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Benylin Infants Chesty Cough Syrup

Benylin Infants Chesty Cough Syrup

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Benylin Infants Chesty Cough Syrup

If you're in need of immediate alleviation from persistent chesty coughs in infants, Benylin Infants Chesty Coughs could be the ideal solution for you.

Order your efficient chesty cough relief for infants today from The Independent Pharmacy online, for an uncomplicated and prompt delivery directly to your home.

  • Suitable for age:18 years +
  • Maximum per order:3

Benylin Infants Chesty Cough Syrup Information

  • What is Benylin Infants Chesty Cough Syrup?

    Benylin Infants Chesty Cough Syrup is a potent remedy for chesty coughs in little ones, containing ingredients such as - glycerol and liquid sugar - designed to tackle a range of cough symptoms.

    Administering Benylin Infants Chesty Cough Syrup can mitigate symptoms, soothing the discomfort brought about by chesty coughs in infants.

    This remedy is suitable for infants aged 3 months and over, and can be used for up to 5 days. It is most effective when single-ingredient treatments like glycerol alone fail to provide adequate relief.

    How does Benylin Infants Chesty Cough Syrup work?

    Benylin Infants Chesty Cough Syrup is formulated with two active ingredients: glycerol and liquid sugar. Glycerol acts as a demulcent, forming a soothing film over the irritated throat tissue. Liquid sugar works as a mild antitussive, helping to soothe the cough reflex.

    When you administer Benylin Infants Chesty Cough Syrup, it offers relief from chesty cough symptoms, easing discomfort, reducing the urge to cough, and alleviating the irritation in your little one's throat.

    How quickly does Benylin Infants Chesty Cough Syrup work?

    When Benylin Infants Chesty Cough Syrup is administered as directed in the Patient Information Leaflet, most infants will experience significant relief from persistent chesty cough symptoms within 30 - 60 minutes. It's advised to continue administering the prescribed dosage for a maximum of five days, until the symptoms have subsided.

    Alternatives to Benylin Infants Chesty Cough Syrup

    Millions throughout the UK face chesty coughs in infants, but the symptoms and severity can vary significantly. Therefore, it's vital to find a treatment that suits your little one.

    Many people can manage chesty cough symptoms with simple remedies like glycerol or over-the-counter cough treatments like Benylin Infants Chesty Cough Syrup, Nurofen for Children, or Calpol for enhanced relief.

    If you've tried over-the-counter solutions and they're not adequately reducing your infant's chesty cough symptoms, it would be sensible to consult your doctor or a pharmacist for further treatments.

  • Benylin Infants Chesty Cough Syrup

    • Babies under 3 months: Do not give to babies under 3 months.
    • Children from 3 months to 5 years:
    • Children 3 months to 1 year: One 5ml spoonful.
    • Children 1 to 5 years: Two 5ml spoonfuls.

    Give the dose 3 or 4 times within 24 hours, if needed. If symptoms persist for more than 3 days, consult your doctor.

    • For oral use only.
    • Do not give more than the stated dose shown above.
  • Benylin Infants Chesty Cough Syrup ingredients

    Active Ingredients: Each 5ml of liquid contains 0.75ml of Glycerin.

    Also contains: Purified water, malitol liquid (E965), citric acid, hydroxyethylcelluose, sodium citrate and sodium benzoate.

  • Benylin Infants Chesty Cough Syrup side effects

    This medicine is unlikely to cause side-effects unless your child is allergic to the ingredients. If your child experiences any side-effects or you are not sure about anything, talk to your doctor or pharmacist.
  • Benylin Infants Chesty Cough Syrup warnings

    Keep all medicines out of the reach of children.

    Before giving this medicine to your child: This product is suitable for most children, but a few people should not use it. If you are in any doubt you should contact your doctor or pharmacist.

    Do not give your child this medicine:

    • If they are under 3 months old
    • If they are allergic to any of the ingredients

    Talk to your pharmacist: If your child has an intolerance to some sugars.

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