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Provera 10mg tablets

Provera 10mg tablets

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Buying Provera 10mg tablets

Are you due your period and the timing could not be any more inconvenient? Then Provera tablets are here to help.

Get your prescription of Provera online today and delay your period for up to 17 days. Provera is available from The Independent Pharmacy when you complete an online consultation with one of our medical team.

  • Suitable for age:18 years +
  • Maximum per order:2
  • Consultation required?Yes
    This treatment requires an online consultation for review by our medical team. The decision to supply the specific treatment and quantity requested will be based on whether our medical team are satisfied that it will be safe, appropriate, and effective.
Type of medicineProgesterone
Works byMaintains the lining of the womb to prevent a period from starting
Active ingredientMedroxyprogesterone
Effective withinImmediately
Pack size30 tablets
Common side effectsHeadaches, Feeling sick, Spotting or unusual vaginal bleeding, Sleep difficulties, Hair loss, Acne, Breast tenderness, Rash, Fever, Tiredness, Weight gain
Use with alcoholNo known issues

Provera Information

  • Periods don’t always come at the most convenient times. If you’re looking for a safe way of temporarily delaying your period, Provera is a synthetic progestogen that keeps hormone levels high and delays your period until after you’ve stopped taking Provera tablets and hormone levels drop.

    Get your prescription for Provera Tablets online today and delay your period for up to 17 days. Provera is available to buy from The Independent Pharmacy; simply complete an online consultation for a member of our medical team to review and your medication will be delivered discreetly the next working day.

    What is Provera?

    Provera tablets contain the active ingredient Medroxyprogesterone, which is a synthetic version of the female hormone progesterone that can be taken on occasion to delay your period.

    It is not uncommon for women to find that their period is due at a very inconvenient time and having the option to delay it can help to relieve stress or potential embarrassment and help them to relax and enjoy themselves.

    When taken 3 times a day before your period is due to start, Provera can effectively stop all symptoms of your period including bleeding until you finish your course. Most women will experience their normal period around 3 days after they take the last tablet.

    Provera is not an oral contraceptive pill and will not protect you against pregnancy. Please ensure that you take extra precautions to prevent pregnancy and use a barrier contraceptive such as a condom. If you have had unprotected sex while using Provera and you do not get your period you should take a pregnancy test.

    Who is Provera for?

    Provera is a great period delay option for women who do not use hormonal contraception or are unable to use norethisterone to delay their period due to their increased risk of venous thromboembolism or blood clots (VTE).

    Risk factors for VTE include:

    • Being very overweight
    • Smoking
    • You or someone in your family have a history of VTE
    • You have restricted mobility
    • You have recently undergone surgery

    Provera should only be taken to delay periods for one-off occasions and should not be taken to prevent periods altogether. If you are experiencing very heavy or painful periods you should discuss this with a doctor who can advise you on the most appropriate treatment.

    Choosing between Provera and Utovlan

    Both Provera and Utovlan are effective at delaying a period. However, taking Utovlan can increase the risk of having a blood clot, especially in women who smoke, are overweight, aged 35 or over and any woman with additional risk factors for venous thromboembolism.

    For these women, Provera may be a safer option for them to take to delay their period.

    If you are under 35 years of age and have taken Utovlan before and have had no side effects it could still be prescribed for you.

    How does Provera work?

    As a synthetic form of progesterone, Provera helps to keep your progesterone levels artificially high during your cycle, preventing menstrual bleeding. When you stop taking your tablets these levels then begin to drop again triggering your period to start.

    Please note that period delay is an ‘off-label’ use for Provera.

    We only supply medical treatments that are registered in the UK. Using Provera to delay a period is off-label. Off-label use means that the medicine isn't licensed for the treatment of your condition, however, the medicine does have a licence to treat another condition and has undergone clinical trials. There is a good body of evidence for the effectiveness and safety data for using Provera to delay periods.


  • Provera dosage

    Provera tablets are for oral use only and can be taken by adults over the age of 18 years to delay their period.

    Take this medicine exactly as you have been directed by your doctor. The number of tablets you will need to take will depend on how long you intend to delay your period.

    1. Start taking Provera 3 days before your period is due to start.
    2. Take 10 mg 3 times a day.
    3. Your period should start around 3 days after you take your last tablet.

    Please be aware that once your period has started, Provera will not stop any further bleeding.

    Please note:

    1 pack (30 tablets) = 7 days period delay

    2 packs (60 tablets) = 17 days period delay

  • Provera Ingredients

    Provera Tablets contain the active substance: medroxyprogesterone acetate.

    The other ingredients are: Lactose monohydrate, sucrose, maize starch, liquid paraffin, talc, calcium stearate, purified water.

  • Provera side effects

    As with all medication, there is a small chance of experiencing side effects. If you do experience side effects (both mild or severe) you should speak to your doctor or pharmacist, who can offer professional advice or an alternative option.

    You are more likely to experience side effects if you are taking a high dose of Provera Tablets.

    The most common side effects include:

    • Headaches
    • Feeling sick
    • Spotting or unusual vaginal bleeding
    • Sleep difficulties
    • Hair loss
    • Acne
    • Breast tenderness
    • Rash
    • Fever
    • Tiredness
    • Weight gain

    In very rare circumstances, Provera Tablets can cause some people to have severe allergic reactions. If you develop any facial swelling or difficulty breathing, visit your local A&E department for immediate treatment.

    Please read the Patient Information Leaflet thoroughly before taking Provera.

  • Provera warnings

    Provera may not be suitable for all women. Please take the time to familiarise yourself with all the information detailed in the Patient Information Leaflet.

    Do not take Provera if any of the following apply to you:

    • You have ever had breast cancer
    • You have ever had a venous or arterial blood clot
    • You have problems with your liver

    Speak to a doctor before taking this medicine if any of the following applies to you:

    • Epilepsy
    • Migraines
    • Asthma
    • Heart or kidney problems, including high blood pressure
    • Diabetes
    • Depression
    • Systemic lupus erythematosus (SLE)
    • You have recently had an operation

    Provera and other medication

    The effect of Provera may be altered if you are taking certain medications. You should, therefore, speak to a doctor or pharmacist before using this treatment if you are currently taking or have recently stopped taking any other prescribed or non-prescribed medication, including some herbal remedies.

    Provera & pregnancy

    Do not take Provera if you are pregnant or breastfeeding. Provera is not a contraceptive, please use another form of contraception while taking Provera.

Provera 10mg tablets reviews

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