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Ulipristal 30mg Tablet

Ulipristal 30mg Tablet

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Buy Ulipristal 30mg Tablet Online in the UK

Ulipristal 30 mg film-coated tablet is a contraceptive intended to prevent pregnancy after unprotected sex or if your contraceptive method has failed. For example:

  • if you had sex without protection
  • if your or your partner’s condom tore, slipped or came off, or if you forgot to use one
  • if you did not take your contraceptive pill as recommended
  • Suitable for pregnancy?no
  • Suitable for breastfeeding?no
  • Suitable for age:18 years +
  • Maximum per order:1
Type of medicineSelective progesterone receptor modulator (SPRM)
Works byDelay of ovulation via suppression of the luteinizing hormone (LH) surge
Active ingredientulipristal acetate
Effective withinImmediately
Pack size1 tablet
Strength30 mg
Common side effectsHeadache, Nausea, Dysmenorrhea
ManufacturerZentiva, HRA Pharma UK and Ireland Limited
Use with alcoholNo known issues

About Ulipristal 30mg Tablet

  • What is a Ulipristal 30mg Tablet and what is it used for?

    Ulipristal 30 mg film-coated tablet is an emergency contraceptive intended to prevent pregnancy after unprotected sex or if your contraceptive method has failed.

    How Ulipristal 30 mg film-coated tablet works

    Ulipristal 30 mg film-coated tablet contains the substance ulipristal acetate which acts by modifying the activity of the natural hormone progesterone which is necessary for ovulation to occur. As a result, this medicine works by postponing ovulation.

    Emergency contraception is not effective in every case. Of 100 women who take this medicine approximately 2 will become pregnant.

    This medicine is a contraceptive used to prevent a pregnancy from starting. If you are already pregnant, it will not interrupt an existing pregnancy.

  • How to use Ulipristal 30 mg film-coated tablet

    Take one tablet as soon as possible after unprotected sex or contraceptive failure.

    You must take this product within 120 hours (5 days) of unprotected sex or contraceptive failure.

  • Ulipristal 30 mg film-coated tablet ingredients

    The active substance is ulipristal acetate.

    One filmcoated tablet contains 30 milligrams of ulipristal acetate.

    The other ingredients are lactose monohydrate, pregelatinised starch (Maize), sodium starch glycolate, magnesium stearate, hypromellose (E464), hydroxypropylcellulose (E463), stearic acid (E570), talc (E553b), titanium dioxide (E171).

  • Ulipristal 30 mg film-coated tablet warnings

    • If you have used certain other medicines in the last 4 weeks, in particular for epilepsy, tuberculosis, HIV infection or herbal medicines containing St. John's wort (see leaflet), Ulipristal may work less effectively.
    • Speak to your doctor or pharmacist before using Ulipristal.
    • Keep out of the sight and reach of children.
    • For oral use only.
    • Store in the original package in order to protect from light.

    Read the package leaflet carefully before use for all information.

    Do not take Ulipristal 30mg film-coated tablet if you are allergic to ulipristal acetate or any of the other ingredients of this medicine listed in the package leaflet.

    Talk to your pharmacist, doctor or other healthcare professional before taking Ulipristal 30 mg film-coated tablet if:

    • your period is late or you have symptoms of pregnancy (heavy breasts, morning sickness), as you may already be pregnant (see section “Pregnancy, breast-feeding and fertility”);
    • you suffer from severe asthma;
    • you suffer from severe liver disease.

    In all women, emergency contraception should be taken as soon as possible after unprotected intercourse.

    You are advised to speak to a healthcare professional if you are concerned about any problems related to taking emergency contraception.

    If you become pregnant despite taking this medicine, it is important that you see your doctor.

    Read the package leaflet for all information about this product.

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