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Betnovate Cream & Ointment

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About Betnovate Cream & Ointment

Betnovate Cream and Betnovate Ointment are prescription-only topical corticosteroid treatments used to treat the symptoms of eczema, psoriasis and other skin conditions (which can include skin inflammation, irritation and redness). A short course of 7 to 10 days is usually enough to clear flare-ups of red, inflamed and irritated skin.

You can buy Betnovate Cream or Ointment online from The Independent Pharmacy without the need for a prescription. Simply complete our short online consultation for our medical team to review and they can issue your treatment for delivery as quickly as the next working day.

  • Suitable for age:18 years +
  • Maximums per order:
    Betnovate Cream (30g)3
    Betnovate Ointment (100g)1
    Betnovate Cream (100g)1
    Betnovate Ointment (30g)3
  • Consultation required?Yes
    This treatment requires an online consultation for review by our medical team. The decision to supply the specific treatment and quantity requested will be based on whether our medical team are satisfied that it will be safe, appropriate, and effective.
Type of medicineCorticosteroid
Works byPreventing release of inflammatory chemicals
Active ingredientBetamethasone valerate
Effective within24 hours
Pack size30g & 100g
Use with alcoholNo known effects

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Betnovate - Important Information

  • What is Betnovate used for?

    Betnovate is a topical steroid treatment that is used to treat inflammatory skin disorders, such as eczema. Its active ingredient is betamethasone valerate, a potent corticosteroid, and it should only be used when weaker topical steroids have been ineffective. Betnovate is easy to apply and is absorbed quickly into the affected area. It is used to control outbreaks of skin redness and inflammation rather than as a long-term preventative measure. Betnovate is available in 30g and 100g sizes in cream and ointment forms.

    Betnovate Cream and Betnovate Ointment are normally used on the body. If you are suffering from eczema or dermatitis on the scalp, a specific scalp treatment like Betnovate Scalp Application, Betacap Solution or Elocon Scalp Lotion is advised.

    Betnovate for acne

    Betnovate is a steroid cream. Therefore, it should not be used for spots or acne scars. In some cases, it may even make your acne worse.

    Betnovate for insect bites

    As Betnovate is designed to heal inflammatory skin conditions such as eczema and dermatitis, it can also be used for inflammation caused by insect bites.

    How does Betnovate work?

    Corticosteroids such as betamethasone valerate (the active ingredient in Betnovate) are anti-inflammatory medicines. The skin becomes inflamed when the body releases inflammatory chemicals in response to an allergen or irritation. These chemicals make blood vessels widen, causing the skin to swell and become itchy and painful. Corticosteroids inhibit the body’s inflammatory response by preventing cells from releasing large amounts of these substances.

    Betnovate is also available as a generic Betamethasone Cream. This has identical medicinal properties but may have a lower price due to being unbranded.

  • How do I use Betnovate Cream & Ointment?

    Both Betnovate Cream and Betnovate Ointment are applied in much the same way.

    Wash your hands, and apply Betnovate thinly and carefully to the affected area(s). This should be done one to two times per day (the dose can be decreased once symptoms begin to improve).

    If you have been using airtight dressings on inflamed skin, clean the affected area before using the cream, and apply a new dressing. Remember to wash your hands after each application of Betnovate (unless your hands are the affected area).

    When using Betnovate, please note the following:

    • It is advised not to use Betnovate for more than 10 days (talk to your GP or pharmacist if you do not notice improved symptoms after 7 days of regular treatment)
    • Betnovate should not be used on the face or any broken or infected skin
    • If you are using other topical treatments or medicines alongside Betnovate (such as topical steroid treatments), you are advised to wait at least 30 minutes between applications — this will prevent any medicine from becoming diluted.

    Betnovate alternatives

    Betnovate is an effective treatment against the symptoms of eczema and other skin conditions, but there are a number of alternative eczema treatments available.

    Prescription-only eczema treatments are available via an online consultation. These include:

    Effective non-prescription eczema treatments include:

    If your eczema is affecting the scalp, effective scalp treatments for eczema include:

    While not specifically used to treat eczema or psoriasis, the following products can be used to alleviate the symptoms of these skin conditions:

    • Moisturisers and emollients
    • Cotton gloves (to keep from scratching)
    • Antihistamines such as Chlorphenamine or Piriton (to ease the itching)

    As Betnovate Cream and Ointment is designed to heal inflammatory skin conditions such as eczema and dermatitis, it can also be used for inflammation caused by insect bites.

    Betnovate vs Dermovate

    Betnovate and Dermovate are both steroids. They are both prescribed for itching, eczema, psoriasis and rashes – Dermovate may also be prescribed for hair loss. Dermovate’s main ingredient is Clobetasol Propionate, which makes it a much more potent steroid than Betnovate.

  • Betnovate warnings

    Betnovate Cream and Ointment should be applied thinly and evenly to the skin as directed. It should not be applied to broken skin or areas where a skin infection is present, nor should it be used on the face unless instructed by your pharmacist.

    This medicine is unsuitable for you if you are allergic to any of Betnovate's ingredients.

    Using Betnovate Cream or Ointment can cause the following conditions to worsen:

    • Acne
    • Perioral dermatitis (a rash around the mouth)
    • Viral infections (e.g. cold sores, herpes, chicken pox)
    • Bacterial infections
    • Fungal infections (e.g. thrush, athlete’s foot)
    • Rosacea (flushing of the skin around the nose).

    Do not use this medicine for inflamed skin around the genitals or anus unless specifically advised to do so.

    Consult your GP before using Betnovate Cream or Ointment if you:

    • Have a history of allergic reactions to steroid medicines
    • Are applying Betnovate under an airtight dressing
    • Have a large area of affected skin
    • Are using Betnovate on the face, especially near the eyes
    • Are applying Betnovate to broken skin or skin folds
    • Are using Betnovate on a chronic leg ulcer
    • Are pregnant or may become pregnant

    Please read all packaging and the Patient Information Leaflet before taking any new medicine and inform your doctor of medicines you are taking or intend to take.

    Betnovate and other medications

    Speak to your GP or pharmacist before taking Betnovate if you are taking, have recently taken or might take any other medicines, especially if you are taking ritonavir and/or itraconazole medications.

  • Betnovate ingredients

    The active ingredient contained in Betnovate is betamethasone 0.1% (as valerate).

    Betnovate Cream also contains the following inactive ingredients: cetomacrogol 1000, chlorocresol, cetostearyl alcohol, white soft paraffin, liquid paraffin, sodium acid phosphate, phosphoric acid, sodium hydroxide, purified water.

    Betnovate Ointment also contains the following inactive ingredients: Liquid paraffin, white soft paraffin

  • Betnovate side effects

    Not everyone will experience side effects when using Betnovate, but they may be experienced by some users.

    The most common side effect of Betnovate is an itching or burning sensation in the area of application. Less common side effects can include your skin becoming thinner — usually after prolonged use — and subtle changes to skin pigmentation.

    All other reported side effects are considered to be very rare (less than 1 in 10,000 people will experience them). You can read the full list of side effects in the Patient Information Leaflet below.

    If you are concerned about any side effects while using Betnovate, or if the product affects you in any other way, stop using it and talk to your doctor or pharmacist.


    1. Betnovate Cream Patient Information Leaflet:
    2. Betnovate Ointment Patient Information Leaflet:

Betnovate Cream & Ointment reviews

Betnovate Cream & Ointment FAQs

  • Betnovate cream is a prescription-only medicine, therefore it cannot be bought over the counter at a pharmacy without the necessary prescription from a medical professional. It can be bought online from The Independent Pharmacy following an online consultation with one of our medical professionals.

  • Yes – as long as you are buying from a website that is a legally operating and regulated pharmacy, it is perfectly safe to buy Betnovate online.

    The Independent Pharmacy is an NHS Online Pharmacy based in Bristol and has all the necessary regulation to be able to safely provide convenient access to genuine prescription remedies through our Online Pharmacy and Online Doctor.

    All of our eczema treatments are supplied by the same UK-based wholesalers used by the large high-street chains.

  • This medication is for short-term use only. You shouldn’t need to use it for more than 2-3 weeks. If the symptoms are still present after this time, consult your doctor or pharmacist.

  • It is not recommended to use Betnovate cream to treat acne. The active ingredients in this medication could potentially make skin conditions like this worse. Though Betnovate contains anti-bacterial properties, only use for skin irritations that have been cleared by a doctor or medical professional. Spots could be made worse with the use of this medication, so if you’re suffering from acne on your body, then this cream is not recommended. If you are looking for acne treatments, a full range and medicines advice can be found here.

  • Betnovate and Dermovate are both topical steroids used for a number of different skin conditions. The main difference between the two is potency. Dermovate is five times more potent than Betnovate and so special care must be taken when using this medication.

  • Betnovate should not be used directly on the skin of the face or the ears, as it’s a topical steroid. Only use on your face if you have been specifically directed to by your GP or a medical professional. If you have been advised to use this treatment on your face, then it’s important to avoid contact with the eyes.

  • Because Betnovate is very potent, it is not recommended for young children or babies. There are other types of medication that will be suitable to treat eczema for this age group, so it’s suggested that you speak to a medical professional if you are concerned or seeking treatment for these symptoms in young children or babies.

  • No, it is not recommended to use this medication on burns, scrapes or broken skin. If this treatment does come into contact with broken skin or burns, then wash with clean water immediately.

    If you have experienced severe burns, then it’s important to seek medical attention and get a treatment that is specifically suitable for this injury.

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