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Testogel for Low Testosterone

Testogel pump pack

As of 2018, Testogel sachets has been redesigned by the manufacturer, Besins Healthcare, into a handy, new Testogel pump pack. The pump pack allows men to easily adjust the dose of their testosterone treatment based on their blood test results to achieve optimum blood testosterone levels without the wastage that was a problem with using the sachets. To see the new dosage directions, see our 'Directions' section. You can find more information on the official Testogel website.

Where to buy Testogel?

Testosterone levels naturally start to decline as men age, and for some, this causes unpleasant symptoms, such as low sex drive and depression. The condition is usually diagnosed through the NHS or by an endocrinologist or urologist, but it can also be diagnosed with a simple test through an online doctor. There are many types of treatment available to buy online to treat low testosterone, and one of the best is Testogel, which is used on the skin and absorbed into the bloodstream to restore testosterone levels back to normal.

So what are the benefits of buying Testogel online via an online consultation with one of our UK based doctors? When you buy online through The Independent Pharmacy you receive competitive prices, accurate dosage, clear product guidelines and discreet, convenient service.

  • Suitable for age:40 years +
  • Consultation required?Yes

Testogel Information

  • What are the causes of Low Testosterone?

    Causes of low testosterone include: testicle injury, cancer treatment, a recent vasectomy, hormonal disorders, diabetes, HIV, infections, liver/kidney problems, and obesity. It is also a natural reaction to getting older. While it’s more common in older men, young men are sometimes affected (for any of the above reasons). Signs and symptoms of low testosterone are varied, and can include: fatigue, loss of libido, anxiety and depression, low mood, headaches, insomnia when trying to sleep at night, hair loss, joint pain, and feeling weak.

    Testogel can be used to help increase fertility, but only if low testosterone is the cause.

    What is the process for ordering Testogel online?

    If you have not had any treatments from us before then this is the process you need to follow:

    1. Select the “Starter Treatment” of the product you would like. This differs from the normal pack because it contains two testosterone testing kits.
    2. Fill in the short questionnaire and proceed through the checkout process.
    3. After review of your consultation our UK-based medical team will require you to undergo some blood tests. This is to see if you are likely to benefit from testosterone replacement therapy, to measure your testosterone levels and to determine if treatment is safe for you.
    4. On approval a testosterone kit will be sent to you.This needs to be completed and sent off before treatment can be started. The test is easy to perform at home and is sent to the laboratory in London using the free post envelope enclosed in the pack. The results are sent directly to our pharmacy within 4 hours of them receiving the tests.
    5. Our UK GP will review you results and the answers from your questionnaire and either authorise or decline your request. If your request is declined then the total amount minus the cost of the home kit will be refunded to you. The home kit is £35.
    6. After our medical team's approval, the medication and the second home test kit is send out to you. The second testosterone test needs to be completed after 3 weeks. The results are assessed to ensure, for your health and safety, that the medication is having an effect.
    7. Once the 2 tests have been performed in the first month, we will be sure that the medication is effective and a further test will needed in 6 months time and after that at yearly intervals.

    The starter pack price includes the following:

    • Two testosterone home test kits - these can be conducted from the convenience of your own home, but one will be needed before treatment is initiated. Each blood test is provided at a cost of £35, but you will be able to decide whether or not to proceed at each step of the way.
    • 1 x 88g Testogel pump pack (if your consultation is approved following your initial blood test)
    • Private online consultation
    • Free standard delivery.

    What is Testogel?

    Testogel is a treatment for men that can be used in testosterone replacement therapy. The clear gel contains testosterone and can be used to increase levels in men with low or no production of testosterone, a condition known as hypogonadism.

    If you feel like you have low levels of testosterone then you must undergo an examination by your doctor in order to be prescribed Testogel and other testosterone based treatments.

    As a topical treatment, Testogel is absorbed directly into your skin. It should be applied to the skin around the shoulders and upper arms. It passes through your skin and into your bloodstream, increasing your levels of testosterone. The testosterone present in Testogel is the exact same as your naturally occurring testosterone.

    About Low Testosterone

    Testosterone is a vital hormone in male life, responsible for the production of sperm, the maintenance of the sex drive, potency of erections, as well as prostate and reproductive issues. For this reason, hypogonadism can be an incredibly difficult condition to deal with, both physically and psychologically.

    As men age, their natural testosterone levels will decrease. Testosterone replacement therapies such as Testogel will help to return your levels of this hormone back to normal, relieving any negative symptoms you may have developed.

    Testogel should be applied to the skin in a thin, even layer. This will allow it to be absorbed directly into the bloodstream.

    Remember, this medication is for use by men only. It should not be used by women, and they should avoid contact with the gel altogether. This particularly applies to women who are pregnant as the testosterone can be absorbed and will have adverse side effects on both the mother and the baby. If contact does happen then the area should be washed with soap as soon as possible.
    It is recommended that Testogel is applied every day at the same time, usually in the morning. The recommended daily dose will vary from patient to patient and will depend on the results of your blood tests.

    Testogel should only be applied to skin which is healthy, clean, and dry. A thin layer can be applied to your shoulders, upper arms, or stomach. The gel should be allowed to dry for at least 5 minutes before applying a dressing or wearing clothing. Thoroughly wash your hands after use. After applying the gel, you should wait at least two hours before taking a bath or a shower.

    Testogel should never be applied to the genital area as it may cause irritation (due to the presence of alcohol present).If you miss an application, and your next application is less than twelve hours away, you should skip the missed application. You should never apply twice the amount of Testogel to make up for a missed treatment.

    Alternative Treatments

    Try to maintain a healthy balanced diet as well as maintaining a good exercise routine. Some times low testosterone can be caused by being over weight. If you need help finding some tips on what to eat and what exercises are best for you, there are some great tips on the NHS Choices website.

  • Testogel warnings

    Before using Testogel it is important to familiarize yourself with the following warnings:

    Testogel should not be used if:

    • You have ever had an allergic reaction to any of the ingredients listed above.
    • You have prostate cancer.
    • You have breast cancer.

    Before undergoing any testosterone replacement therapy you must show clinical signs of a testosterone deficiency. These can include:

    • Decrease in masculine characteristics
    • Decreased body mass
    • Feelings of weakness or fatigue
    • Decrease in sex drive
    • Difficulty in having or maintaining an erection
    • Laboratory tests

    Testogel should not be used as a treatment for:

    • Sterility
    • Impotence
    • Children
    • Women

    If you are androgynous then you may have an increased risk of benign prostatic hypertrophy (an enlarged prostate) and prostate cancer. For this reason your doctor will want to perform regular examination throughout your treatment.

    If you are currently suffering with heart, kidney, or liver disease, then Testogel can cause complications by increasing your body’s water retention.

    If you have high blood pressure or have been treated for high blood pressure then you should inform your doctor as Testogel can increase blood pressure.

    Some individuals have reported an increase in breathing difficulties after being treated with testosterone. This usually occurs in individuals who are overweight or who were already suffering from breathing problems.

    If you have bone cancer, Testogel may increase the levels of calcium in your urine and blood. Your doctor might want to test these levels throughout your treatment of Testogel.

    Using Testogel and other testosterone replacement therapies for a long period of time can increase the number of red blood cells in your blood, this is known as polycythaemia. For this reason your doctor will want to take regular blood tests.

    If you suffer from epilepsy or migraines then you should exercise caution when using Testogel as these ailments can be made worse.

    If you suffer any severe skin conditions as a result of using Testogel then you should stop using it and consult your doctor.

    It is possible that you may be taking too much testosterone, this might be indicated by:

    • Increased irritability
    • Increased nervousness
    • Increase in weight
    • Frequent erections
    • Prolonged erections

    It is possible that close skin contact could transfer testosterone from you to another individual. This can be dangerous and should be avoided, especially women and children. It is recommended that you follow the following advice:

    • Thoroughly wash and dry your hands after using Testogel
    • Once the gel has dried, cover the area with clothing
    • Wash yourself in the shower before close physical contact

    If you think that you may have accidentally transferred testosterone to someone else you should:

    • Thoroughly wash and dry the affected area immediately
    • Report any changes masculine physical changes to your doctor

    In order to make sure that you do not put others at risk you should avoid physical contact where possible. It is also a good idea to wear clothing over the application area during contact. If in doubt, wait at least six hours after an application before making physical contact.

    If you are currently taking or have recently taken any other medications, even those not prescribed by doctors, please inform your doctor. Certain medications such as insulin, anticoagulants, and corticosteroids, may require an adjusted dose of Testogel.

    Pregnant women should avoid Testogel where possible. Increased testosterone in pregnant mothers can lead to the development of unwanted male characteristics in the baby. If you do come into contact with Testogel wash with soap immediately. This is particularly important to bear in mind if your partner becomes pregnant.

    Testogel has no impact upon your ability to drive or use heavy machinery.

    Testogel can cause a positive reaction in anti-doping tests.

    Before you begin using Testogel make sure to read all of the available product information contained on the packaging leaflet.

  • Testogel directions

    Testogel should only be used by men over the age of 18. At the Independent Pharmacy, we only provide this medication for men over 40, but we can offer the test kit to any man over 18 years. Always follow the instructions as laid out by your doctor, if you are unsure or have any questions, always consult your doctor.

    The usual dose of Testogel is two pumps, which contains 40mg of testosterone. It should be applied at roughly the same time every day and ideally in the morning. The dose may be adjusted on an individual basis and this will be done by your doctor.

    You should continue to use Testogel unless you have been otherwise instructed by your doctor.

    Testogel pump vs. Testogel sachets

    Use the table below to find the equivalent dose of Testogel sachets vs. Testogel pump pack.

    Sachet Dose Pump Dose
    0.5 sachets daily 1 pump daily
    1 sachet daily 2 pumps daily
    1.5 sachets daily 3 pumps daily
    2 sachets daily 4 pumps daily
  • Testogel ingredients

    Each sachet of Testogel contains one active ingredient:

    • Testosterone 16.2mg/g

    Each sachet of Testogel also contains several inactive ingredients:

    • Carbomer 980
    • Isopropyl myristate
    • Ethanol
    • Sodium hydroxide
    • Purified water.
  • Testogel side effects

    Some side effects are very common and will occur in roughly 10% of people.

    • Skin irritation and dryness (due to the alcohol)
    • Acne

    Some side effects are common and will occur in roughly 1-10% of people.

    • Diarrhoea
    • Dizziness
    • Headaches
    • Hair loss
    • Development of painful, tender or enlarged breasts
    • Changes to your prostate gland
    • An increase in blood pressure
    • Changes to your mood
    • Increase in red blood cell count
    • Changes in lipid levels
    • Skin hypersensitivity
    • Stinging
    • Loss of memory

    If you have concerns regarding any of the information above, or you have a question that was not answered here, do not hesitate to contact your doctor for professional advice.

Testogel reviews

Testogel FAQs

  • No, unfortunately the Testogel sachets have been discontinued by the manufacturer in March 2018 and replaced with the new pump pack.

  • The pump pack allows men to easily adjust the dose of their testosterone treatment based on their blood test results to achieve optimum blood testosterone levels without the wastage that was a problem with using the sachets.

  • For most men who use one sachet daily, the new dose will be two pumps daily. You may need to decrease or increase the number of pumps as per your current dose from the sachets. To see the full new dosage directions, see our 'Directions' section.

  • Like most medical treatments, there are some side effects associated with any hormone replacement therapy. However, because the aim of hormone replacement therapy is to return your body to ‘normal’ levels, the side effects are rare. Your doctor will explain this to you and should monitor you regularly throughout your course.

  • By getting your testosterone levels back up to normal you will notice improvements in sexual function, sex drive, and emotional stability. You will also see increases in your energy levels and stamina, including more hair growth and an increase in masculine features. Over time your skin texture may change, and you risk of developing depression or osteoporosis decreases.

  • One tube of gel should be used every day, in the morning if possible.

  • Before you can be given any hormone replacement therapy doctors must test the hormone levels in your body. More tests will be taken after a couple of weeks in order to make sure you are receiving the required dose of testosterone. This involves taking blood samples and can be completed easily at home. From this point blood tests will usually be repeated every 6 months, and then annually. Improvements in any of the adverse symptoms mentioned above will be an indication that the treatment is working.

  • It is possible that replacement testosterone will increase the growth-rate of pre-existing prostate cancer. For this reason your doctor may perform a prostate exam before you start using Testogel. The risk of developing prostate cancer is the same among those with testosterone replacement therapy and those with normally functioning testosterone production.

  • Low levels of testosterone are associated with low sperm levels in the testes; however testosterone replacement therapy may also decrease sperm levels. The way in which testosterone impacts upon the production of sperm is very complex, if you have any queries then contact your health care professional for advice.

  • Testogel has only been linked with increased aggressive behaviour in very rare circumstances. The reason for this is because Testogel will be carefully managed in order to return your testosterone levels to normal, not to raise them to excessively high levels which can increase aggression.

  • In order to maintain a proper quality of life, testosterone levels will need to be kept at normal levels. In order to avoid the reoccurrence of symptoms you will usually have to take Testogel for the long-term, under the guidance of doctors.

  • General improvements in health have been shown to boost the rate at which your body naturally produces testosterone. Here are some tips you can use to help give yourself a boost:

    • Get plenty of sleep, aim for at least 7 hours per night. Make rest a top priority.
    • Maintain a healthy diet. Obesity can increase the risk of developing a testosterone deficit. Being underweight can also decrease levels of testosterone.
    • Be as active as possible. Men who are physically active have higher levels of testosterone. Regular physical exertion will help to boost your testosterone levels. Do not overdo it however as too much exercise can decrease levels of testosterone.
    • Try and keep you stress levels down. Cortisol, the stress hormone, can inhibit your body’s ability to release testosterone. Try not to spend too much time working, and add relaxing activities to your daily schedule such as reading, or listening to music.
    • Eating healthier foods and a well-balanced diet can have innumerable benefits. You should seek dietary advice from your doctor.
  • Testim treatment helps patients with low testosterone levels to alleviate symptoms such as reduced muscle mass. It should not be used in bodybuilding, and should not be used without consulting a medical practitioner. Unsolicited use of this product can be harmful to your health.

  • Testim gel is safe to use, but only in men who are affected by long term testosterone deficiency. This gel is not safe for women or children.

  • There has been some recent research into hormone replacement therapy as a treatment for symptoms of the menopause. However, Testim is not prescribed to treat menopausal symptoms, as safety studies have not been carried out.

  • Testim, as a testosterone replacement treatment, can sometimes cause additional hair growth.

  • Testim is a long-term treatment for low testosterone. You may start to notice effects after 14 days of continuous treatment. At this stage, testosterone levels and dosage are measured and adjusted accordingly.

  • Testim can be an effective treatment in men who are struggling with libido and fertility problems by alleviating the effects of low testosterone levels.

  • When using Testim, you need to be wary of the gel transferring to other people. This could happen with bodily contact, shared clothing or bed sheets. This can cause side effects in people who have made contact in this way, even if it is a small amount of the product. It is important to prevent this from happening – particularly with women or children.

    You should wash your hands after applying the gel, cover the application site with clothing once the gel has dried, and shower before any contact is anticipated.

  • Bodybuilders sometimes use Testogel to gain extra weight and muscle, since testosterone is the hormone responsible for building larger muscles. However, we do not recommend using Testogel for this purpose. The Independent Pharmacy only prescribes Testogel for patients who have taken the required test and are shown to have below average levels of testosterone.

  • There is a link between men with type 2 diabetes and low levels of testosterone. According to NHS Diabetes, 16% of males with type 2 diabetes have lower than normal levels of testosterone. This is due to ‘free testosterone’ circulating in the blood that isn’t linked to globulin protein (a binding sex hormone). It is also linked to men who have high visceral fat, which can ultimately lead to insulin resistance.

  • Applying Testogel or having injections will more or less do the same thing, since ultimately more testosterone will be absorbed into your bloodstream. Your doctor will be able to decide during your consultation which is likely to be the best option for you.

  • The effectiveness of Testogel is often debated on healthcare forums, as with many health treatments. In particular it is referenced on bodybuilding forums, but as previously mentioned, The Independent Pharmacy does not condone using Testogel for this purpose and prescribes it for low testosterone in males only.

    It’s not uncommon for there to be no very noticeable response within the first week or so of treatment, but gradually, you will start to notice a difference. It is often dependent on the individual and therefore hard to predict exactly how fast the response will be. It is always best to seek advice from a GP or endocrinologist if you are unsure about using Testogel, rather than relying on anonymous reviews. As treatment progresses, consider updating any changes in mood or libido to your online account with the Independent Pharmacy.

  • Vitamin D deficiency has been linked to low testosterone in men, which is why some men find they have a higher sex drive in summer, compared to winter. As well as sunlight, vitamin can also be found in fatty fish, cheese, egg yolks, and fortified foods such as cereal and soy milk. Spray or tablet supplements can also be helpful. In the UK, our modern lifestyles can often mean we don’t get enough sunlight for adequate vitamin D, and nearly one third of us is deficient.

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