Maxalt Melt 10mg Wafers

Maxalt Melt 10mg Wafers (3 wafers)

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Product Information

  • Age: 18

    Maximum per order: 4

  • Pregnancy: Not suitable

    Breastfeeding: Not suitable

Maxalt Melt 10mg Wafers provide effective relief from migraine attacks. The active ingredient is rizatriptan, which is one of the several types of 'triptan' medicine. These medicines are all specifically designed to relieve the symptoms associated with migraines.

It is not wholly understood what causes the onset of a migraine episode. The associated throbbing sensation is believed to be attributed to the dilation (widening) of blood vessels in the brain. Rizatriptan belongs to a group of medicines known as serotonin (or 5HT) agonists. 5HTs stimulate serotonin receptors in the brain. Through mimicking the activity of serotonin, 5HTs will cause the dilated blood vessels to narrow, which relieves the throbbing pain of a migraine.

Rizatriptan works best when taken at the onset of a migraine attack. The treatment usually takes approximately 30 minutes to take effect. However, rizatriptan is not guaranteed to work for everyone – if you find this medicine ineffective, it is worth considering an alternative treatment. Triptans medicines do not prevent migraines, but they are safe to take alongside preventative treatments, such as propranolol.

Migraines are a common complaint in The UK. The infliction tends to affect a greater number of women (25%) compared with men (8%). Migraines are thought to be at least partially hereditary, which means you may be more prone to the condition if someone in your close family suffers from the condition. For those unfortunate sufferers who experience severe migraine attacks, these debilitating episodes can completely disrupt their day, potentially causing nausea, intolerance to strong light, noises and smells. Rizatriptan will help to provide relief from these symptoms as well.

Approximately one in every four people who suffer from migraines experiences some form of warning sign before an attack. This is known as an aura. An aura may involve visual cues, such as blurred or distorted vision. Rizatriptan will provide relief whether or not the migraine is accompanied by an aura. A silent migraine occurs when the aura happens but a migraine does not follow. 

Migraine episodes tend to last for a few hours but can, in more severe cases, continue for as long as three days. After a migraine has subsided, you may still feel fatigue for several subsequent days.

Migraines can be triggered by a number of factors, including a poor diet, caffeine, alcohol, stress and a lack of sleep. Some women regularly suffer from migraine attacks during their monthly period.

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Maxalt Wafers are most effective if taken at the start of a migraine attack, but will also provide relief if taken later on during the episode. You do not need water to take this medicine. Place one wafer on your tongue and allow it to dissolve completely. If the medicine is ineffective, wait at least two hours before taking the second dose. Do not exceed three wafers (30mg) within a 24-hour period.

Not everyone will experience side effects when they take Maxalt Wafers. However, if you do, they can include:

Sensation of tingling, further headache, difficulty sleeping, heart palpitations, flushing, sore throat, nausea, neck pain, decreased sensitivity of the skin, aches, abdominal pain

If you are concerned about these effects, or if the product affects you in any other way, stop using it and talk to your doctor or pharmacist.

Reading the following warnings carefully will help to ensure you are selecting an appropriate product.

Maxalt Wafers are unsuitable for you if:

  • You are allergic to the active ingredient rizatriptan benzoate or any of the other ingredients in this medicine
  • You have high blood pressure
  • You have had a heart attack or stroke, or have shown any indicators of heart disease
  • You have liver disease
  • You have severe kidney problems
  • You are taking monoamine oxidase inhibitor (MAOI) antidepressants 
  • You are taking other 'triptan' medicines
  • You are taking other migraine treatments (e.g. ergotamine or its derivatives, methysergide)

Before taking Maxalt Wafers, consult your GP if you:

  • Are at high risk of heart disease (e.g. you smoke, have high blood pressure, are diabetic)
  • Have had problems with your heart rhythm
  • Take St. John's wort
  • Have a history of severe allergic reactions
  • Are taking selective serotonin reuptake inhibitor (SSRI) or serotonin- norepinephrine reuptake inhibitor (SNRI) antidepressants
  • Experience lack of coordination or dizziness alongside your headache
  • Occasionally feel tightness of the chest

Please read all packaging and the Product Information Leaflet before taking any new medicine and inform your doctor of medicines you are taking or intend to take.

The active ingredient contained in Maxalt Wafers is:

Rizatriptan benzoate

Maxalt Wafers also contain the following inactive ingredients to make up the complete product:

Gelatin, mannitol (E421), glycine, aspartame (E951) and peppermint flavor (peppermint oil, maltodextrin, dextrin)

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • I used to be prescribed Maxalt Wafers but have now been given Rizatriptan. Is there a difference between the two?

    Rizatriptan is the active ingredient in Maxalt Wafers. The patent on the Maxalt brand has expired in recent years, meaning generic versions of the brand can now be produced.

    When a medicine is first launched onto the market, the manufacturer who produced it is awarded a license or patent. This patent means that only that manufacturer is allowed to produce that medicine. However, when the patent expires, other manufacturers can begin producing the same treatment. This typically leads to a dramatic drop in price, which arises from the increased competition. These generic treatments are still produced by licensed manufacturers and must conform to the same strict manufacturing standards that the branded medicines meet.

  • What do Maxalt Wafers contain?

    There is 10mg of the active ingredient Rizatriptan in each wafer. There are also several inactive ingredients: those which make up the body of the wafer and agents used in the manufacturing process. For more details, please see the 'Ingredients' tab above.

  • How does Rizatriptan work?

    Experts still do not fully understand what causes the onset of a migraine. However, the associated throbbing pain is thought to be due to the widening of the blood vessels in the brain. Rizatriptan is a serotonin (or 5HT) agonist, meaning it stimulates the brain's serotonin receptors. This action has the effect of causing the affected blood vessels to narrow, which relieves the throbbing and the associated pain.

  • How do I take Maxalt Wafers?

    Rizatriptan is most effective if taken at the start of a migraine attack. However, it will still provide relief if taken later on during an episode. You do not need water to take this medicine. Place one wafer on your tongue and allow it to dissolve completely. If the medicine is ineffective, wait at least two hours before taking the second dose. Do not exceed three wafers (30mg) within a 24-hour period.

  • Is it safe to use other Migraine treatments alongside Rizatriptan?

    It is safe to use painkillers, such as aspirin, paracetamol or ibuprofen. If necessary you can also use anti-nausea treatments, such as Prochlorperazine Buccal Tablets.

    However, do not use two or more triptan medicines at the same time. All triptans have similar effects, taking two or more simultaneously will not provide any additional benefit. Instead, it will likely result in you exceeding safe dosages, which will put you at increased risk of experiencing adverse side effects.

  • How many packs of Maxalt Wafers can I buy in one purchase?

    Maxalt Wafers are a prescription-only migraine treatment. For this reason, and to ensure patient safety, our pharmacy can only supply a maximum of 3 packets of treatment at any one time. 

    This allows us to balance offering our patients an adequate supply of treatment with regular checks on their condition, symptoms, and effectiveness of treatment. This model ensures the perfect mix of convenience with optimal health and safety.

    If you have no adverse effects and your migraines are well controlled, you can log in and easily re-order another supply.

  • Should I take Maxalt Wafers with food?

    Maxalt Wafers can be taken with or without food. It is much more important that they are taken as soon as possible after a migraine attack begins.

  • Is Rizatriptan affected by alcohol, antibiotics or the contraceptive pill?

    None of the above should have any effect on Rizatriptan. However, alcohol can make a migraine worse, so it is advised you avoid it. Although Rizatriptan is not affected by the contraceptive pill, migraines can be linked to hormonal changes that occur during a woman's monthly period.

  • Are Maxalt Wafers available for next-day delivery?

    Yes – we understand that sometimes you will want your treatment as soon as possible. If ordered before 4pm Monday to Friday, Maxalt Wafers are available for next day delivery.

  • Is it safe to buy generic Rizatriptan online?

    Yes – as long as you are buying from a website that is a legally operating and regulated pharmacy, it is perfectly safe to buy Rizatriptan online.

    The Independent Pharmacy is an NHS Online Pharmacy based in Bristol and has all the necessary regulation to be able to safely provide convenient access to genuine prescription treatments through our Online Pharmacy.

    All of our migraine treatments are supplied by the same UK-based wholesalers used by the large high-street chains such as Lloyds and Boots.

  • How do I buy Maxalt Wafers online?

    It's simple!

    Just select 'Start Consultation' next to the product above, or on the links below.

    You will need to fill in a simple health questionnaire so that our GPs and Pharmacists can ensure it is safe for us to supply your Maxalt Wafers to you. It only takes a few minutes, and your treatment can be delivered to your door as soon as the next working day.

  • What does the price include?

    The price includes the medication you have selected, the private consultation with our Doctor and, if the purchase is over £40, it also includes free standard delivery. Under £40, standard delivery is £2.95 and all items are sent using a Royal Mail Tracked Service.

  • What are the advantages of buying Maxalt Wafers online?

    There are many advantages to buying migraine treatment online, some include:

    • It's quick and easy- there is no need to spend time at the doctor or pharmacy.
    • Fast delivery- We offer same day dispatch before 4pm and fast delivery to your address of choice with Royal Mail.
    • Great prices- we are able to offer very competitive prices and we guarantee to beat any other Online Doctor service.
    • A wealth of information - we provide all the information you could need on Rizatriptan and other migraine treatments, in easy to digest formats, at a time that suits you.
  • Does Rizatriptan help to prevent Migraines?

    Rizatriptan and other triptans are used to treat acute attacks of a migraine. They work by reversing the widened blood vessels in the brain that cause migraines. For this reason, they should only be used to treat existing, or oncoming, migraines; not to prevent them.

    Maxalt Wafers will not be effective in preventing migraines that have not yet occurred. They may even contribute to making your headaches/migraines worse due to overuse if they are used as a preventative treatment.

    For more information on preventative treatments, you can read our Migraine page or go to the NHS Choices Migraine Prevention page

  • Is Rizatriptan a painkiller?

    Although it helps to relieve migraines, Rizatriptan is not a painkiller. All triptan medicines are serotonin (5HT) agonists. The pain relief is a secondary effect.

    Rizatriptan can be used alongside traditional painkillers such as paracetamol and ibuprofen if extra pain relief is necessary whilst the wafer is taking effect.

  • Will Maxalt Wafers definitely cure my Migraines?

    Rizatriptan is an effective migraine treatment for migraine sufferers.

    Some people may find that Maxalt Wafers are only mildly effective, or even ineffective. If this is the case, there is no need to worry - rizatriptan is not effective for everyone. If you have tried it a number of times without getting the desired results, you can try a different migraine treatment.

    Triptan migraine treatments all have the same mechanism-of-action. However, individuals can respond to each one differently. If one treatment, such as Rizatriptan, has not had proved ineffective, it is advised to try a different treatment to see whether it works better for you.

  • What other steps can I take to help my Migraines?

    This will depend on your symptoms and triggers. For example, people who suffer from sensitivity to light should sit or lie in a darkened room. Those who experience issues with sound should go somewhere quiet or use a good pair of earplugs to avoid irritating their symptoms further.

    Often people feel better after eating, drinking or taking a nap as well as taking any necessary treatment.

  • I normally get Maxalt Wafers from my doctor - why should I buy them online?

    Maxalt Wafers are available on the NHS from your GP if you have been diagnosed with migraines. This is normally where we suggest people start their treatment, to ensure that their condition is properly diagnosed and any possible serious symptoms are addressed.

    Many people can find it difficult to fit in time to see their GP or hard to get an appointment at all! It can, therefore, be more convenient to order your treatment online and have it delivered to your home or work address with minimum fuss. We also provide complete support to allow you to get any questions answered by our professional team by phone, email or live chat.

    Here at The Independent Pharmacy, we take the headache out of getting migraine treatment.

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