Differin Reviews: Treatment Experiences from Acne Sufferers

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People in the medical field approach treatment very clinically - they think about whether a particular medicine will resolve an issue, and what complications may arise along the way.

This grants a lot of important insight, but it doesn't factor in everything a potential user might want to know about investing in a course of treatment.

This is really important when it comes to Differin because skin treatments can have radically different effects in different cases. If you don't know what experiences are normal (and how they tend to resolve), you'll have a hard time making the most of your treatment.

So it's important to read Differin reviews before you buy Differin Gel or cream. Below you can find reviews by people who have used the product.

Note: at the end of this page (after the latest Differin reviews), we've provided a summary of what we've learned from feedback so far. If you just want to know our takeaways, then you can skip to the end - it's up to you!

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Differin product reviews

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Our Differin review summary: how it rates overall

Having been prescribing and selling Differin for a long time, we've heard back from a great many acne sufferers who've used it - their experiences ranging from complete success to total failure - so we have a solid idea of what the average user can expect.

  • Effectiveness: the average Differin user sees the treated skin improve significantly.
  • Value: many find that Differin gets better results than more expensive competitors.
  • Comparison: those who have used several treatment types often prefer Differin.
  • Application: Differin is sometimes found to be drying, so moisturising is important.

In general, Differin is a reliable and safe acne treatment, and we have no reservations in recommending it for those sufferings from mild to moderate acne outbreaks.

It does have some issues, though. Something that many Differin users must contend with (even when it's working effectively) is what's known as the Differin purge: a tricky period early in the course of treatment when it feels like things are actually getting worse.

For an account of what this period actually means, and how you can get past it, head to our page all about what you should expect from the Differin purge.

Additionally, while our customers haven't experienced major issues with it (hopefully attesting to the quality of our consultations), some people can experience side effects, or even (in very rare cases) find it completely ineffective.

To learn more about the possible side effects of Differin, you can visit our dedicated Differin side effects page - we cover the realistic worst-case scenarios just to be safe.

If you've consulted the reviews, learned about the Differin purge, read about the uncommon side effects, and you're confident that Differin is the option you want to pursue, then stop by our main Differin page and start a consultation. If we agree it's the right choice, we can get your order shipped out to you within 48 hours.

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