Eucerin 10% Dry Skin Foot Cream

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Eucerin 10% Dry Skin Foot Cream

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About Eucerin 10% Dry Skin Foot Cream

Eucerin Foot Cream is an intensely moisturising urea-based cream that provides immediate and long-lasting relief from very dry, rough, hard and calloused skin on the feet and heels.

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Eucerin 10% Dry Skin Foot Cream information

  • What is Eucerin Foot Cream?

    Eucerin Urea Repair Plus Foot Cream uses two active ingredients, urea and ceramide, to penetrate deeply into the skin to hydrate and soften dry, rough and thickened skin. Eucerin Foot Cream gets to work straight away, providing lasting hydration and protection against damage and from your feet drying out further.

    Each 100 ml bottle has been dermatologically tested. The cream is non-greasy and fragrance-free making it suitable for people who suffer from dry skin as a result of psoriasis, diabetes and ageing skin.

    What is Eucerin Foot Cream used for?

    Foot creams that contain urea and ceramide such as Eucerin Foot Cream, have been proven to be effective at not only deeply moisturising dry, cracked skin on your feet but also helping to remove the dead skin while repairing damage and improving its protective function.

    Certain health conditions, including psoriasis, diabetes, xerosis and just general ageing can increase the severity of the dry and irritated skin that you experience. Eucerin Foot Cream has been specially designed with this in mind and has been proven to be an effective treatment for extreme cases of dry, hard skin on the feet.

    How does Eucerin Foot Cream work?

    Eucerin Foot Cream contains 10% urea and ceramide, these ingredients are quickly absorbed by the skin to provide hydration and to repair the skin's protective function, preventing further moisture loss and reducing the risk of infection.

    Urea also encourages the skin to shed the build-up of dead skin that causes hardening and thickening. Leaving your feet looking and feeling soft, smooth and comfortable.

    How quickly does Eucerin Foot Cream work?

    When Eucerin Foot Cream is massaged into dry, calloused feet it gets to work immediately, providing lasting hydration and protection for up to 48 hours. This product is suitable for long-term use and if used twice a day it is the perfect solution for keeping dry, rough unsightly skin under control.

    Alternatives to Eucerin Foot Cream

    Foot creams that contain urea are one of the most popular choices when treating dry, thick, cracked or calloused feet. At The Independent Pharmacy, we stock a variety of branded foot creams that are excellent alternatives to Eucerin Foot Cream. These creams include:

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