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Day in, day out, our feet work incredibly hard for us. The unsung heroes of the body, they carry us around, keep us standing and get us from A to B. The least they deserve in return is a little TLC. Keeping your feet well hydrated and removing any hard, calloused skin will help them to stay healthy and minimise discomfort. If you have a condition that makes your feet more vulnerable, like diabetes, this basic care is even more important. Our team can recommend a great choice of creams and balms that are specially formulated to keep feet in tip top condition.

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Advice for Foot Care

What is Foot Care?

Foot care quite simply involves looking after your feet to keep the skin and nails healthy, through moisturising and filing dry skin and checking your skin for damage and breaks. Foot care also includes promptly treating any problems that arise with your feet including fungal infections - athlete's foot or fungal nail infections, blisters, calluses or corns and ingrown toenails.

Basic foot care involves keeping your feet clean, through regular washing, and keeping them dry, especially between the toes. It is important to not let your feet sit in moisture for extended amounts of time, this includes if your feet are sweaty. It may help your feet breathe by wearing socks that are made of natural fibres such as wool or cotton.

You should also ensure that you keep your toenails cut short and wear shoes that support and protect your feet.

If you have a chronic health condition such as diabetes you may be at an increased risk of developing problems with your feet and should therefore check your feet regularly for any damage. If you are worried about your feet you should contact your health provider as soon as possible.

What Products are Available to Help Maintain Good Foot Care?

There are many over-the-counter treatments that are available to buy online that can be used to help maintain good foot health. Keeping your skin moisturised and fungal infections under control.


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Alternative Foot Care Treatments

If you suffer from poor circulation, diabetes or have issues with your mobility that hinder your ability to check and care for your own feet then you must speak to a healthcare professional about services you can access that will support you.

Podiatry services can be accessed through the NHS for those that are affected by conditions such as diabetes. Podiatrists specialise in foot care and can prevent and treat associated problems.

You can also access podiatry services privately through the NHS website here. Some podiatry services may offer home visits, which is an excellent option for people who struggle with their mobility.

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