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Normacol granules are a natural bulk-forming laxative that help to relieve constipation in those who struggle to get their required daily fibre intake from diet alone. Normacol increases the volume of your poo, which makes it easier to pass when combined with increased fluid intake. Normacol will normally help to treat constipation within 48 hours.

Normacol granules contain sterculia and are available to buy in both granules and sachets over-the-counter and online in the UK. You do not need a prescription to buy Normacol granules.

  • Suitable for age:6 years +
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Normacol Information

  • What is Normacol?

    Normacol granules contain 62% w/w sterculia, which is a vegetable gum from the karaya tree. It is this natural dietary fibre which helps to relieve constipation and help keep you regular. Normacol granules are used to supplement the amount of dietary fibre that you consume, forming the bulk necessary to make regular bowel movements easier to pass.

    Normacol is normally taken once or twice a day for a maximum of four days. It should normally help to relieve constipation within one to two days. It is important to drink adequate amounts of water whilst taking Normacol to prevent a blockage - this is normally 8 - 10 glasses per day.

    Normacol granules are manufactured by Norgine Pharma. Each carton contains 500 grams of white granules, or if it is a sachet pack, 60 sachets each containing 7 grams of white granules.

    Who should use Normacol granules?

    In addition to being used by people who are suffering from constipation due to a lack of dietary fibre, Normacol is also used by people:

    • with colostomies or ileostomies
    • who need a high-fibre diet, for example in diverticular disease of the colon
    • who have had rectal or anal surgery
    • who have swallowed something sharp to reduce the chance of damage to the intestine (gut).

    Normacol vs other constipation treatments

    Normacol contains a natural form of fibre and is a bulk-forming laxative, similar to Fybogel.

    Other types of laxatives include:

    • Stimulant laxatives - treatments that irritate the gut lining to cause a bowel movement after 8 - 12 hours. These include senna and bisacodyl.
    • Osmotic laxatives (stool softeners) - treatments that often contain macrogol which helps to draw water into the gut, softening stools and making them easier to pass. They include Movicol, Laxido, and CosmoCol.


  • Normacol granules warnings

    Do not take Normacol if your doctor has told you that you have:

    • A blockage in your intestine (gut)
    • Total loss of muscle tone in the colon
    • Faecal impaction
    • Allergy to the active substance or any of the other ingredients listed in the patient information leaflet

    Talk to your doctor or pharmacist before taking Normacol if you have ulcerative colitis (an inflammatory disease of the bowel which can cause abdominal pain and bloody diarrhoea).

    If you have been told by your doctor that you have an intolerance to some sugars, contact your doctor before taking this medicinal product.

    Normacol may cause diarrhoea which may result in loss of fluids and a loss in certain salts in your body.

    Plenty of water should be taken and maintained in order to reduce the chance of developing oesophageal obstruction (a blockage in the foodpipe/gullet).

    Children and adolescents

    Normacol is not recommended in children under 6 years of age.

    Taking other medicines with Normacol

    Please tell your doctor or pharmacist if you are taking, have recently taken or might take any other medicines, including medicines obtained without a prescription.

    Normacol with food and drink

    Normacol should be taken after meals and always drink plenty of water or soft drinks.

    Pregnancy, breast-feeding and fertility

    Normacol can be taken if you are pregnant or breast-feeding.

    Ask your doctor or pharmacist for advice before taking any medicine.

    Driving and using machines

    Normacol should not affect your ability to drive or use machines.

  • Normacol granules dosage

    The usual dose for adults and the elderly is 1 to 2 sachets, or 1 to 2 heaped 5ml spoonfuls, taken once or twice a day after meals.

    The usual dose for children aged 6 to 12 years old is half the adult dose (half to 1 sachet or half to 1 heaped 5ml spoonful).

    Do not take Normacol granules if you are lying down or just before you go to bed.

    If Normacol does not work after you have taken it for 4 days, do not take it anymore, and see your doctor or pharmacist.

    If you take more Normacol than you should and do not have bowel movements, see your doctor. You may develop severe diarrhoea and could become dehydrated. If this happens to you, see your doctor or pharmacist because it may reduce the levels of salts in your body.

    If you forget to take Normacol, just take the next normal dose at the usual time. Do not take a double dose to make up for a forgotten dose.

    How to take Normacol granules

    • To take Normacol, put the dry granules on your tongue from the sachet, spoon or hand, or just take a few at a time if that is easier.
    • Alternatively, you can sprinkle Normacol on soft food such as yoghurt.
    • Swallow the granules with plenty of water or a cool drink, so that the oesophagus (gullet) does not become blocked.
    • Do not chew or crush the granules.
  • Normacol ingredients

    The active substance is sterculia. The granules contain 62% w/w sterculia.

    The other ingredients in Normacol are sodium hydrogen carbonate, sucrose, talc, titanium dioxide, hard paraffin and vanillin.

  • Normacol side effects

    Like all medicines, Normacol has the potential to cause side effects, although most people will not get them. If you do suffer from side effects when using Normacol granules, they may include:

    • Occasionally Normacol causes a swollen stomach.
    • Some people may suffer from wind.
    • The bowel may become blocked.
    • The oesophagus (gullet) can become blocked if Normacol is not taken with enough fluid, or too much Normacol is taken.
    • Some people may have an allergic reaction which may include an itchy skin, rash or difficulty in breathing.
    • It is not unusual for stool to appear paler in colour than normal as a result of local contact with sterculia. This does not indicate anything untoward.
    • Some people may experience diarrhoea and stomach pains.
    • Some people may feel sick.
Normacol reviews

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