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Stud 100 Desensitising Spray

Stud 100 Desensitising Spray

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About Stud 100 Desensitising Spray

Stud 100, a local anaesthetic spray used to desensitise the penis during intercourse to prolong those intimate moments by delaying ejaculation.

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Stud 100 Desensitising Spray For Men

  • What is Stud 100?

    Stud 100 spray is an effective solution to manage premature ejaculation in adult men. It contains the active ingredient Lidocaine, which desensitises the penis allowing you and your partner to enjoy intercourse for longer.

    Each bottle of Stud 100 is manufactured by Pound International Ltd and is supplied in a discreet 12-gram bottle, making it convenient and easy to use whenever you need it.

    What is Stud 100 used for?

    Premature ejaculation is a common ejaculation problem, where a man ejaculates within a few moments of sexual activity or stimulation. Although it is not a harmful condition, some men who suffer from premature ejaculation may be embarrassed or struggle to form intimate relationships.

    Stud 100 is an effective method of delaying ejaculation when it is sprayed onto the head and shaft of the penis 5-15 minutes before intercourse. It has a mild numbing effect that decreases the sensitivity of the penis allowing you to enjoy sex for longer.

    How does Stud 100 treat premature ejaculation?

    Stud 100 contains the active ingredient Lidocaine, which is a local anaesthetic. It works by numbing the skin that it comes into contact with by blocking messages from reaching the brain.

    This spray contains only a small dose of Lidocaine, so it works well at desensitising the penis but allows you to continue to get the most out of your sex life. Stud 100 is not a cure for premature ejaculation but when used as directed it is a short-term solution, helping you to regain your confidence in the bedroom.

    If you are relying on the use of Stud 100 to manage premature ejaculation for more than 3 months you should discuss your treatment options with a doctor or pharmacist.

    How quickly does Stud 100 work?

    It is recommended that Stud 100 is applied to the head and shaft of your penis 5-15 minutes before sexual intercourse to allow the spray to be absorbed and offer optimal desensitisation.

    The amount of time and sprays it takes for Stud 100 to work may vary from person to person. After several uses, you should have a better idea of what works best for you.

    Alternatives to Stud 100

    At The Independent Pharmacy, all our premature ejaculation treatments are prescription-only and can be purchased online after you have completed a health consultation.

    • A direct alternative to Stud 100, which contains lidocaine and prilocaine to desensitise the penis, is called Emla 5% cream. It needs to be applied 15 - 30 minutes before sexual activity and all cream must be removed from the penis before intercourse as any residue can cause desensitisation for your partner.
  • Stud 100 warnings

    • Stud 100 is for external use only. Do not use it on broken skin and avoid contact with the nostrils and eyes.
    • This product should not be used by the elderly.
    • Do not use it if you or your partner are allergic to any of the ingredients.
    • Speak to a doctor before using Stud 100 if you have problems with your liver or kidneys or if you are taking any other medications, including any herbal remedies.

    Stud 100 in pregnancy & breastfeeding

    Stud 100 should only be applied to the penis. If your partner is pregnant you must not use this product.

  • How to use Stud 100

    Stud 100 is for external use only to treat premature ejaculation in adult males. It is not suitable for use in the elderly.

    • Spray 3 - 8 sprays onto the head and shaft of the penis 5 - 15 minutes before intercourse. Always use the minimum amount of sprays that are effective for you.
    • Wash the penis after intercourse.
    • Do not use it for more than 3 months without speaking to a doctor and do not use more than 24 sprays in 24 hours.
  • Stud 100 ingredients

    The active ingredients in Stud 100 include: Lidocaine Base USP 9.6% w/w

    The inactive ingredients include: Isopropyl Myristate, Stearic Acid, 2-(2-Ethoxyethoxy) ethanol.

  • Stud 100 side effects

    Stud 100 can cause some people to develop side effects. These are usually mild and do not require treatment. However, if you develop side effects that do not improve after a few days, speak to a doctor for advice.

    The most common side effects are:

    • Rash or irritation

    If you or your partner develop a rash or irritation while using Stud 100 you should stop using it and wash the affected skin with warm water.

Stud 100 Desensitising Spray reviews

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