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What Results Can You Expect From Finasteride?

Andy Boysan
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Reviewed on 4 Jul 2023

Finasteride is a popular treatment that can help you to overcome hair loss or male pattern baldness (also known as androgenetic alopecia). We understand that dealing with hair loss can be difficult, and you might have questions like: Does Finasteride really work? What results can I expect from this treatment?

In this post, we're here to provide the answers and support you on your journey. Read on to find out more about the treatment with Finasteride.

What is Finasteride and does it work?

Finasteride is a UK prescription-only oral medication that can bring noticeable improvement to men who are facing hair loss and pattern baldness.

This generic, non-branded version of the hair loss drug Propecia (which has the same drug, Finasteride, as its active ingredient) has been proven to be effective. It is suitable even for those who are on a budget, which is why it has become so popular in recent years.

In clinical trials held after two years of taking Finasteride:

  • 66% of men showed increased hair growth
  • 5% showed a great increase
  • 31% showed a moderate improvement
  • 30% of men showed a slight improvement
  • 83% of men in the trial showed no further hair loss

As you can see from these results, Finasteride is highly effective and can help you to halt hair loss and male pattern baldness and even cause an increase in hair growth for most users.

Buy Finasteride 1mg Tablets
Buy Finasteride 1mg Tablets
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Does Propecia work?

Understanding your concerns about hair loss, you might be asking - does Propecia work? Like its generic counterpart, Finasteride, Propecia treats male pattern baldness, which has garnered trust and positive results over time.

Propecia's active ingredient is also Finasteride, which means it operates in a very similar manner. Through rigorous clinical trials, Propecia has shown to halt the progression of hair loss in about 90% of men and promoted hair regrowth in approximately two-thirds of them. It's worth noting that everyone's journey with Propecia can be different, and while some men may experience more significant hair regrowth than others, every step forward is a victory.

One thing we empathise with is the desire for quick results. However, Propecia is not a magic pill. It requires time and consistency. The full effect of this medication, in terms of slowing down hair loss and encouraging hair regrowth, is typically evident after about a year of regular use.

Although Propecia is a branded drug and typically carries a higher price tag, its effectiveness is on par with the generic Finasteride. We understand that choosing between the two can come down to factors like personal preference and budget.

In essence, Propecia is an encouraging and effective option in the fight against hair loss. However, as with any treatment, individual experiences may vary, and it's always best to consult with a healthcare provider before embarking on a new treatment journey. We're with you in this and support every step you take towards embracing healthier hair growth.

Does Finasteride work for everyone?

Finasteride is an extremely successful treatment for hair loss for the majority of its users.

Of course, everyone is unique, and your reaction to the medication might be different from other men dealing with hair loss. So, Finasteride may not be as effective, but that is usually under rare circumstances. Finasteride also works best at treating hair loss where there is a receding hairline and thinning — it will not work as well if you have areas of complete hair loss.

We recognise that hair loss can affect everyone differently, and responses to treatment can vary. Rest assured, Finasteride has shown to be an extremely successful treatment for most users, even if it may not work as effectively in some rare instances.

But who can use Finasteride? If you are a man over the age of 18, you can use this medical treatment irrespective of height, weight, or age and will most likely see positive results in the form of improved hair growth and reduction in hair loss.

However, children and adolescents younger than 18 should avoid the treatment with Finasteride. Women are advised not to take Finasteride either because of the way that it interacts with female hormones.

How Finasteride works

We know the science behind hair loss can be complex, so let's break it down: Finasteride helps you to stop the progression of hair loss by preventing the conversion of testosterone to dihydrotestosterone (DHT) in the body.

DHT is the hormone in men responsible for male pattern baldness. It causes individual hair follicles to shrink over time, which thins your hair and ages hair follicles until they fall out.

The Finasteride treatment halts the hair loss process by reducing the production of DHT in your body. In fact, a daily dose of 1 mg Finasteride is enough to reduce the amount of DHT in your scalp by 60%.

Does Finasteride regrow hair?

Finasteride is a treatment that can help you to improve your hair density and lead to an improvement in hair count while slowing or stopping the rate of hair loss. Your hair can potentially grow stronger, thicker and faster than before.

Looking at the feedback of our customers many Finasteride users have reported hair regrowth and an increase in thickness, which are some of the improvements you should look out for.

To read for yourself what real users like you think of this treatment, you can go to our Finasteride customer reviews page. We gather this feedback using to ensure that customers can read honest, transparent reviews of all of the products we offer at The Independent Pharmacy.

Finasteride results timeline: how long does it take to work?

We understand how eager you are to see results, but remember that patience is key. Just as hair loss didn't occur overnight, the reversal will also take some time. It requires dedication, and you need to stay consistent to see a positive difference in your hair over time.

The journey to hair regrowth with Finasteride is a gradual process that unfolds over several months. Keep in mind that everyone’s experience will be unique, and your results might be different from others. However, there is a general timeline that many individuals tend to follow:

  • 1-3 Months: During the initial months of Finasteride treatment, you may notice increased hair shedding. This is a normal part of the process, as older hairs make way for newer, healthier strands.
  • 3-6 Months: By this stage, you should start to notice less hair falling out, and there should be an overall improvement in the appearance of your hair.
  • 6-9 Months: After six to nine months, your hair follicles have had plenty of time to produce new and healthier hair. The fall-out rate of your hair should slow down, and you should be able to spot some progress.
  • 9 Months – 1 Year: When you use Finasteride for more than a year, you should either see a noticeable improvement in hair thickness and hair growth or notice a slower rate of hair loss than before.

Remember, these timelines are general estimates, and your journey might look different. You need to be patient and consistent with your Finasteride treatment to achieve the best possible results.

Some Finasteride users have reported experiencing an increased shedding of hair during the first couple of months of use. This initial shedding can last for a few months and might alarm you in the beginning, but should stop by three to six months in. If you experience continued shedding or are concerned in any way, seek advice from your doctor on how to proceed, and they will be able to get you back on the right track.

How to get the best Finasteride results

To get the best results from Finasteride possible, it is important to follow the instructions of your doctor or the directions on the label and keep taking the medication daily.

It is also important to take Finasteride at the same time each day, such as in the morning or just before bed. This is because it has a half-life of around five to six hours, so if you leave it too long between doses, the level of Finasteride present in your body will decrease. This will stop it from working effectively.

Finasteride is a small tablet that is taken orally. It can be taken with or without food — this won’t affect the medication’s results.

For more information on how to use Finasteride safely, check out our Finasteride dosage page.

Can you speed Finasteride up?

Unfortunately, there is no way you can ‘speed up' the effects of Finasteride. You need to be patient during the course of treatment because it may take some time for the Finasteride's success to become apparent.

Regardless of your height, weight, or age, Finasteride only needs to be taken as a daily dose of 1mg to treat hair loss — which is enough for the drug to work effectively.

We understand the urge to speed up the process, especially when you're eager to see improvements. However, you will not be able to speed up Finasteride's results if you try to increase your dose, and it will make the drug no more effective either. In the end, you might harm yourself as well, because of the increased risk of potential side effects.

You may have noticed a 5mg version of Finasteride during your research of the drug. This dosage is prescribed to men with an enlarged prostate, and it may reduce the need for prostate surgery. You should not use this version to prevent hair loss, as it will not have any greater success but will increase the risk of negative side effects.

Is Finasteride more effective than other treatments?

Finasteride is one of the most effective treatments available on the market (as well as being the most cost-effective) when it comes to tackling hair loss and male pattern baldness.

When you're looking for the right options for you, you might notice that there are other hair loss treatments out there, such as Regaine Extra Strength Solution, which contains the active ingredient Minoxidil. Regaine comes as either a lotion or foam and is an effective option for treating hair loss, so it depends on what form you would like your treatment to take — oral or topical. You can purchase Regaine over the counter.

Another alternative hair loss treatment you should know is Avodart, which comes in capsules and contains the active ingredient dutasteride. Avodart works in a similar way to Finasteride and is another effective treatment that has positive user reviews. You can get Avodart only on a prescription.

Avodart 0.5mg Capsules
Avodart 0.5mg Capsules
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You could also explore the option of hair growth tablets, supplements, and vitamins, which are available from online stores and high-street shops. But keep in mind that these cannot be proven to be effective and, in some cases, are not safe to use.

Of course, there are other non-medicinal options for treating hair loss, such as hair transplants (which tend to be expensive and come with mixed results). Alternative remedies such as homoeopathy and acupuncture are sometimes used, but there is little evidence to suggest that these would work for you.

If you are looking for a safe and effective hair loss treatment, then it is best to stick to prescription medication such as Finasteride.

If in doubt, you can ask your doctor or a medical professional to see what they advise.


It’s no surprise that this convenient and affordable hair loss tablet is growing in popularity; overall, Finasteride results are extremely positive and successful.

Finasteride cannot be bought over the counter and is only available with prescription.

To get started on your journey towards healthy hair growth, you can pick up a prescription from The Independent Pharmacy and buy Finasteride here once you've completed our quick, free online consultation. It's as simple as filling in a form today and receiving your hair loss treatment tomorrow.


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