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4head Stick

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About 4head Stick

4head Stick is a headache and migraine treatment designed to be applied directly to the point of pain on the forehead. The treatment works by creating a powerful cooling sensation and dilating the blood vessels in the skin, helping to block pain signals to the brain and relaxing tense muscles in the head. Housed in a retractable dispenser, 4head Stick is convenient, portable, and ready to go whenever you need it.

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4head Stick Information

  • How does 4head Stick work?

    This migraine treatment uses the cooling effect of levomenthol to create ice-cold pain relief. Once you glide the end of the 4head Stick across your forehead, the treatment will immediately begin to lower the temperature of the affected area. This helps by dilating blood vessels, reducing inflammation, and disrupting the neurotransmission of pain by overwhelming it with a pleasant cooling sensation.

    How quickly does 4head Stick get results?

    4head Stick will begin to chill the affected area as soon as it’s applied. You should find that your symptoms are relieved far faster than with traditional tablet painkillers, though the affected muscles may take some time to relax as you’ll need to wait for the levomenthol to fully absorb into your skin.

    Alternatives to headache sticks

    If you’d prefer to avoid using 4head Stick for your migraines and headaches, there are plenty of alternative pain-relief products available. Treatments such as Paracetamol, Ibuprofen, and Aspirin can help relieve mild to moderate headaches. However, prescription-only treatments such as Nurofen Plus or Solpadeine may be better if your headache is severe.

  • How do I apply 4head Stick?

    To apply 4head Stick, pull off the outer cap and, if it’s the first use, remove the small protective inner cap from the dispenser's top. Twist the dispenser base clockwise until the levomenthol stick pops out from the top of the dispenser. Gently slide the end of the stick across your forehead, taking care to avoid your eyes. Once you’re done, twist the dispenser base anti-clockwise to retract the stick, and replace the cap.

    How often can I use 4head Stick?

    You can use the 4head Stick as often as you like. However, in the event of excessive or uncomfortable levels of cooling, we’d recommend reducing your use or applying the treatment over a smaller area for any future treatments.

  • Does 4head Stick produce any side effects?

    This treatment is intended for use on healthy skin and should not come into contact with your eyes, nostrils, or mouth, as this can cause discomfort. In the unlikely event that you’re sensitive to levomenthol or another ingredient, 4head Stick might cause irritation or swelling. If you notice such a reaction, wash the affected area and stop using the product. In rare cases, the product could also cause temporary mild watering of the eyes due to the small amount of vapour it may emit.

  • 4head Stick ingredients

    The active ingredient in 4head Stick is levomenthol.

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