Online vs. High Street Chemists: 5 Reasons To Use An Online Pharmacy

In our digital age, with a host of online pharmacies popping up all over the UK, you may be wondering if you even need to physically walk into a chemist anymore, or whether your time would be better spent ordering your prescriptions online?

With online pharmacies offering competitive prices, efficient delivery, and a discreet service, here are 5 good reasons for going digital and ditching the high street.


Feeling shy, or embarrassed about a medical condition can often deter people from seeking advice straight away, or forgo it altogether. This can be harmful as certain conditions can get worse if left untreated.

You have no need to feel embarrassed by any of your prescriptions or purchases. We advise you to always consider your health before any other factor.

When choosing an online pharmacist over a high street pharmacist, you are guaranteed a discreet and private service, without the worry of public embarrassment or bumping into someone you know in the queue.

All orders are delivered to you securely in plain packaging so no-one knows about your purchase except you.

Efficient delivery

We believe that health and wellbeing should be everyone’s priority, but we also understand that taking the time to pick up prescriptions can be hard to fit into a busy day.

While many high street pharmacies are open later than other retailers, ordering online can be done at any time, day or night, including weekends. We offer a speedy home or work delivery for the next working day, meaning you can get your pills or creams in next to no time.

At The Independent Pharmacy, all of our orders are tracked and sent out by Royal Mail with tracked delivery in discreet packaging. We also offer free postage on orders over £40.


If you are low on time, live remotely, or simply prefer the digital experience, online pharmacies may be for you. The online consultation service is more convenient and streamlined than an in-store service, as our online medical professionals can help guide and advise you, without you needing to leave the house.

Using online chat, our pharmacy customers can speak with qualified specialists and even upload photos of the condition, if necessary. If deemed necessary, our trained pharmacists may advise you seek further attention from a GP in-person if we suspect your condition may be more serious.

Competitive prices

So do online pharmacies cost more than high street ones? Are they cheaper? Well, it depends...

In England prescriptions are £8.60 each, and they’re free everywhere else in the UK. However, if you are living in England and are over 60, under 16, in full time study, or pregnant, you are entitled to free prescriptions. Check out the NHS: Help with health costs to see whether you are eligible for free prescriptions or financial medical help.

If you have an NHS prescription, it costs the same to buy your treatment at an online pharmacy, than it would at your local chemist. At The Independent Pharmacy we offer free delivery to make getting your prescriptions online as convenient as possible — saving you time (and often money).

If you are buying medicines privately on our the website, we have a low price guarantee against other online pharmacies; and it is often cheaper buying medicines from us than seeing a private GP. Also, it may be cheaper to get your treatment privately from us rather than take the time off work and pay for the petrol and parking required to go see a GP.

Quick medical advice

Ordering drugs online is a speedy way to get medical advice and treatment. Thanks to modern technology, online pharmacies are now able to connect patients with trained pharmacists and doctors at the click of a button.

Our UK based team of trained medical professionals are on hand at The Independent Pharmacy: answering your questions and giving you sound medical advice. Our software allows you to easily share information and images with our pharmacists and doctors, making diagnosis even more accurate. If our team at any time feels you would be better suited seeing a doctor, they will advise you to do so promptly and you will not be charged.

With so much of our work, social lives, and entertainment now happening online, it only makes sense that the digital world is playing a bigger role in our health too. If you favour convenience, price, and discretion when it comes to getting your health in order, maybe you should try The Independent Pharmacy?

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