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  • Can bacterial vaginosis cause sores or bumps?

    BV doesn’t tend to cause any sores or blisters, but instead causes an abnormal discharge. If you are suffering from sores or blisters, seek the advice of a medical practitioner.

  • Can BV cause a UTI?

    Both UTIs and BV are common bacterial infections. However, a UTI is the infection of the body’s urinary system (involving the bladder, kidneys and/or the tracts that connect them), while BV is an infection of the vagina due to imbalanced naturally occurring bacteria. Both of these conditions can cause permanent complications if not treated properly, particularly in pregnant women. However, BV does not directly cause UTIs – they are separate conditions with separate causes.

  • Does BV cause bleeding?

    Vaginal bleeding and sores are not symptoms of BV, but should be seen by a medical practitioner, as they may be caused by another condition.

  • Is BV a yeast infection?

    BV may have some similar symptoms to yeast infections, such as a foul odour and discharge, however, BV is not a yeast infection.

  • Can bacterial vaginosis cause infertility?

    Serious cases of BV, that are left untreated, can spread from the vagina into the uterus and fallopian tubes. This condition is known as pelvic inflammatory disease, and this can damage a patient’s fertility by preventing sperm from reaching the egg.

  • Is bacterial vaginosis contagious?

    It is not clear whether BV is contagious between sexual partners, however evidence suggests that having a new sexual partner, or multiple, can increase the risk of getting BV. You can also get BV from oral and anal sex.

  • Can my BV be cured?

    Once diagnosed, BV can be treated with antibiotics, creams, topical and internal treatments to reduce bacteria. However, there is no permanent cure for BV – it can return at any point in a woman’s life when the vagina hosts imbalanced levels of bacteria.

  • Am I at a greater risk of getting BV if I have an IUD?

    Users of the intrauterine device (IUD) may be at increased risk of contracting BV. IUDs may alter the natural levels of bacteria in the vagina.

  • Can BV cause miscarriage or complications throughout pregnancy?

    Studies have found some links between BV and problems during pregnancy, such as the risk of having a low-birthweight infant or delivering a preterm baby. There is no solid evidence to suggest that BV can directly cause miscarriage, however, you should consult your doctor if you are suffering from BV and are pregnant.

Authored By:

A photo of  Leanne Sinclair

Leanne Sinclair


Published on: 29-05-2019

Last modified on: 29-05-2019

Leanne is a clinical pharmacist with years of experience working in pharmacy.

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Chris Newbury

BPharm IP

Reviewed on: 29-05-2019

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Chris is a vastly experienced clinical pharmacist and has been registered as an Independent Prescriber since 2014.

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