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Earol Olive Oil Spray

Earol Olive Oil Spray

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About Earol Olive Oil Spray

Earol Olive Oil Spray is a natural cure for plugged ears. Using a spray applicator, it works to soften and eliminate excess ear wax in the canal, providing ready relief. Regular use can help prevent the need for syringing, but in severe cases of compacted ear wax, the olive oil can help prepare the ear for professional treatment.

  • Suitable for pregnancy?yes
  • Suitable for breastfeeding?yes
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Earol Olive Oil Spray information

  • How does Earol Olive Oil Spray work?

    Earol Olive Oil Spray uses a specially-formed nozzle to deliver a precise dosage of olive oil to the outer ear. The olive oil makes its way into the ear canal where it begins to soften ear wax by easing the blockage, allowing for natural removal or expert treatment like syringing. The spray application simplifies use and allows for a mess-free application.

    What causes compacted ear wax?

    Compacted ear wax can be a real problem for some people, requiring them to take action to maintain ear health and prevent serious blockages (often using treatments such as olive oil). But why does it affect them so greatly? Here are some possible causes of ear blockages:

    • Small ear canals can make it easier for wax to clump up.
    • Excess production of ear wax can make it hard for wax to clear out.
    • Hearing aids, earphones or cotton buds can push eax wax into the ear canal.
    • Wax can naturally harden with age, making it tougher to remove.

    Left untreated, compacted ear wax can lead to further problems. Treatments such as olive oil sprays can simply and easily address ear wax issues, working to protect ear health.

    What are the symptoms of impacted ear wax?

    Ear wax is a natural and beneficial part of your body's defences. It protects the ear canal by trapping dirt and lubricating the canal. Although ear wax generally falls out on its own, it can become caught and harden in the ear, making it difficult to remove naturally. Common symptoms of impacted ear wax include the following:

    • Loss of hearing.
    • Ears feeling full or blocked.
    • Ears aching, ringing, or buzzing.

    To soften the wax and ease discomfort, it's critical to start treatment as soon as possible. Allowing ear wax to irritate the ear can result in infections, vertigo, and other problems.

    What should you avoid doing during ear wax removal?

    When your ears are feeling blocked, it can be incredibly frustrating — especially if your hearing is affected. To remove excess ear wax safely, you should avoid the following things while using ear drops:

    • Using cotton buds (or other such objects). This is more likely to push the wax farther into the ear canal.
    • Getting liquid into your ears. Water, shampoo, hair products – any liquid can get trapped behind the wax, worsening the problem.
    • Using ear candles. This primitive tactic is unlikely to work. In fact, it’s more likely to cause further problems.

    Use the ear drops as advised and seek further help if your symptoms don’t improve.

    How quickly will Earol Olive Oil Spray relieve symptoms?

    Olive oil can completely clear ear wax in just a few days, though how long your treatment will take depends on the severity of your situation. If you have a deep wax buildup, the oil won’t be able to completely clear out the excess wax, but it will soften the wax to help it fall out naturally and make syringing easier. Your symptoms should lessen as the wax softens.

    Alternative treatments for removing ear wax

    Using olive oil to clear out impacted ear wax is the most common course of treatment suggested by doctors and pharmacists, but there are other treatments to consider. Otex Ear Drops, for instance, contains urea hydrogen peroxide and glycerol as active ingredients. Together, these ingredients break down ear wax by softening it, helping it to fall out.

    Another option is using a water-based solution like Waxsol Ear Drops: these drops contain docusate sodium, a surface agent that softens and breaks away waxy build-ups in the ear canal.

    Keep in mind that it’s normal to require follow-up treatment after ear drops have been used. Ear irrigation is one option, using high-pressure water to remove excess ear wax, though this can cause perforated eardrums in rare circumstances. Another option is microsuction, which is significantly safer and more comfortable. It involves the use of a vacuum to gently remove the excess wax, and should be chosen if available.

  • How do I use Earol Olive Oil Spray?

    To get the oil to the proper temperature, warm the bottle between your hands for a few minutes before use.

    • If you’re using the spray to soften ear wax before professional treatment, spray once or twice into each affected ear twice per day.
    • If you’re using the spray as a preventative measure, spray once into each targeted ear each week.
  • What are the possible side effects of olive oil ear spray?

    Like all products, ear wax spray carries a small risk of causing side effects. In rare cases, users can experience the following:

    • Hearing fluctuation before the wax begins to soften.
    • Mild discomfort or pain.
    • Signs of infection (especially if there’s moisture present).

    If you encounter any of these side effects and feel at all concerned, you should stop using the spray and seek medical assistance from a doctor, pharmacist, or nurse.

  • Ingredients

    The only ingredient in Earol Olive Oil Spray is olive oil.

  • Who can use the spray?

    Earol Olive Oil Spray is suitable for individuals aged 12 and over. Do not use this product on children under the age of 1 without seeking professional medical advice beforehand. Additionally, each spray applicator should only be used by one patient to maintain proper ear hygiene.

    Can you use ear wax spray if you have existing ear conditions?

    You should seek medical advice before using this spray if you have an existing ear condition such as one of the following:

    • Ear pain.
    • A perforated eardrum.
    • A hearing impairment.
    • An ear infection.

    Failure to get proper medical advice can lead to further complications. You should also consult your GP or pharmacist before using this spray if you’re already using ear-related medication or anything else that may interact with the ear drops.

    Can you use ear wax spray while pregnant or breastfeeding?

    If you’re pregnant, planning to become pregnant, or breastfeeding, talk to your pharmacist or doctor before taking this medication.

Earol Olive Oil Spray reviews

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