Nurofen Plus 200mg Tablets

Nurofen Plus 200mg Tablets (32 tablets )

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Description for Nurofen Plus 200mg Tablets

Nurofen Plus 200mg Tablets - With a combination for Ibuprofen and Codeine, Nurofen Plus is one of the most effective painkillers on the market and can help treat symptoms related to headaches, muscular pains, cold, flu, migraines and more. The two active ingredients combine to target pain fast.

Product Information

  • Age: 12 years +

    Maximum per order: 1

  • Pregnancy: Not suitable

    Breastfeeding: Not suitable

Nurofen Plus works because the Ibuprofen and Codeine it contains combine effectively. Ibuprofen helps to target the site of the pain and also reduce inflammation while Codeine helps to decrease the body's response to various pain signals.

Nurofen Plus is effective when it comes to the treatment of cold, flu, back pain, neuralgia, dental pain, migraine and cramping from period pain.

Salt formats of Ibuprofen are used in Nurofen Plus because they are more soluble in water than Ibuprofen acid which means the painkiller dissolves faster.

Adults, including the elderly and children 12 years and over:

  • Take 1 or 2 Nurofen Plus tablets every 4 to 6 hours.
  • Do not take Nurofen Plus more frequently than every 6 hours.
  • Avoid taking more than 6 Nurofen Plus tablets in 24 hours.
  • Do not take Nurofen Plus tablets for more than 3 days consecutively.

Not everyone will experience side effects when they take Nurofen Plus tablets, however if you do they can include:

  • Unwanted effects such as dizziness, headache, depression, skin rash, might occur occasionally.
  • Nurofen tablets might trigger stomach bleeding, gastric irritation, dyspepsia and nausea.

If you are concerned about these effects, or if the product affects you in any other way, stop using it and talk to your doctor or pharmacist.

Reading the following warnings carefully will help to ensure you are selecting an appropriate product.

  • Avoid use of Nurofen Plus tablets on children less than 12 years of age.
  • Consult your doctor or pharmacist, if new symptoms or if symptoms worsen or persist for more than 3 days.
  • Avoid taking more than the recommended dosage.
  • You should not take this medication if you are allergic to aspirin, or ibuprofen or other related analgesics or any other ingredients in the product, or if you are taking aspirin with a daily dosage above 75mg or if you are taking other NSAID drugs or if you currently have or have ever had 2 or more episodes of stomach perforation, ulcer, or bleeding.
  • Consult your doctor or pharmacist before taking this medication if you are a smoker or if you are expectant or if you have kidney, liver or bowel disorders or if you have had or have a stroke, asthma, high cholesterol, diabetes, high blood pressure or a heart condition.

Please read all packaging and the Product Information Leaflet before taking any new medicine and inform your doctor of medicines you are taking or intend to take.

The active ingredients contained in Nurofen Plus tablets is/are:

Ibuprofen, Codeine Phosphate.

Nurofen Plus tablets also contain the following inactive ingredients to make up the complete product:

Microcrystalline Cellulose, Sodium Starch Glycollate, Starch Pregelatinised, Hypromellose, Opaspray White M-1-17111 B and Talc.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What does Nurofen Plus contain?

    Nurofen Plus tablets contain ibuprofen 200mg and codeine 12.8mg per tablet. Ibuprofen is an anti-inflammatory pain killer, that when combined with codeine, can offer significant pain relief for conditions such as headache & migraine, dental pain, rheumatic & muscular pain, period pain, and neuralgia.

  • How do I take Nurofen Plus?

    In adults and children 12 years and over, the dose of Nurofen Plus is 1 or 2 tablets every 4 – 6 hours. You should not take more than 6 tablets in a 24-hour period.

  • Can I take other painkillers with Nurofen Plus?

    You can combine Nurofen Plus with paracetamol and some topical pain relief such as Deep Heat or CuraHeat patches. Nurofen Plus should not be taken with any other products containing ibuprofen, aspirin or codeine.

  • Why does the box say I can only take Nurofen Plus for 3 days?

    Nurofen plus contains codeine, which is potentially addictive if misused. It is therefore advised that you do not take Nurofen Plus for more than 3 consecutive days. If you feel like you need to take Nurofen Plus for more than 3 consecutive days because you are suffering with pain that is not getting better, you should consult your GP to discuss effective long-term pain relief.


  • Why can I only buy one box of Nurofen Plus online?

    Nurofen Plus is a painkiller that contains codeine. For that reason, to ensure the safety of our patients and the legal operating of our pharmacy, we only supply one box of any codeine containing treatment at one time.

  • Will I get addicted to Nurofen Plus if I take it?

    Nurofen Plus tablets are not addictive if they are taken according to the manufacturers instructions. If they are used occasionally for short-term episodes of pain that last for no more than 3 days and the maximum dose is not exceeded, there is no need to worry.

    Nurofen Plus can become addictive if incorrectly used for long periods. If you are concerned about addiction to Nurofen Plus or codeine, you should talk to your GP in confidence.

  • Should I take Nurofen Plus with food?

    Yes, Nurofen Plus contains ibuprofen, which can irritate the stomach lining if it is taken on an empty stomach. Taking it with or after food, or a glass of milk, will help to protect the stomach and reduce gastric irritation as a side effect.

  • Will Nurofen Plus affect my asthma?

    Some people with asthma find that ibuprofen is a trigger to bring on symptoms. If you have previously taken ibuprofen with no adverse effects it is likely taking Nurofen Plus tablets will not be a problem. If you have never taken ibuprofen or you are unsure whether it triggers your asthma you should check with your GP. Always ensure your blue reliever inhaler is at hand in case of emergency.

  • I have stomach problems, should I take Nurofen Plus?

    If you have previously had stomach problems including stomach ulcers, perforation or bleeding, you should consult your GP before taking Nurofen Plus. For those that suffer with indigestion, reflux or heartburn, ensure that you take Nurofen Plus with or after food. If it makes your symptoms worse, consult your GP or pharmacist.

  • Are Nurofen Plus tablets available for next day delivery?

    Yes, we understand that if you are in pain you want to get your treatment as soon as possible. If ordered before 4pm, Nurofen Plus tablets are available for next day delivery.

  • Is it safe to buy Nurofen Plus online?

    Yes, as long as you are buying from a website that is a legally operating and regulated pharmacy it is perfectly safe to buy Nurofen Plus online. The Independent Pharmacy is an NHS Online Pharmacy based in Bristol and has all the necessary regulation to be able to safely provide convenient access to genuine Nurofen Plus tablets through our Online Pharmacy.

  • How do I buy Nurofen Plus online?

    It simple! Just select 'Buy' above, you will need to fill in a simple health questionnaire in the checkout so we can ensure it is safe for us to supply your Nurofen Plus to you. It all takes less than 2 minutes and Nurofen Plus can be delivered to your door.

  • What are the advantages of buying Nurofen Plus online?

    There are many advantages to buying Nurofen Plus tablets online, some include:

    • It's quick & easy - there is no need to spend time at the doctor or pharmacy.
    • Fast delivery - sometimes when you are in pain we understand you can't get around as easily. We offer fast delivery to your door with Royal Mail.
    • Great prices - we are able to offer very competitive prices.
    • Tons of information - we provide all the information you could need on Nurofen Plus tablets and other painkillers, in easy to digest formats, at a time to suit you.

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