•  How are head lice caught?

    Head lice crawl from one person’s hair into another’s in close proximity. Head lice do not jump or fly. What’s the best way to detect head lice? Regular examinations using a nit comb like Full Marks Detector Comb or Nitty Gritty comb. Check for head lice if anyone in your family has been in contact with someone who has head lice 

  • Why do head lice cause itching?

     The thought of head lice alone is enough to make some people itch. Others develop an itching sensation when the louse injects salvia into the scalp while it feeds. This itch can take weeks to develop or not develop at all.

  • What are nits?

     Nits are white, empty egg shells that the louse leaves behind when it hatches. They stick to the hairs and can be removed with a nit comb or a pair of tweezers. 

  • Will shampooing remove head lice?

     Ordinary shampoo will not remove head lice. This is because the lice breathe through holes in their bodies called spiracles. During a regular shampoo, they simply close these spiracles until the washing stops, making the shampoo ineffective at killing them. 

  • What if I have asthma, eczema or sensitive skin?

     Full Marks Solution is suitable for people who suffer from eczema and asthma, but speak to your doctor or pharmacist for more advice. Derbac M is suitable for use by asthma sufferers and is appropriate for sensitive skin.

  • How can I prevent my children from getting head lice?

     You can’t prevent children from contracting head lice, but with regular detection combing you can find head lice quickly and destroy them before their population grows. 

  • How quickly could I catch head lice after a successful treatment?

     Relapse can happen immediately as treatment doesn’t prevent head lice from being caught. For this reason, ‘contact tracing’ is important since it reduces the chance of immediate relapse. 

  • Do I need to tell anyone if I find a head lice infestation?

     You should conduct ‘contact tracing’ if head lice is caught and inform close relatives, friends and your child’s school. However, your child does not need to miss school while being treated for head lice. 

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