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Tetralysal Reviews: Feedback from Acne Sufferers

Andy Boysan
Andy BoysanBPharmDirector & Superintendent Pharmacist

Reviewed on 15 Nov 2023

Acne is a nasty skin condition that affects millions of people around the world. There are no cures, but there are many acne treatments available such as Tetralysal which is capable of significantly reducing symptoms.

To help you get a better idea if this is the right treatment for you we have collected a number of Tetralysal reviews from our customers to find out what real acne sufferers say about it.

We created this page so you can get a strong idea of how previous users view it. They’re totally unbiased, so you can be completely confident about their accuracy, and loaded dynamically (they’ll update when new reviews come in).

At the end of the page, we’ve summarised users' thoughts and picked out the major pros and cons of Tetralysal. We’ve also added some more useful resources to help you learn more about the treatment.

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As you can see, our customers have generally been strongly positive about Tetralysal. Almost every user has seen excellent results, with numerous reviewers noting that it works brilliantly to clear up acne, leave clear and smooth skin, and keep flare-ups under control. It’s noted to be better than other prescribed acne treatments, particularly as it only requires you to take one capsule per day and doesn't interact with food. It’s even noted to treat rosacea effectively.

There’s clearly significant variability in how long it takes to produce meaningful results: some notice their skin improving within a week, while others need to take Tetralysal for up to 6 weeks before it really kicks in. On average, though, results seem to arrive within a month.

As for side effects, one customer noted that it didn’t prevent them from getting a mild acne outbreak every month, and actually caused 2 bouts of thrush (antibiotics can kill harmless bacteria that otherwise protect against fungal infections). Another noted that it didn’t work as quickly as a previous lymecycline product, but didn’t say which one (you can view our alternatives on our page for acne treatments).

On balance, then, should you consider Tetralysal for treating your acne? Absolutely. The reviews are strong across the board, with minimal side effects and excellent results. Visit our product page to arrange a consultation and buy Tetralysal or find out from our GPs what treatment might be more suited to your needs.

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