Melatonin 3mg tablets (Pharma Nord)

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Melatonin 3mg tablets (Pharma Nord)

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Melatonin for Jet Lag

Taking Melatonin is an effective way of reducing and preventing symptoms of Jet Lag. It helps to naturally regulate your body clock during long-distance travel to promote sleep, allowing you to enjoy your holiday and feel refreshed.

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Melatonin Information

  • What is Melatonin?

    Melatonin is a naturally occurring substance that helps to regulate the body’s sleep-wake cycle. It is an effective treatment for Jet Lag, helping to minimise sleep disturbances, fatigue, irritability and digestive upset caused by long-distance flying.

    These tablets have been specially manufactured by Pharma Nord to combat Jet Lag. They contain 3 mg of melatonin and are suitable for daily use for 5 days after flying by adults over the age of 18 years.

    What is Melatonin used for?

    Jet Lag is caused by disruption to your normal sleep pattern that is usually caused by travelling on long-distance flights over multiple time zones.

    Jet Lag may cause the following symptoms:

    • Difficulty sleeping at night and waking in the morning
    • Tiredness and fatigue in the day
    • Poor quality sleep
    • Difficulty concentrating and remembering
    • Indigestion, nausea, constipation

    Jet Lag normally improves within a few days without treatment, however, taking Melatonin can help improve your quality of sleep from day-one making it easier for you to enjoy your trip or to adjust more quickly to normal life after arriving home.

    How does Melatonin work?

    Melatonin is a hormone produced naturally by the body that helps to regulate the body’s biological day-and-night rhythm. When this rhythm is disturbed, for example by flying, it can cause unpleasant symptoms of Jet Lag. Taking Melatonin before bedtime in your new time zone helps to reestablish your body’s rhythm enhancing your quality of sleep.

    How quickly does Melatonin work?

    For best results, Melatonin tablets should be taken for the first 5 nights after your travel, at your bedtime, in your current time zone. When taken as directed, Melatonin tablets should prevent and improve symptoms of Jet Lag from the first night they are taken.

    Alternatives to Melatonin

    Melatonin is a natural choice to help improve symptoms of Jet Lag. Taking other forms of sleeping tablets at night may also improve how quickly and how soundly you sleep after flying, but they can also cause side effects and can be addictive.

    There are also some practical ways in which you can try and reduce Jet Lag:

    • Drink plenty of water. Avoid too much caffeine or alcohol.
    • Stretch your legs and walk around the cabin during your flight.
    • Try to sleep during night time at your destination. Using earplugs and an eye mask may help.
    • Set an alarm so you do not oversleep in the morning and avoid sleeping in the day.
    • Get lots of sunlight, by getting outside, during the day.


  • Melatonin warnings

    • Speak to a doctor before taking Melatonin if you suffer from epilepsy, an autoimmune disease, diabetes, or have impaired liver or kidney function.
    • You should tell a doctor or pharmacist if you have recently been taking or are currently taking any other prescribed or non-prescribed medication, including contraceptive pills or HRT that contains oestrogen.

    Please read the Patient Information Leaflet thoroughly before using Melatonin.

    Melatonin in pregnancy, breastfeeding and fertility

    Melatonin is not recommended for women who are pregnant, breastfeeding or for both men and women who are trying or thinking about having a baby soon.

    Melatonin, food and alcohol

    You should not consume any food for 2 hours before or after taking Melatonin. Drinking alcohol can enhance the effects of Jet lag and worsen the quality of your sleep. It is, therefore, not recommended to drink alcohol while taking Melatonin.

    Melatonin and driving

    Melatonin can cause temporary drowsiness and make you less alert for several hours after taking it. It is therefore not advisable to drive or operate heavy machinery until these effects have completely worn off.

  • How to use Melatonin for jet lag

    • Melatonin tablets are for oral use only and are suitable for adults over the age of 18 years.
    • Take 1 tablet, with water, for a maximum of 5 days at your usual bedtime in your current time zone. If this dose is not effective you may take 2 tablets.
    • You should not eat for 2 hours before or after taking Melatonin.
    • You should not take Melatonin before 8 pm or after 4 am.

    Melatonin should be taken as directed by your doctor. Please read the Patient Information Leaflet carefully before use.

  • Melatonin ingredients

    The active substance in Melatonin tablets is: Melatonin, 3 mg per tablet.

    The other ingredients are: Magnesium stearate, colloid silica anhydrous, maltodextrin, microcrystalline cellulose, carmellose sodium, hypromellose.

  • Melatonin side effects

    Like other medication, taking Melatonin may cause some people to develop side effects. If you experience an allergic reaction or any serious side effects you should seek immediate medical attention.

    The following side effects are the most common when taking Melatonin:

    • Headaches
    • Drowsiness
    • Dizziness
    • Irritability
    • Abdominal pain

    Please read the Patient Information Leaflet for full details regarding side effects.

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