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Dermalex Scalp Psoriasis Gel

Dermalex Scalp Psoriasis Gel

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About Dermalex Scalp Psoriasis Gel

Dermalex Psoriasis Scalp Gel is a steroid and tar free formula, clinically proven to reduce scaling and plaques by moisturising and restoring your skin’s protective barrier.

Buy Dermalex, as part of our psoriasis skincare range, online from The Independent Pharmacy today and get fast, convenient home delivery.

  • Suitable for age:6 years +
  • Maximum per order:6

Dermalex Scalp Psoriasis Information

  • What is Dermalex Psoriasis Scalp Gel?

    Dermalex Psoriasis Scalp Gel is an effective treatment for dry, scaly, itchy plaques of the skin caused by psoriasis on the scalp. This product has been designed especially for ease of use on hair-covered skin. It is quickly absorbed and non-greasy and is perfect for treating even the most sensitive skin.

    This treatment is suitable for children and adults over the age of 6 years and can be used for long-term treatment of scalp psoriasis. Dermalex is applied directly to your scalp without the need to worry about it discolouring or being visible in your hair, making it an excellent treatment for daily use.

    What is Dermalex Psoriasis Scalp Gel used for?

    Dermalex Psoriasis Scalp Gel is used to treat the scaling, itching and plaques of dry skin caused by psoriasis that specifically affects your scalp.

    About half of all people affected by psoriasis suffer from scalp psoriasis, which can include not only the scalp but also the hairline, forehead, back of the neck and behind the ears. The affected skin will often appear dry, flaky and powdery and have a silver sheen.

    Scalp psoriasis, along with other forms of psoriasis, is relatively harmless, however, it can cause the skin to become itchy or irritated and can make some people feel self-conscious or embarrassed.

    If you are not sure whether you are suffering from scalp psoriasis it is advisable to speak to a doctor or pharmacist before using this treatment.

    How does Dermalex Psoriasis Scalp Gel work?

    Dermalex Psoriasis Scalp Gel contains the ingredient Magneolite, which helps to relieve symptoms of psoriasis by speeding up the process of skin repair to restore and lock in moisture in the skin and calms irritation. It also has anti-microbial and anti-inflammatory properties to help prevent infection.

  • How to use Dermalex Psoriasis Scalp Gel

    This scalp treatment gel is for use on affected skin on the scalp only. It is suitable for the use by children and adults over the age of 6 years.

    To get the best results from your treatment, Dermalex Psoriasis Scalp Gel should be applied to damp skin twice a day for as long as symptoms persist. You should try to avoid using aggressive shampoos while you have a flare-up of scalp psoriasis.

    1. Push the hair back to reveal as much of the scalp as possible.
    2. Apply a small amount of gel to all the areas affected by psoriasis.
    3. Spread the gel over the skin using a swirling motion with your fingertip.
    4. Let it dry and do not wash out. Re-apply after washing your hair.
  • Dermalex Psoriasis Scalp Gel ingredients

    Each bottle of Dermalex Psoriasis Scalp Gel includes: Purified water, MagneoLite complex (Modified alumino-silicate minerals + alkaline earth mineral salts optimised for Scalp Psoriasis treatment), Glycerol, Cellulose gum, Octyldodecanol, Phytosphingosine, Dehydroacetic acid, Benzoyl Alcohol.

  • Dermalex Psoriasis Scalp Gel side effects

    No lasting side effects have been reported whilst using Dermalex Psoriasis Scalp Gel, however, if you do experience an allergic reaction or worsening of your condition at this time you should stop using it and wash your skin with warm water. If your symptoms do not improve you should speak to a doctor or pharmacist for advice.

    Some people may experience a mild stinging sensation when they first apply this product to their skin so it is advisable to apply it to damp skin or to dilute the gel 4-5 times with water and then applied.

  • Dermalex Scalp Psoriasis warnings

    • This product is for external use only, avoid contact with the eyes and do not swallow.
    • Do not use this gel if you are allergic or sensitive to any of the ingredients.
    • Do not use it to treat children under 6 years.

    Dermalex Psoriasis Scalp Gel - Pregnancy and Breastfeeding

    You should speak to a doctor or pharmacist for advice before using this product if you are pregnant or breastfeeding.

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