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  • Acid Reflux & Heartburn19 treatments
  • Acne28 treatments
  • Altitude Sickness1 treatment
  • Angina1 treatment
  • Anxiety1 treatment
  • Asthma8 treatments
  • Athlete's Foot7 treatments
  • Bacterial Vaginosis (BV)6 treatments
  • Bruising1 treatment
  • Chesty Cough5 treatments
  • Chlamydia3 treatments
  • Cold & Flu27 treatments
  • Cold Sores5 treatments
  • Constipation18 treatments
  • Contraception31 treatments
  • Cystitis (UTI)5 treatments
  • Dental Care1 treatment
  • Diabetes (Type 2)Information, advice and FAQs
  • Diarrhoea6 treatments
  • Dry Cough2 treatments
  • Dry Eye10 treatments
  • Dry Scalp10 treatments
  • Dry Skin13 treatments
  • Ear Infections5 treatments
  • Ear Wax4 treatments
  • Eczema & Dermatitis40 treatments
  • Emergency Contraception4 treatments
  • Erectile Dysfunction (ED)13 treatments
  • Excessive Sweating4 treatments
  • Eye Infections4 treatments
  • Facial Hair1 treatment
  • First Aid5 treatments
  • Foot Care4 treatments
  • Fungal Nail Infections5 treatments
  • GLP-1 Induced Nausea1 treatment
  • General Health16 treatments
  • Genital Herpes5 treatments
  • Genital Warts3 treatments
  • GonorrhoeaInformation, advice and FAQs
  • Gout1 treatment
  • HIV ProphylaxisInformation, advice and FAQs
  • Haemorrhoids & Piles8 treatments
  • Hair Loss8 treatments
  • Hay Fever47 treatments
  • Head Lice2 treatments
  • Heavy Periods1 treatment
  • High Blood PressureInformation, advice and FAQs
  • High Cholesterol3 treatments
  • IBS8 treatments
  • Impetigo2 treatments
  • Infant & Child17 treatments
  • Insomnia2 treatments
  • Intimate Care2 treatments
  • Jet Lag2 treatments
  • Low Testosterone2 treatments
  • Malaria Prevention5 treatments
  • Menopause (HRT)28 treatments
  • Migraine16 treatments
  • Mouth Ulcers5 treatments
  • Nasal Congestion14 treatments
  • Nasal Infections2 treatments
  • Nausea2 treatments
  • Oral Thrush2 treatments
  • Pain48 treatments
  • Period Delay3 treatments
  • Period Pain4 treatments
  • Premature Ejaculation3 treatments
  • Psoriasis11 treatments
  • RingwormInformation, advice and FAQs
  • Rosacea9 treatments
  • Scabies2 treatments
  • Scars & Marks2 treatments
  • Skin Infections16 treatments
  • Skin Tags1 treatment
  • SnoringInformation, advice and FAQs
  • Sore Throat1 treatment
  • Stop Smoking6 treatments
  • SuncareInformation, advice and FAQs
  • Threadworms1 treatment
  • Thrush7 treatments
  • Trapped Wind1 treatment
  • Travel Sickness2 treatments
  • Travellers' Diarrhoea2 treatments
  • Trichomoniasis2 treatments
  • Urinary IncontinenceInformation, advice and FAQs
  • Urinary Retention1 treatment
  • Vaginal Dryness9 treatments
  • Vitamins & Minerals43 treatments
  • Warts & Verrucas4 treatments
  • Weight Loss6 treatments

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