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Ventolin (blue) Salbutamol Inhalers

Ventolin (blue) inhalers are the most widely used treatment to relieve the symptoms of wheezing and breathlessness associated with asthma.

Repeat supplies are available to buy from The Independent Pharmacy for people who find it hard to see their GP to get their repeat prescriptions. Asthmatics should always have their reliever inhaler on their person in case it is required. The Independent Pharmacy makes getting a repeat prescription quick, easy and affordable.

  • Maximums per order:
    Ventolin Evohaler2
    Ventolin Accuhaler1
  • Consultation required?Yes
    This treatment requires an online consultation for review by our medical team. The decision to supply the specific treatment and quantity requested will be based on whether our medical team are satisfied that it will be safe, appropriate, and effective.
Type of medicineBeta 2 adrenoreceptor agonist (bronchodilator)
Works byDilating the airways and ease breathing
Active ingredientSalbutamol
Effective withinImmediately
Pack size200 dose inhaler
Strength100mcg and 200mcg
Common side effectsHeadache, Mild Trembling or Shaking, Cough, Throat Irritation, Muscle Pain, Muscle Cramps, Chest Pain
Use with alcoholNo known issues

We stock 2 different variants of Ventolin Inhaler & Accuhaler

Ventolin Information

  • What is a Ventolin Inhaler?

    Ventolin inhalers provide effective short-term relief from asthma — a condition that affects over 5 million people in the UK. It involves an inflammation of the bronchi (the tubes that connect the windpipe to the lungs) and contracted air passages.

    Asthma inhalers are recommended for asthma sufferers to minimise breathing difficulties, relieve chest tightness, and prevent asthma attacks. If you do require an inhaler, it’s important to have one that’s full and in-date. You can buy inhalers online from The Independent Pharmacy to ensure you have an effective inhaler to hand as and when you need it. Simply complete an online assessment for review by our medical team: once they’re satisfied it’s the right treatment for you, you’ll be able to order your blue Ventolin Inhaler.

    What are asthma inhalers used for?

    Inhalers are hand-held devices that deliver medication to your lungs when you need to control asthma symptoms such as coughing, wheezing, and feeling breathless. A variety of asthma inhalers are available to help control asthma symptoms, but Ventolin is a salbutamol inhaler, considered the most popular type of 'reliever' inhaler.

    How does Ventolin work?

    There are two general types of medicine contained in inhalers. 'Preventers' usually contain corticosteroids. These are taken regularly – they reduce inflammation in the airways, controlling the chance of an asthma attack.

    Salbutamol-based inhalers, including Ventolin, are 'Relievers'. These are used when necessary, to ease and relieve symptoms of asthma. Ventolin can also be used preemptively before you exercise or encounter an allergen. If your asthma is mild, you may only need a reliever inhaler. Ventolin can be used alongside a steroid-based preventer inhaler in serious cases.

    Salbutamol is a type of medicine called a short-acting beta-2-agonist. When stimulated, the lungs' beta 2 receptors relax the muscles in the airways. This causes the airways to expand, which relieves asthma symptoms, such as coughing, wheezing, tightness of the chest and shortness of breath.

    How does a Ventolin Inhaler work?

    There are two general types of medicine contained in inhalers. 'Preventers' (often recognised as brown inhalers) usually contain corticosteroids and these are taken regularly to reduce inflammation in the airways, controlling the chance of an asthma attack.

    On the other hand, salbutamol inhalers, including Ventolin, are 'Relievers' and are used when necessary to ease and relieve symptoms of asthma. Two forms of Ventolin Inhaler are available: the Accuhaler and the Evohaler.

    • The Accuhaler is a plastic device that contains a 60-blister strip. Each of these contains a 200mcg dosage that combines microfine salbutamol and lactose.
    • The Evohaler is a pressurised metal device – each inhalation contains 100mcg of salbutamol. The propellant used in the Evohaler is HFA-134a, which is much less harmful to the environment than older propellants.

    The Evohaler is much more commonly used than the Accuhaler.

    If your asthma is mild, you may only need a reliever inhaler; however, some individuals may require both a preventer and a reliever to control their asthma.

    Salbutamol is a type of medicine called a short-acting beta-2-agonist. When stimulated, the lungs' beta 2 receptors relax the muscles in the airways. This causes the airways to expand, which relieves asthma symptoms, such as coughing, wheezing, tightness of the chest, and shortness of breath.

    Ventolin asthma inhalers contain the active ingredient salbutamol. When inhaled, salbutamol works quickly to relax the airways in the lungs to stop them from narrowing for easier breathing within five minutes.

    When is asthma treatment required?

    Asthma is thought to affect over 5 million people in the UK. It involves an inflammation of the bronchi - the tubes that connect the windpipe to the lungs. This swelling causes these airway passages to contract.

    Asthma can affect people differently but nearly all asthmatics use Ventolin to control their asthma symptoms when they occur. You can learn about managing asthma in our Asthma Management Guide.

    Though asthma is very common, people's experiences with symptoms will vary. Depending on the patient, asthma attacks may be triggered by allergens, infections, exercise, cold air, stress, or airborne chemicals such as smoke. It is unknown why some people have this higher sensitivity to these irritants, though family history tends to affect one's likelihood of having the condition.

    However, using Ventolin regularly can be a sign that your asthma is uncontrolled. If you take a brown steroid inhaler (preventer) you should ensure you take this regularly to keep your symptoms at bay and reduce the use of your Ventolin asthma inhaler.

    Can you buy Ventolin over the counter?

    You cannot buy a Ventolin inhaler over the counter as a prescription is required from your doctor. If you are showing signs of asthma it’s best to arrange an appointment with your GP, who can advise you on your symptoms and write a prescription for asthma inhalers if needed. Any new or increased shortness of breath (or other asthma symptoms) should always be reviewed by your GP or asthma nurse.

    Alternatively, you can purchase Ventolin online through our easy to use service. Once you have completed an online consultation which has been approved by our medical team, you can buy inhalers online. Always read your prescription and follow the instructions carefully.

    Is Ventolin a steroid?

    Ventolin is not a steroid. There are, however, some preventer inhalers that contain inhaled steroids also known as corticosteroids — such as the Clenil Modulite Inhaler and Qvar Inhaler & Autohaler.

    Alternatives to Ventolin

    Asthma is not a condition that can be effectively treated with over the counter medications. If you are looking for alternative asthma medications or wanting to swap inhalers you will need to broach this subject with your GP at your regular asthma review. Please do not 'try' a new inhaler without seeing your GP first.

    You should also speak to your GP if you’re experiencing severe asthma, as it may be that you’d benefit from seeking other treatments for your symptoms. These other asthma treatments may include tablets and/or injections.

    We recommend you have a regular check up with your regular GP to ensure your inhalers are still keeping your asthma controlled and are still the best course for you.


  • How to use a Ventolin Inhaler

    Ventolin inhalers should be used as necessary to ease symptoms of an asthma attack. Alternatively, they can be used 20 minutes in advance of exercise or exposure to an allergen, in order to prevent an attack.

    Generally, the recommended dose is one inhalation of the Accuhaler or two from the Evohaler. Do not exceed eight puffs within a 24 hour period. If you find that you require a reliever inhaler more than three times each week, this means that your asthma is not well-controlled, so consult your GP to see if better treatments are available.

    For the Ventolin Evohaler:

    • Remove the cap from the mouthpiece
    • Hold the device upright and shake it thoroughly
    • Exhale as much as possible
    • Place the mouthpiece in your mouth
    • Press the top of the canister to release the medicine as you begin to inhale
    • Remove the device from your mouth
    • Hold your breath in for up to 10 seconds
    • Exhale slowly

    For the Ventolin Accuhaler:

    • Open the device by rotating the thumb grip until it clicks
    • Hold the device with the mouthpiece facing you
    • Push the lever away from you as far as it will go
    • Exhale as much as possible
    • Inhale as you press down on the top
    • Remove the device from your mouth
    • Hold your breath in for up to 10 seconds
    • Exhale slowly

    Read our guide on asthma inhaler techniques for more information and guidance.

  • Ventolin for children

    Asthma is usually diagnosed in early childhood, but can affect people of all ages. Ventolin can be used by children aged 4 upwards during asthma attacks, or when they need to relieve symptoms such as coughing or tightness in the chest. It is safe to buy inhalers online for your children. Keeping spare inhalers at school or in their bag when they are out of the house is a good idea.

    Children should try not to exceed six puffs of Ventolin a day. Instead, use one to two puffs every four to six hours. It is strongly advised that you do not exceed the maximum dose, but if you feel like your child is not getting the treatment that they need, speak to your doctor.

  • Ventolin in pregnancy

    In most cases, asthma inhalers are safe to use during pregnancy. You shouldn’t stop taking your inhaler whilst you are pregnant without speaking to your GP or health practitioner. It’s important to keep your asthma under control for you and your baby. If you notice your asthma symptoms getting worse, always inform your doctor.

  • Ventolin ingredients

    The active ingredient contained in Ventolin Evohaler & Accuhaler is: salbutamol sulfate.

    The Ventolin Evohaler also contains: the propellant HFA-134a.

    The Ventolin Accuhaler also contains: lactose.

  • Ventolin side effects

    Not everyone will experience side effects when they use Ventolin inhalers, however, if you do they can include:

    • Headache
    • Mild trembling or shaking
    • Cough
    • Throat irritation
    • Muscle pain
    • Muscle cramps
    • Chest pain

    If you are concerned about these effects, or if the product affects you in any other way, stop using it and talk to your doctor or pharmacist.

  • Ventolin warnings

    Reading the following warnings carefully will help to ensure you are selecting an appropriate product.

    Do not use either Ventolin inhaler if you go into early labour.

    Before using Ventolin inhalers, inform your doctor if any of the following conditions apply to you:

    • Thyroid problems
    • High blood pressure
    • A history of heart disease
    • Irregular heart rhythm.
    • You should also inform your doctor if you take or intend to take any of these medicines:
      • Xanthines (such as aminophylline or theophylline)
      • Steroids
      • Diuretics
      • Medicines for arrhythmia.

    Please read all packaging and the Product Information Leaflet before taking any new medicine and inform your doctor of medicines you are taking or intend to take.

Ventolin Inhaler & Accuhaler reviews

Ventolin Inhaler & Accuhaler FAQs

  • Reliever inhalers such as Ventolin dilate the airways by relaxing the surrounding muscles. Steroid inhalers work by reducing inflammation. They are used regularly to prevent asthma attacks. Generally, steroid inhalers (or 'preventers') are brown whereas 'relievers' (such as Ventolin) are blue. Everyone with asthma should have a reliever inhaler. If your asthma is mild, it might not be necessary to use a preventer inhaler.

  • Reliever inhalers are usually blue in colour and all have a similar short-term relief effect. The medicine reaches the lungs and dilates the airways by relaxing the surrounding muscles. They come in three slightly different forms:

    • Metered dose inhalers (e.g. Ventolin and Airomir) contain medicine in an aerosol solution. The medicine is manually released in spray form.
    • Breath actuated inhalers (e.g. Easi-Breathe, Airmax and Autohaler) release the spray automatically when you inhale from the mouthpiece.

    Dry powder inhalers (e.g. Accuhaler and Bricanyl) contain a dry powder, rather than a spray solution.

  • It's simple!

    Just select 'Start Consultation' next to the product above, or on the links below the product.

    You will need to fill in a simple health questionnaire so that our GPs and pharmacists can ensure it is safe for us to supply your Ventolin inhalers to you. It only takes a few minutes, and your treatment can be delivered to your door as soon as the next working day.

  • Yes. We understand that sometimes you will want your treatment as soon as possible. If ordered before 3pm Monday to Friday, Ventolin inhalers are available for next-day delivery.

  • Yes, as long as you are buying from a website that is a legally operating and regulated pharmacy. This means it’s perfectly safe to order inhalers online from The Independent Pharmacy.

    The Independent Pharmacy is an NHS Online Pharmacy based in Bristol and has all the necessary regulation to be able to safely provide convenient access to prescription-only medication through our online pharmacy and online doctor.

  • There are many advantages to buying asthma treatments online, some include:

    • It's quick and easy- there is no need to spend time at the doctor or pharmacy.
    • Fast delivery- We offer same day dispatch before 4pm and fast delivery to your address of choice with Royal Mail.
    • Great prices- we are able to offer very competitive prices and we guarantee to beat any other Online Doctor service.
    • A wealth of information - we provide all the information you could need on Ventolin inhalers and other asthma treatments, in easy to digest formats, at a time that suits you.
  • Ventolin inhalers are available on the NHS from your GP if you have been diagnosed with asthma, exercise-induced wheezing or breathing problems due to allergens. This is normally where we suggest people start their treatment, to ensure that their condition is properly diagnosed and any possible serious symptoms are addressed.

    Many people can find it difficult to fit in time to see their GP or hard to get an appointment at all! It can, therefore, be more convenient to order your treatment online and have it delivered to your home or work address with minimum fuss. We also provide complete support to allow you to get any questions answered by our professional team by phone, email or live chat.

    At The Independent Pharmacy, we take the headache out of getting asthma treatment.

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