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4head QuickStrip

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About 4head QuickStrip

4head QuickStrip is a powerful cooling patch designed to soothe severe headaches and migraines. Applying it when the pain starts will work to alleviate your discomfort and relax your muscles so you can move or sleep more easily. It doesn’t require refrigeration, so it’s always ready for use, and you simply need to cut it to the size you require.

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4head QuickStrip Information

  • How does 4head QuickStrip work?

    This migraine treatment uses evaporative cooling to achieve a strong chilling sensation. Cold therapy has long been used to treat headaches: the reduction in temperature constricts blood vessels, reduces inflammation, and limits the neurotransmission of pain by overwhelming it with a more comfortable sensation.

    How quickly does 4head QuickStrip get results?

    4head QuickStrip will start cooling as soon as it’s applied, meaning it provides near-instant relief (though it’ll take time for the affected muscles to relax). This makes it a strong treatment to have in a medicine cabinet in case of an emergency.

    Alternatives to 4head QuickStrip

    If you’d like to avoid using headache strips, you can choose from a huge range of oral headache and migraine treatments. Over-the-counter treatments such as Paracetamol and Ibuprofen can help, but they’re often ineffective for severe headaches, so consider stronger prescription-only treatments such as Nurofen Plus or Solpadeine.

  • How do I apply 4head QuickStrip?

    It’s best to apply the strip to your forehead or neck, depending on the nature of your pain. You must avoid your eyes, nose, and mouth, as the strip can cause irritation if used on anything other than contiguous skin. Before you start, ensure that the area of skin you’ve chosen is dry, smooth, and free of anything that might prevent it from sticking (hair, clothing, etc.).

    When you’re ready, ensure that your hands are clean, open the sachet containing the QuickStrips (you can tear it or cut it), remove one QuickStrip, and reseal the sachet. If necessary, trim the strip to fit your needs. Next, peel the film from the back of the strip and place it carefully on your chosen placement area.

    One QuickStrip can provide pain and tension relief for up to six hours. QuickStrips can’t be reused, so dispose of them once they’ve stopped being effective. If you’re still in pain after six hours, you can swap to a fresh QuickStrip immediately.

    How often can I use 4head QuickStrip?

    Because 4head QuickStrips don’t function through passing chemicals into your body, there’s no need (aside from comfort and convenience) to moderate their use. Provided they don’t cause irritation, you can use headache strips as often as you need without pausing between uses.

  • Does 4head QuickStrip produce any side effects?

    4head QuickStrip can cause some irritation or swelling in the unlikely event that you’re sensitive to levomenthol or another of the ingredients. If you notice such a reaction, remove the strip and clean any residue. Additionally, since the evaporative cooling gives off vapour, it can cause your eyes to water slightly for a short time. This should still be safe, but may be annoying.

    This treatment is intended to be used on healthy skin. It shouldn’t be used on irritated skin, or let it come into contact with eyes, nostrils or mouth as this can cause discomfort. If you experience any side effects, stop using the strips and wash any affected areas.

  • 4head Quickstrip ingredients

    4head QuickStrip uses a combination of levomenthol and water in a hydro gel that slowly evaporates at body temperature to provide a steady cooling effect.

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