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Colief Infant Drops

Colief Infant Drops

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Buy Colief Infant Drops Online

Colief Infant Drops offer breast or formula-fed babies natural, symptomatic relief from colic caused by temporary lactose intolerance. Help your baby to feel more comfortable with just a few drops of Colief.

In just a few quick steps you can buy Colief Infant Drops from The Independent Pharmacy and get your baby’s medicine delivered directly to you without the need to leave your home.

  • Suitable for breastfeeding?yes
  • Maximum per order:3

Colief Infant Drops Summary

Type of medicineEnzyme
Works byHelping to digest lactose reducing colic
Active ingredientlactase enzyme
Effective withinImmediately
Pack size15ml
Strength4,500 FCC NLU/g
Common side effectsNone known
ManufacturerCrosscare Ltd
Use with alcoholN/A

Colief Infant Drops Information

  • What are Colief Infant Drops?

    Colief Infant Drops contain lactase enzymes that help to break down the sugars in both breast and formula milk to ease the discomfort caused by colic, making the milk easier for your baby to digest.

    These drops are a natural option for colic relief in babies and are recommended by doctors. They are suitable for use from birth and can be used until your baby can comfortably digest their milk, usually at around 3 - 4 months.

    What are Colief Infant Drops used for?

    Colief Infant Drops have been specially designed to ease symptoms of temporary lactose intolerance. Colic in babies can have many causes and therefore if you are unsure what is causing the distress and discomfort in your baby it is recommended you speak to your doctor or health visitor for advice before starting any new medication.

    Colic caused by temporary lactose intolerance can present in babies shortly after birth and usually only last for a few months until your baby’s digestive symptom is more developed. Temporary lactose intolerance causes babies to become very distressed, uncomfortable and will often cry for long periods following a feed.

    It happens due to your baby’s inability to digest sugars or lactose in either breast or formula milk. Colief is added to the baby’s milk, before feeding, where it breaks down these sugars so they are easier to digest and more gentle on your baby’s tummy.

    How quickly do Colief Infant Drops work?

    For most parents, if their baby is suffering from colic caused by temporary lactose intolerance, they will notice their baby become less distressed and more comfortable after using Colief Infant Drops in every feed for 1 week. If you do not see any improvements within this time you should speak to a doctor or health visitor for further advice.

    Alternatives to Colief Infant Drops

    Colief Infant Drops are only effective at treating colic that is caused by temporary lactose intolerance. If you are unsure what is causing your baby to become unsettled you should speak to a doctor or health visitor for advice.

    There are alternative medications that have been designed to ease symptoms of colic caused by other factors, for example:

    • Infacol Colic Relief - contains simeticone to relieve symptoms caused by bloating and trapped wind.
    • Dentinox Colic Drops - contains dimeticone to relieve symptoms caused by bloating and trapped wind.
  • How to use Colief Infant Drops

    Colief Infant Drops are suitable to use from birth and can be used whether an infant is breast or formula-fed. Drops must be applied to the milk and not given directly to your baby.

    The amount of Colief Infant Drops you will need to use can differ depending on how you’re feeding your baby:

    • Breastfeeding: Use 4 drops mixed into a small amount of breast milk before feeding as usual
    • Infant formula: Use 4 drops mixed into warm formula
    • Infant feed prepared in advance: Use 2 drops mixed into warm formula
    • Ready-to-feed formula: Use 4 drops mixed into warm formula

    For full details on how to use Colief Infant Drops, please read the directions contained in the Patient Information Leaflet issued with each box.

  • Colief Infant Drops ingredients

    Colief Infant drops contain active ingredients: lactase enzyme
    The other ingredients include: glycerol and water

  • Colief Infant Drops side effects

    It is unlikely that Colief Infant Drops will cause any harmful side effects to your baby. However, it is not uncommon for babies to experience a change in their stool pattern when they are first started on the drops. If your baby experiences change to their stools you should reduce the number of drops in their feeds.

    If you have any concerns regarding your baby’s health such as they are not gaining weight or they have stopped urinating regularly, you should consult a healthcare professional as soon as possible.

  • Colief Infant Drops warnings

    • Colief contains an enzyme that is damaged by heat. The product works best in warmed milk. You should avoid adding it to milk that is too hot or too cold. Always follow the manufacturer's instructions when adding to the formula.
    • Do not use these drops after they have been opened for more than 6 weeks.

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