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Zantac 75 Relief

Zantac 75 Relief

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About Zantac 75 Relief

Zantac 75 relief is an effective antacid that has Ranitidine as one of its chief ingredients. Ranitidine is one of the most effective antacids available in the market place and is extremely effective in decreasing the secretion of acid in the stomach. The primary responsibility of Ranitidine is to block H2 receptors that are found in the stomach lining.

  • Suitable for age:16 years +
  • Maximum per order:2

Zantac 75 Relief information

  • What is Zantac 75 Relief and what is it used for?

    Zantac 75 Relief Tablets contains the active ingredients Ranitidine. Ranitidine is a fast-acting medicine designed to relieve heartburn and acid indigestion that causes pain and discomfort in the abdomen and chest. Making you feel full, bloated and even sick.

    Its formula has been clinically proven to provide relief from symptoms of indigestion within 30 minutes and goes on working for up to 12 hours after administration. This medicine is sugar-free and sodium-free with each Zantac tablet containing 75mg of Ranitidine.

    Zantac 75 Relief is manufactured by Omega Pharma and these tablets are suitable for use by adults and children over the age of 16 years for a maximum of 6 days. If you are still suffering from indigestion and heartburn after this time you should discuss your symptoms with a doctor or pharmacist.

    How does Zantac 75 Relief work?

    Ranitidine is the active ingredient used in Zantz 75, which belongs to a group of medicines called H2 histamine blockers. It works by blocking the H2 receptors found in your stomach lining that are responsible for producing stomach acid. When too much stomach acid is produced it can cause discomfort in your stomach known as indigestion or it can lead to acid reflux most commonly referred to as heartburn.

    Alternatives to Zantac 75 Relief

    Depending on the cause of indigestion or heartburn this may determine the best course of treatment for you. Being overweight can be a significant cause of indigestion and reflux as well as eating rich and fatty foods. By making small adjustments to your diet to include more fruit, veg & fibre you could not only help to relieve your indigestion but also lose a few extra pounds.

    If lifestyle changes alone do not help improve symptoms of indigestion and heartburn then there are many non-prescription treatments that you may find very effective. Treatments include:

    If your symptoms do not improve with non-prescription treatments you should speak to a doctor or pharmacist about further treatment options.


  • Zantac 75 Relief warnings

    Reading the following warnings carefully will help to ensure you are selecting an appropriate product.

    • Treatment with a histamine H2-antagonist such as Zantac 75 Relief may mask symptoms associated with carcinoma of the stomach and may therefore delay diagnosis of the condition.
    • Ranitidine is excreted via the kidney and so plasma levels of the drug are increased in patients with renal impairment (creatinine clearance less than 50 ml/min).
    • Zantac 75 Relief is not suitable for these patients without medical supervision.
    • People taking non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, especially those with a history of peptic ulcers and the elderly, should not self-medicate with Zantac 75 Relief but seek their doctor's advice before use.
    • People with a history of porphyria should avoid the use of the product.
    • Consumers will be advised not to purchase a second pack of tablets without the advice of a pharmacist or a doctor.
    • Zantac 75 Relief should not be taken during pregnancy without consulting a doctor or pharmacist.
    • Ranitidine is also excreted in human breast milk and women who are breast-feeding will be advised to speak to their doctor before taking Zantac 75 Relief tablets.

    The product is not indicated in the following people without seeking their doctor's advice:

    • Patients with renal impairment (creatinine clearance less than 50ml/min) and/or hepatic impairment.
    • Patients under regular medical supervision for other reasons.
    • Patients taking medications either physician prescribed or self-prescribed.
    • Those with difficulty swallowing, persistent stomach pain or unintended weight loss in associated with symptoms of indigestion.
    • Those who are middle-aged or elderly with new or recently changed symptoms of indigestion.

    Please read all packaging and the Product Information Leaflet contained within the packaging before taking any new medicine and inform your doctor of medicines you are taking or intend to take.

  • Zantac 75 Relief dosage

    Adults, including the elderly and children 16 years and over:

    • Take 1 Zantac 75 relief tablet whole, with a drink of water, as soon as you have symptoms.
    • If symptoms persist for more than 1 hour another tablet can be taken.
    • Do not take more than 2 tablets in 24 hours.
    • Do not take for more than 6 days without discussing your symptoms with a doctor or pharmacist.

  • Zantac 75 Relief ingredients

    The active ingredient contained in this medicine is: Ranitidine Hydrochloride 75mg.

    The medicine also contains the following inactive ingredients:
    Microcrystalline Cellulose, Magnesium Stearate, Hypromellose (E464), Titanium Dioxide (E171), Red Iron Oxide (E172) and Triacetin.

  • Zantac 75 Relief side effects

    Not everyone will experience side effects when they take medication, however, if you do they can include:

    • Allergic reaction.
    • Skin rash.
    • Alteration in results of liver function tests.

    If you are concerned about these effects, or if the product affects you in any other way, stop using it and talk to your doctor or pharmacist.

Zantac 75 Relief reviews

Zantac 75 Relief FAQs

  • Zantac 75 Relief Tablets contain the active ingredient Ranitidine (as HCL).

  • This medicine should be taken 30-60 minutes before eating heartburn inducing food or drink. It can also be taken when heartburn symptoms strike, providing effective relief in around 30 minutes. Once taken, the effects of Zantac 75 Relief Tablets should last to 12 hours.

  • You can take up to 2 tablets a day. You should stop use and speak with your doctor if you find you need to use this product for longer than 14 days.

  • Dulcolax Tablets have a special coating, which allows the tablets to reach the right place before taking effect, so they must always be swallowed whole and never broken or chewed.

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