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Thrush Symptoms & Treatment

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  • Does having Thrush mean I’m dirty or unhygienic?

    No, thrush is generally caused by an upset in the normal microorganisms that populate the vagina. Whilst it is important to ensure you regularly wash your genitals with unperfumed wash products, there are many causes of thrush – not just hygiene reasons.

  • Will Thrush clear up on it’s own?

    Thrush can clear up on it’s own as the normal balance of flora in your vagina is restored however without treatment this may take some time. As most cases of thrush can be very uncomfortable, it is usually advisable to seek treatment to lcear up your infection as quickly as possible. Using antifungal thrush treatments usually clears up most cases of vaginal thrush within five to seven days.

  • Can I pass Thrush on to sexual partners?

    Yes, it is common to thrush on to sexual partners if you practice unprotected sex. Vaginal or penile thrush can also cause oral thrush if you engage in oral sex. Having unprotected sex if you have thrush can commonly lead to a re-infection cycle that can be hard to break where you infect your partner who in turn can re-infect you if you both are not treated.

  • Should I worry about Thrush in pregnancy?

    No, thrush occurs commonly in pregnancy. It is thought to be de to changes in hormone levels. Thrush will not harm your baby, however women with thrush should always seek treatment for their GP or midwife.

  • I have had Thrush a number of times – how do I stop getting it?

    There are a number of lifestyle measures you can adopt to help prevent thrush recurring. Washing your genitals with unperfumed soap, wearing loose-fitting, breathable, cotton underwear and trousers, ensuring you are properly lubricated before sex and urinating immediately after, will all help to prevent recurrent thrush. If you are experiencing regular episodes of thrush it is important to discuss this with your GP as it can be a sign of an underlying condition such as diabetes or a weakened immune system.

  • I’ve heard you can treat Thrush using natural yoghurt – is this true?

    No, there is no medical evidence that using natural yoghurt will help to treat thrush. Using proven antifungal treatments containing clotrimazole or fluconazole will help to cure your infection.

  • I have discharge that smells strongly – is this Thrush?

    Discharge that is coloured or has a strong odour is unlikely to be due to thrush. It is more common with bacterial infections such as Bacterial Vaginosis (BV). If you have either of these symptoms or you suspect BV you should see your GP for antibiotic treatment.

Authored By:

A photo of Dr Donald Grant

Dr Donald Grant

MB ChB DRCOG MRCGP Dip.orth.med

Published on: 29-05-2019

Last modified on: 29-05-2019

Dr Don Grant is a GP with over 30 years experience and is the Clinical Advisor at The Independent Pharmacy

Reviewed By:

A photo of  Chris Newbury

Chris Newbury

BPharm IP

Reviewed on: 29-05-2019

Next review date: 29-05-2021

Chris is a vastly experienced clinical pharmacist and has been registered as an Independent Prescriber since 2014.

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