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Colpermin Capsules

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About Colpermin Capsules

These slow release Colpermin Capsules are specially formulated with peppermint oil as the active ingredient to provide gentle and fast relief from the symptoms of irritable bowel syndrome by relaxing the bowel muscle to help relieve the tight knotting and painful cramps while also helping to remove the pockets of trapped wind that cause bloating.

  • Suitable for age:15 years +
  • Maximum per order:2

Colpermin Capsules information

  • What are Colpermin Capsules and what are they used for?

    Colpermin Capsules are slow-releasing peppermint oil capsules that provide rapid relief from symptoms of irritable bowel syndrome. Colpermin Capsules relax the bowel muscle to reduce painful cramps and bloating.

    Irritable bowel syndrome can produce a variety of symptoms such as cramps, bloating, abdominal spasms, griping, diarrhoea and constipation. Colpermin Capsules can be used to relieve such symptoms.

    Colpermin Capsules are designed to survive stomach acid and stay intact until they reach the small bowel, where they become most effective. As such, Colpermin Capsules are specifically formulated to target symptoms of irritable bowel syndrome and provide rapid relief.

    Colpermin Capsules are suitable for adults and young adults over 15 years of age. Make sure to read all the instructions before taking a new medicine. If symptoms persist for over two weeks, consult with a doctor or pharmacist.

    How do Colpermin Capsules work?

    Colpermin Capsules are protectively coated so that they survive the stomach and can release the active ingredient peppermint oil directly into the lower bowel. Peppermint oil helps alleviate symptoms by:

    • Reducing trapped wind, bloating and discomfort
    • Relaxing muscles in the intestines
    • Helping to regulate bowel movements at a normal frequency
  • Colpermin Capsules dosage

    Adults, the elderly and adolescents 15 years and over:

    • Take one capsule three times each day with a glass of water.
    • Avoid taking the capsules immediately after eating food.
    • Increase the dosage to a maximum of two capsules three times daily if the discomfort and pain is more severe.
    • Ensure you read carefully all labels and product packaging before using this product.
  • Colpermin Capsules Ingredients

    The active ingredients contained in this medicine is/are:

    Peppermint oil 0.2ml per capsule.

    The medicine also contains the following inactive ingredients to make up the complete product:

    Gelatin, colloidal silica, titanium dioxide (E171), indigotine (E132), eudragit S100, endragit L30 D55, triethyl citrate, ammonia solution 10%, monostearin, polyethylene glycol 4000, talc, purified water, beeswax and refined arachis (peanut) oil.

  • Colpermin Capsules Side Effects

    Not everyone will experience side effects when they take medication, however, if you do they can include:

    • Although Colpermin is generally tolerated very well, occasionally unwanted reactions such as anal irritation and heartburn may occur.
    • Discontinue taking this medication and consult your pharmacist or doctor for advice, if you have the tendency to suffer from heartburn and this treatment seems to exacerbate the symptoms.
    • Avoid chewing or breaking the capsules before swallowing because the peppermint oil might irritate the gullet and mouth.
    • If individuals are allergic to menthol or peppermint oil, there are rare cases where slow pulse rate, a rash, clumsiness, headache, or tremors might occur especially when alcohol has been taken.

    If you are concerned about these effects, or if the product affects you in any other way, stop using it and talk to your doctor or pharmacist.

  • Colpermin Capsules Warnings

    Reading the following warnings carefully will help to ensure you are selecting an appropriate product.

    • The capsules should not be chewed or broken but should be swallowed whole.
    • Discontinue treatment in patients who already suffer from heartburn as they occasionally make the symptom worsen after taking Colpermin.
    • Avoid taking these capsules if you have a known allergy to peanut since Colpermin capsules contain Arachis oil (peanut oil).
    • Avoid Colpermin capsules if you are allergic to soya, as there is a possible relationship between allergy to soya and allergy to peanut.
    • Consult your doctor before using the medication if the symptoms have changed, or if you had a recent foreign travel or if this is the initial presentation of these symptoms for confirmation of irritable bowel syndrome.
    • Contact your doctor before using this medication if you are aged above 40 years and some time has elapsed since the last attack.
    • Discuss with your doctor before using the product if you are pale, or feeling sick and tired, or if you have severe constipation or you have a fever or you are vomiting or you have a loss of weight or loss of appetite, or if blood has been passed from the bowel.
    • If you are planning to become expecting or you are pregnant, or if you have pain or difficulty passing urine or if you have an abnormal discharge or vaginal bleeding, you should consult your doctor before using this medication.
    • Consult your doctor if the condition worsens or there are new symptoms or failure to improve over a period of 2 weeks.
    • This medication is not recommended for children under 15 years.

    Please read all packaging and the Product Information Leaflet before taking any new medicine and inform your doctor of medicines you are taking or intend to take.

Colpermin Capsules reviews

Colpermin Capsules FAQs

  • Colpermin Capsules are designed to alleviate symptoms of irritable bowel syndrome (IBS).

  • Colpermin Capsules are protected with an enteric coating, allowing them to travel through the stomach and into the small intestine before dissolving. Once they have reached the small intestine, the active ingredient peppermint oil is slowly released.

    Peppermint oil can then directly act upon the walls of the bowel, helping relax the gut. This reduces pain and discomfort caused by spasms and pressure in the bowel.

  • You should take one capsule three times a day. You should not take Colpermin Capsules immediately after eating.

    This dosage can be increased up to two capsules three times a day if pain or discomfort is severe.

    Colpermin Capsules should be swallowed whole alongside a drink. Do not chew or open the capsules – this will destroy the special coating and the peppermint oil will be released in the worng part of the digestive tract. Peppermint oil can also cause irritation if it comes in to contact with in the mouth or the throat and cause heart burn if the capsules are broken or schewed before swallowing.

    Colpermin Capsules should not be taken at the same time as indigestion remedies. If using indigestion remedies, ensure to take Colpermin Capsules more than two hours before or after using them.

    Colpermin Capsules should be used until symptoms have improved, which is usually within two weeks. If symptoms persist or worsen for over two weeks after using Colpermin Capsules, consult with a doctor or pharmacist.

    Colpermin Capsules can be used for continued treatment of certain symptoms for up to three months, but a doctor should be consulted with first.

  • Before using IBS treatments such as Colpermin Capsules, you should get an IBS diagnosis from a doctor. If you are experiencing IBS symptoms for the first time, you should consult with a doctor.

    Consult with a doctor before using this medicine if any of the following apply:

    You are over 40 years old and your symptoms have changed, or it has been a while since the last IBS attack

    You feel sick and have experienced vomitting

    You have passed bloody stools

    You are pale and tired

    You are experiencing a fever

    You are experiencing severe constipation

    You are experiencing a reduced appetite or weight loss

    You have traveled abroad recently

    You are or are planning to become pregnant

    You experience pain or difficulty passing urine

    You are experiencing any vaginal bleeding or abnormal discharge

    You suffer from heartburn, which this medicine can make worse

    If alcohol is consumed whilst taking Colpermin Capsules, there is a risk of allergic reactions such as headache, shaking, rash, a slow pulse, and a loss of co-ordination. If you experience any of these reactions then avoid drinking alcohol while using Colpermin Capsules.

  • Colpermin Capsules are not known to interfere with any other medicines. If using indigestion remedies, make sure to take them more than two hours before or after Colpermin Capsules as they can reduce the effectiveness of the capsules.

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