching and swelling around the rectum and anus that accompanies the condition. The gentle astringent agent contained in the ointment helps to reduce the swelling of haemorrhoidal tissue, giving your haemorrhoids the chance to heal quickly. In most cases, your haemorrhoids will completely clear up within a week or two.

Everything else you need to know about Anusol

At The Independent Pharmacy, we've got you covered with all the information you need about haemorrhoids and piles, and further information on a range of conditions including constipation and diarrhoea.

Visit the following pages to learn everything you need to know about this piles treatment before you buy:

  • For a general introduction to Anusol Plus HC, head over to our detailed guide, where we can answer any questions you may have, from “how does Anusol Plus HC work?” to “what’s the difference between Anusol Plus and Anusol Plus HC?”.
  • If you’re suffering from constipation, check out our constipation treatment hub, where you can find a range of treatment options, including Fybogel, Lactulose, and Movicol.
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