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Driclor Roll-On

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About Driclor Roll-On

For people with excessive sweating problems (hyperhidrosis), Driclor Roll-On For Excessive Sweating is a powerful antiperspirant deodorant used on the underarms, hands and feet to help prevent excessive sweating. A colour-free, clear roll-on solution that works overnight to reduce and then stop the flow of sweat from those areas that need it most.

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Driclor Roll-On information

  • What is Driclor and what is it used for?

    Driclor aluminium chloride Roll-On For Excessive Sweating is a powerful antiperspirant deodorant that has been clinically proven to help prevent excessive sweating (hyperhidrosis) of the underarms, hands and feet. Good for those people for whom traditional antiperspirant deodorants don't work. A clear, colour-free solution that is easy to apply for overnight use using the roll-on applicator.

    Driclor is manufactured by GlaxoSmithKline and is available to purchase in 75ml bottles for once-daily applications until your sweating is significantly reduced. For best results wash off Driclor in the morning and apply your normal antiperspirant deodorant for use throughout the day.

    How does Driclor work?

    The active ingredient in Driclor is aluminium chloride which works by creating a gel matrix within the sweat glands which reduces and then stops the flow of sweat.

    Alternatives to Driclor

    At The Indendepent Pharmacy, we stock a range of non-prescription, extra-strength antiperspirant deodorants to suit our customer's needs. These include:


Driclor Roll-On reviews

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